10 Ways To Build A Fit Identity

The number one New Year’s Resolution for Americans is LOSING WEIGHT. It’s also one of the top goals that people are unsuccessful with. Here’s the thing that bothers me and I want to help you solve. Every time someone starts a goal and doesn’t finish it, it can open the door for spiritual warfare that in the beginning, may not be a big deal.

However, later on, and after repeated failures, can make you see yourself identity wise as someone who starts but doesn’t finish. Someone who is double-minded and inconsistent. MINDSETS are the foundation for success or sabotage which is why we are told biblically to renew our minds with the word of God. It’s so much better to make SMALL MINDSET changes that you stick with.

I have seen over the years these work over and over again not just for me but for my clients as well.

  1. As soon as you decide to become fit, make your number one goal to SPEAK grace-filled, energetic words over yourself. This is first and foremost because all LASTING change comes from the way that you see yourself identity-wise. For example=> I AM losing weight without effort (unless you just want it to be hard!). I love my body and the way I look. I am thankful for my health and Lord; I AM giving my spirit, soul, and body to you today to use as you see fit. I expect to live to be a 100 and that my latter years will be greater than my former years. (Say this every time you find yourself fretting about the way you look, how crappy you feel or how discouraged you are)
  2. Pray and ask God for a long-term plan for eating. You don’t need my plan; you don’t need Dr. Atkins plan. You need your plan that God gives you for your life and schedule. Men who are construction workers are going to have a different plan than women who are sitting at a desk all day on the computer. I know this makes sense to you. Have one prayer time, specifically for asking God how to eat daily and what to stay away from. Expect God to speak to you in your voice not send a fitness angel to you. Worship him for a bit, ask him directly and write down exactly what he tells you. God is not going to tell you to eat oranges and nuts for a week. That’s stupid and will rip up your stomach. Mindset=> Longterm, you’re going to eat like this for a year.
  3. Start on a quality vitamin and/or Rhodiola if you are exhausted or feel mentally confused.  No one who has an eating or addiction issue in their background should be without these 2 nutritional supports in my opinion. Research it yourself, (you cannot mix with anti-depressants). It helps boost your serotonin, muscle recovery and gives you mental clarity. I discovered this when I began to go through severe menopausal symptoms and it was AWESOME!  if you’re stressed or anxious. I take one at 9 am and one at 3pm. Remember, always do your own research on natural remedy’s!
  4. Carry your backup food and water in the car and in your purse. People go through drive thru’s generally for two reasons. #1 They are hungry and can’t wait to get home. #2 They comfort themselves with food when they are stressed. So, know this about yourself and plan ahead without feeling shamed! I carry smoked almonds, raisins and mineral water in my car in a food bag. Unless I am fasting on a pre-arranged day, I do not allow myself to get hungry. The moment my stomach growls, I drink water and have a handful of nuts.
  5. Next time someone wants to hang out with you, ask them to go walking NOT eat food. Now, you can do this a lot more than you think because the truth is in America we are ingrained with a Starbucks mindset. If you’re in sales than you have to probably eat out with clients but you might be surprised at the amount of “walk-meetings” you can have. People LOVE this and it you help them get fit! I don’t have coffee, lunch meetings if I can help it, I have walk and prayer meet ups! This is perfect for people who are in ministry and doing discipleship!
  6. Go to bed on time at the same time every night. Do you want to know why you binge? You’re tired. Want to know why you’re undisciplined? You’re tired. You get the point. Know this about yourself and quit pushing yourself to clean your house, finish the project and otherwise treating yourself like a modern day slave. You will be amazed at how this one thing SUDDENLY makes you self-controlled and energetic! You need at least 6 to 8 hours to function well. Closer to 8!
  7. Walk every day as much as possible. Park far away and push your cart. Stand when you can sit. If your hundred pounds overweight, start with 100 ft to your mailbox and the next day add one more step. Make it a game. If you need more challenge than sign up for a 5K or half marathon and announce on Facebook you need a walking buddy. You might just start a movement!
  8. Buy an outfit one size down than where you are right now that you like! Here’s the fun with this, it’s a great motivator and you will wear it for a month or two and then you have the blessing of giving it away to someone else~ Depending on how much you want to lose, keeping it for holiday weight gain when you’re a one or two sizes smaller. THIS WORKS!
  9. Purpose to build relationally with people who love to be outside. The more you’re inside, the fatter you’re going to be, and then you feel like everyone is judging you because you’re fat, so it’s easier to hide in the house! Schedule yourself to do something outside daily and in the sun as much as possible. I can tell you as a fit person and someone who hangs around with fit people, I have NEVER heard anyone say anything negative about fat people walking their dogs, exercising or doing something active. It’s the opposite. People think, “Well good for them! They are trying!”I say this because after coaching hundreds of people through this, I know just the cow mooing at them in the dairy aisle makes them paranoid. (I have had numbers of clients tell me this makes them want to cry!)
  10. When you’re upset, stressed and in turmoil, walk and ask a friend to pray with you. If you’re that upset, you’re not going to get any work done well anyway. Keep a pair of walking shoes at your desk at work and get a good pair of socks at the local running store. (You can feel the difference in 15.00 dollar wicking socks, they feel like a pillow in your shoes). If you’re overloaded or depressed, walk in the sunshine. People so underestimate the power of walking, sweating and decompressing in fresh air.

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Faith Forward! Bec:)

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