5 Ways To Grow Your Spiritual Authority

Do you struggle with feelings of overwhelm? Maybe you have a dream of impacting people for Christ but experience so much personal chaos yourself, you can’t seem to get focused on the work that will help you grow a business.

Here’s the truth.  When you begin to think about serving others rather than just yourself, you will want to resist passivity and begin to apply yourself to growing your spiritual leadership. This is much of the reason why I have a whole pre-business track for my clients so they don’t waste money on business coaching before they really practice the skills that will help them live a transformational life. Here’s how this breaks down practically.

The longer you take to assertively co-create the life you love with Christ and align your daily actions with your vision, the longer you stay stuck in survival mode. We have authority in Christ but you have to use it assertively within the vision and purpose for your own calling. When I wanted to coach for a living, I had to apply my authority to grow my BUSINESS skills.

Here are 5 Ways To Grow Your Spiritual Authority Within One Year

1. Get up early and spend one hour reading the word of God and praying that God will show you how to use your gifts and talents to transform other people for eternity.  So many times people waste time praying for the EXACT PURPOSE AND CALLING God has for them instead of starting right where you are to seek God whole-heartedly. God uses what is in your hands to ignite your calling. You don’t have to quit work and move to Africa. Start being sold out for Christ today. If you have an Iphone, get the READ SCRIPTURE app. It will help you read the whole bible in a year.

2. Begin hanging around people who are going to hold you accountable and care about eternal things. When I decided to grow a Christian coaching business, I began to build relationships with successful business women who wanted to give their profits to the poor.  Iron sharpens iron. If you need marriage help, that’s what you start working on first. Ask older people who are happily married to help you glorify God through your marriage. This is the purpose of community. Without it, you are guaranteed to be lukewarm and unsuccessful in your goals!

3.  Ask the Lord to deliver you from people-pleasing and help you fear Him only. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what this looks like in your daily life and in your work. You can’t grow in spiritual authority without putting God first. If you complain that you don’t have time to spend on the vision God has given you to fulfill, examine any people pleasing in your life.

4. Memorize the word of God and actively use to overcome everything that causes you to hide, be fearful or agree with doubt and unbelief. I used to struggle terrible with panic attacks and fear. I got totally delivered over time because I didn’t want my life to spent thinking about what-if’s. You become an overcomer by applying your faith and taking action militantly. I would never be where I am in business if I wouldn’t have done this foundational ground work with God.

5. Learn to embrace tension as a sign you are moving forward. If you’re life is peaceful and comfortable, you are probably not thinking big enough for God. It’s your job to be a change agent. That means asking questions that bring people to examine what they believe and why. We should be happiest when we see people repenting for lukewarm living and embracing humility to follow Jesus.

Have you considered Christian coaching as a business? Using your own testimony to help people get free? Let me send you my START NOW package which is free and includes resources that will help you be an overcomer and begin to be profitable as a coach!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

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