10 Ways To Model Boldness

Get your coffee because you and I are going to talk about ten ways you can help other women become more courageous through what you model. This is the stuff that will make you grow authentically with God’s grace! It’s the heart of God to equip and release workers for the ministry through a revelation of God’s love and how to overcome through their identity in Christ.

10 Ways To Model Boldness

 1. Encourage stewardship rather than striving for more degrees, credentials, platforms and status.  This takes the pressure of you to have to perform for people. When I began to coach, (12 years later now) I had three things I asked my clients to do daily. Get up at 5am for prayer, walk or run for an hour and craft a compelling vision for their life that fueled them. All of these things revolve around stewarding our spirit, soul and body. We can want to be leaders but we can’t grow spiritual leadership without the help of the Holy Spirit. This should be mandatory for every worship leader, pastor and ministry leader. It enables you to stay mission minded, decompress stress in a healthy way and keep your joy without using alcohol or drugs. Hope that wasn’t too strong for you.

2. Be prepared to ask people to be consistent action-wise with who they say they want to become. I have found after coaching thousands of people that this is the question that causes people to either decide they are going to GO FOR IT or they are going to stop talking about what they want. You cannot be bold unless you are strong enough identity wise to ask people to fish or cut bait! Realize that coaching and mentoring is very different then counseling. Coaches and transformational leaders ask you to take action EVERY TIME you meet. Counselors are for people who are in pain and need someone to listen compassionately. As a coach or spiritual leader, people will invest with you because of your compelling vision and the consistent results you help people achieve. This means you have to be aware of what your boldest identity zones are in stay within them.

3. Create a compelling vision for your life RIGHT NOW that is uncomfortable and makes other people say, “Dang. That’s what I want”. I’m not talking about being perfect. I’m talking about stewarding your gifts and talents and not apologizing for doing whatever it takes to reach the people you feel called to serve. Understand you will get spiritual warfare for living a life that influencers others for the kingdom of God. It makes no difference whether it’s in ministry or business.  Pray that God will allow you to finish strong in a heroic way that leaves a legacy for your children and those you influence and disciple.

4. Realize everything out of your mouth is either going to position you as a victim or as a victor.  Memorize the word of God and build a mindset that practically everything is solvable.  I believe the most powerful things we can do for people is teach them how to pray and declare the scriptures when they feel double-minded, insecure and want to turn back. Jesus spoke the word to the devil.  He didn’t think it quietly.  Have a big mouth and channel it against the devil with declarations, praises and thanks for who God is sending you to set free this year. Don’t worry about what people think of you, if you’re too extreme or overboard. You want to walk in power and this is the way to do it. 

5. Surround yourself with men and women who push themselves out of their comfort zone weekly.  Get into a team or organization that affirms you for thinking outside the box if your church doesn’t do leadership training.  Quit holding yourself back out of false humility. You are a composite of the three people you spend the most time with daily. It serves no one but the devil.  Resist passivity, embrace the fight and don’t run from the fear of failure or you will never live a transformational life.  You will become what you speak over yourself and what you PLAN to do DAILY. Kingdom influence comes from being strategic and disciplined.

6. Write down how you can solve the things you suffered through faster. Discover your purpose and WHO you want set free (your not called to the whole world, there is a specific group of people you are graced to serve), come up with ideas on how to equip people by thinking about ways you can help people solve the problems faster then you did. Imagine your worst crisis and then think to yourself, what if I could help someone solve that in three months.  Remember, being equipped and sent is work. It’s you thinking strategically, not someone opening a door for you!

7. When you find someone who is doing what you want to do, sign up for everything they put out even if you have to pay for it.  This will help you later weed out the people in your life who want to hang around you to soak and with no intention of doing any work themselves.  Until you get COMMITTED, you won’t see God do through you what you want to see happen. If you want to get paid to coach, bump out of all the free groups that feel supportive emotionally but aren’t causing you to have to be accountable for RESULTS! You also need to start surrounding yourself with a community of people who want the same calling.

8. Get started getting yourself out there and don’t worry about being perfect. Start doing everything badly. People hugely struggle with the fear of being found out they don’t have what it takes. Guess what? We don’t have what it takes but God does. If you want a kingdom coaching business then trust God to work through your mistakes and honor your courage. If you don’t model that how can you expect your clients to do the same? Blog, do video’s, start a small group!

9. Model teaming. There are no lone rangers. You know why? They got picked off by the enemy. When the obstacle is life-threatening or insurmountable, you need people partnering with you in prayer who know their authority and how to be relentless until they get the victory. Teach people to partner with other people for results and not to try and do everything on their own! Isolation is a key for disaster. Come up with ways to help people get accountability!

10. Be willing to minister, mentor, speak, coach, blog or write your own methods with YOUR OWN testimony on how you overcame your obstacles. (Revelation 12:11) I believe in training and accreditation. I just want to help you glorify God by integrating the strategies he gave you for success. You can have a faith-base business that impacts thousands of people in one year AND GLORIFIES GOD! It’s work but it’s an unbelievable feeling to be used by Christ to encourage, equip and see people transformed through what the enemy meant for evil for you!

Have you thought about Christian coaching or are you already mentoring others? If so, let me send you my GET STARTED package which includes my book 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and 10 Strategies for making your first $25,000 in Christian coaching or ministry. You can BE USED BY GOD IN YOUR GENERATION and love what you do for a living! 

Love, Bec:)

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