3 Biblical Ways To Get Unstuck And Faith-filled

As an Christian identity coach, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours helping people clarify who they are in the midst of confusion and difficult season’s of life. Sometimes, it’s building a disciplined life with some new goals, for others, it’s writing their first book or pioneering their own ministry or business. In all these cases, it takes specific prayer and coaching to determine what exactly is causing them to feel held back.

These are three of the top reason’s I have consistently found to be at the root of feeling stuck. They are not complicated but if not solved, will keep you circling in frustration.

1. (Galatians 2: 13-14) The fear of what people think or say about something you want to execute on. Sometimes there is a relational conflict going on with someone you respect or that can make life miserable for you if you set a clear boundary. For example, a parent, spouse, boss or spiritual leader. First thing: You have to be able to decide if the relational conflict is to equip you to get delivered from the fear of man or to teach you how to suffer patiently and correctly in Christ.  There is typically no in between here. One brings more of the presence of God, the other is idolatry and will cause you to stay stuck and your confidence to be diluted. When this happens you are in danger of losing your identity. 

Biblically, there is a way that we stay in unity with God. We fear Him first rather then man. Even the apostles were not immune to fear of man and confronted each other on hypocrisy and poor boundary setting that led others astray. The fear of man is a snare that will cause you to stay stuck. You cannot remain passive and fear the fall out of confrontation. You will never become a biblical leader without learning how to challenge others to be consistent with who they say they are identity wise. What we say and execute on within our core values is our first line of influence. When people set one standard and do another to the hurt of others, play favorites,  and are unwilling to take ownership for their behavior, it is a recipe for disaster. You will not get free or unstuck until you confront. If the person’s don’t repent, take another witness and confront again, if they do not take ownership, separate until they do. Always be ready to reconcile if they come to the place where they are remorseful. However, Sometimes a long season of pain and lack is the only thing that causes people to examine their choices and change their ways. We eat the fruit of our labor and some people are addicted to a junk food life because they surround themselves with people pleasers.

2. Judges 4: Deborah and Barak. You have a problem that has to be solved but are waiting for others to get on board and do it with you. Here’s the thing, if God has given you the word, it’s up to you to lead the charge. No one should have to accompany you to finish it. A burden of compassion is enough.  Now, most likely other people will get on board once you move forward but true biblical faith always executes. Doubt waits for more confirmation or more people to execute on it with you. Women typically struggle with this more then men because we are relationally oriented and love to have a friend along to do something but spiritual authority is often released to you as EXECUTE and MOVE FORWARD ALONE. Other’s will follow you because you are courageous and taking action. You cannot be released into the body of Christ in a greater way with your gift until you are practiced in walking in your authority in your own personal leadership. 

3. You are self-sabotaging your faith with what you speak over yourself after you get out of prayer. Very simple but it results in one of the biggest lack of momentum you alone are responsible for.  In today’s video I will share with you the things I said over myself at different times that lowered my leadership level and kept me stuck. During season’s of uncertainty or fear, what you speak to others will either inspire them to follow you or cause them to disconnect from your vision.

I can’t believe I ever said this over myself!

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