5 Steps To Building A No Hype Sales Funnel

After you begin to solidify your leadership model and walk consistently in authority, the next order of agenda is establishing a system that takes people from the beginning of contact with you to being a customer or in the case of non-profits, members. Today, I want to begin sharing this process with you by talking about the first C which is CONNECTION!

During this first point, your goal is to establish trust and to initiate some form of relationship by making potential clients aware of how you can serve them. When you’re beginning to grow your expertise, the objective is to build an authentic connection, so they trust you as a resource for helping them grow into the life and result’s they desire.

What I found in my coaching practice was that because I chose to grow my business through my story on how Christ helped me overcome,  I had to be thoughtful about how I marketed. My ultimate goal was to be able to do for a living what I was passionate about: Helping people get free in Christ and then share how they did that with others through writing, speaking, coaching or their own non-profit or business. I had already been part of two church planting teams and knew God wasn’t calling me to church plant but rather on the mountain of business.

If I came across pushy or too intense, it caused people to accuse me of being greedy and using the gospel to profit. If I wasn’t able to touch on what was causing people pain and communicate that in a compelling way, I couldn’t make money consistently and I wasn’t going to survive my first couple years coaching! So honestly, in the first level, I made it a point to really examine my heart before God so my conscience was clear, write down and communicate consistently my core leadership beliefs to people and show them how overcoming spiritual warfare was going to glorify God. All the leadership coaching I did and still do today is basically taking people through the process of breaking out of victimization mindsets and into courageous actions.

Honestly, this took trial and error, watching the struggles that people had and writing consistently every day because I had to be able to create momentum or a buzz about what I could help people gain result wise through the grace of God on my life. I had no marketing background or business training, but I did know how to pray, take action and minister to people’s needs because I had been doing this for decades already.

I developed a plan for delivering one blog a week and one conference call a month that was free. The first year I did 12 conference calls and broke up writing them into four blogs. So mainly I came up with the next month’s conference call and just sectioned them into four separate blogs. When I had written all of those, I smushed them together and did a live conference call where I presented the content, and then I prayed with people at the end of the call. Now, prayer is part of my identity, and God has graced me to pray boldly, and it’s something people find that attracts them to my life and business. What I want to make clear to you that it only works because it’s WHO I AM Identity-wise. I didn’t start praying with people when I launched a business. I had been living a bold prayer life since I had received Christ in my early twenties. It was a lifeline to me and part of my personal leadership model. This is crucial if you want to be authentic and fruitful. My top three core leadership principles are daily prayer, 1 hour of cardio and staying consistent with the mission God has given me. (Which means you need to craft your vision and manage your time excellently)

When they signed up for my conference call, they were put on my email list, and that’s how I began to send out weekly blogs. Sometimes people unsubscribed after the first teleconference but most of them stayed, and now I was touching base with them every week as an Identity Expert with their permission. This is way better than just putting people on a list without them giving you permission.

The next thing I learned to do was offer special 14 days series that required another email sign up, and that was very specific about what result’s it helped them gain. For example, last year I created a 14 Day Messenger Series that helped my clients discover their boldest identity zones, who they were anointed to serve and how to get started marketing to this audience!

Why this is important is you are teaching your audience how to trust you and take action in the direction that you can serve them in. I give very specific homework on this series because I want them to associate my coaching with having to not just pray for their clients but create content that solves problems in very specific ways.

Again, what your doing by creating opt-ins is attracting a more narrow audience within your current list. Those who sign up for opt-ins within your subscriber list are actually warm leads now.

When I first began doing this I would create numbers of free opt-ins and see which one’s were the most popular. When I ascertained this I would create a team or workshop that helped solved this problem and integrate it into my coaching for that year. This is how I began to branch out of just one on one coaching into teams, seminars and workshops.

Meanwhile, the great thing is while you’re doing this, you’re still touching base with people weekly, and sending them weekly growth tips in your industry. This also takes you to the next phase which is what I call the connect with coffee! You can read that here!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

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