5 Tips For Launching A Life Coaching Business


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Before you move forward into becoming a Life Coach or speaker which I have to tell you is one of the most amazing and fulfilling callings, I want to offer you some thoughts to consider BEFORE launching.

When people come to me, and they want to grow their own consulting or coaching practice, they sometimes under-estimate the amount of work that is necessary to grow a business from the ground up. This is especially true for those who have no knowledge of how to build a platform, write, social media or how to be able to juggle ten balls a day until you have momentum.

I love faith. I love the passion, but the truth is that will have to be balanced with a BUTT-LOAD of work if you don’t have someone opening the door for you or you are not an already established TV personality or book author. Building a brand is a lot of hard work and even more so if you don’t have a recognizable name. Here are some things to consider and prepare as you get ready to launch. I built my whole practice profitably with no connections, but I had to be very consistent and structured about how I marketed and the following will help you have the right mindset for serving people powerfully.

  1. Coaching is an unregulated industry. So, follow me on this line of thought. Your certification (which I think is helpful and recommend)  does not mean much as related to you gaining leads and growing profitably. It is not like becoming certified as an X-Ray technician means you are going to be able to walk into a job immediately. Or you graduated from seminary, so now you can work at a church.  Your certification just means you have training (by an unregulated industry)  on how to ask people questions and help them solve their problems. Unless you are aiming for a corporate track which is going to require specific training, this is important for you to understand, so you decide immediately what specific direction to follow to close sales. I have never had one person ask me where I went to coaching school. What they ask me is can you help me solve this specific problem.
  2. If you want to coach others on being an overcomer, make sure your identity is clear, bold and your leadership strong before you launch as if you’re identity is diluted, so, therefore, will be your BRAND. This is where my ministry experience helped me. I had a very intense experience coming out of an alcoholic home with God and him helping me problem solve in my own life out of some very sabotaging patterns. Food, alcohol, social anxiety, selfishness, running from confrontation. When I learned how to be an overcomer in my own life and grow my influence, I began to teach small neighborhood groups and take on more leadership in my secular job and church. I was consistent, and I had a history of successfully training others on how to live victoriously. This sounds simple but if you genuinely don’t feel like you have accomplished anything significant through God than you probably shouldn’t launch a faith-based BUSINESS because you’re not going to be able to attract any clients. People are attracted to confidence and clarity of vision. Start attacking some big goals on a personal leadership level if you need more identity work.
  3. I realized pretty quickly in my coaching that if I was going to fill a pipe line and make money I was going to have to discover what my unique expertise was. This is now what I teach in my yearly Summit, as staying in your BOLD IDENTITY ZONE.  When you were in coaching school, they might have called this niching. I have a little different slant on that because of my bend for how God transforms people. It is always through the boldness of the messenger and a TESTIMONY that is authentic, truthful and has DEMONSTRATION on it. Don’t worry about knowing everything about “God.” Just tell people what he had done for you and do it boldly. So, if God has never done anything for you to help you become an overcomer than guessing what? You’re faith is weak. But if God has TAKEN YOU THROUGH SOME THINGS and you learned how to help other people overcome that same thing, you’re now an EXPERT at something. And this is what I teach people to harness in a way that they can grow a pipe line without feeling slimy. Never be a nice, generic Christian. Be a Christian that walks in a demonstration of power!
  4. If you want to grow consistently, understand you will have to build a platform through speaking, social media or with connections that will give you consistent referrals. You will have to serve with blogs, teleconferences, speaking, videos. The pastor has a pulpit. You need to get ready to step into a “pulpit” once a week minimally. If you have no experience with social media than I suggest you learn before you launch this kind of business because you will have to learn it under pressure and all while writing and serving clients. Owning your own business is a sacrifice, and if you’re an introvert like me, you have to pace yourself but understand you’re going to have to work HARD, in the beginning, to grow successfully.
  5. Create one specific system for every three results you help people solve. This is key to keeping a pipe line full in addition to building a consistent marketing wheel. My first system was called Bold Identity, and I marketed specifically to people who wanted to become consistent in three specific areas of their life. Prayer, fitness and building a purposeful vision. What I found is when I began to create blogs, content, and FINISH writing the system, I suddenly began to receive divine appointments to help people accomplish those three things. Again, I had to work at it, but I lined up speaking, provided free teleconferences, blogged, all around these three specific results. People pay for RESULTS not “life coaching.” To this day, I don’t call myself a life coach. Because I’m not. I am great at helping people discover how to walk boldly and then multiply their message in others.

Have a desire to launch a business but need support? Join my Leadership team where I have all the resources and training to make your launch easier and faster.

Love, Bec:)

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