6 Tips On Defining Who You Are

Today’s leadership training is about building the confidence you need to serve people well. The beauty about taking the time to do the work to discover who you really are (even in addition to who you are in Christ) is you are more able to effectively be sent to the exact people who need your message.

Here are 6 tips on how to begin to do this work:

  1. Take time to read the scripture and share your fears with God. If you are not willing to take your pain to the Lord, you will never be set free from making fear based decisions and idolatry. Get up a full two hours (you want things to change right?)  before you have to begin work. Desperate people do desperate things. Devote the first portion of your day to practicing God’s presence and releasing your burdens to him and confessing who you are in Christ specifically in any situation you are not being able to receive peace in.
  2. Ask Jesus who you are supposed to be in the next season. If you don’t FOLLOW JESUS then guess what? You will never be changed from glory to glory. Your life will stay the same and you will have little impact on others. Ask the Lord what skills you need to cultivate and what you need to be doing practically to serve who he has called you to serve.
  3. Embrace what you stink at and purpose to let God refine it. I remember when God sent me someone to invite me to Toastmasters (a speaking organization) and I was terrified to accept the invitation because I got severe migraines when I spoke in front of an audience. It turns out I had a trauma that when I resolved released me to speak with power and within 6 months I was asked to speak on national television as a SPOKESPERSON. God knows what he is doing when he has people invite you to into your promotion. Accept it and watch your life be transformed.
  4. Ask the Lord who you want to serve. Now, honestly from a business perspective this doesn’t always brand perfectly but it’s a powerful exercise to go through. Ask the Holy Spirit to break down for you who he wants to send you to and how you can help this specific audience solve problems.
  5. Ask the people closest to you to confirm your gifts, discipline level and boldness. You need to have all three confirmed because in order to step into a new identity, you will need the confidence that other people have seen you be faithful with what you had in your hand.  
  6. Who are you hanging around? You are the combination of the three people in your life you spend the most time around. You can never grow a powerful and profitable identity without a clear vision on who you want give to and hanging around people who have pioneered before you. If you are hanging around people who are stuck in fear based thinking, you will not acquire the faith to pioneer your own business profits. 

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Faith foward with confidence to SHARE YOUR MESSAGE!

Love, Bec:)

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