7 Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose

Every day I coach people who are desiring to grow into a more significant life. It could be that they have found themselves in an unfortunate place of an unwanted divorce, illness or layoff and they have lost their vision. At times people have built success, but now they are ready to go to the next level. Other times people just feel like they haven’t found their boldest identity zone due to a lack of clarity on how to do that work.

I created the following resource for my team to help them get more clarity on their life purpose and what they are called to leadership-wise. Whether you are a stay at home Mom wanting to bring in some extra money, empty nester, or don’t feel energized by your current vision. If so, this 45-minute audio is going to answer some questions for you so that you can begin to apply yourself in prayer to live the kind of life that is going to fuel you. This is pure training but incredibly powerful if you are ready to do the work to live your best life before God.

Here are some of the result’s you will get from this call:

1. The first question that everyone should ask who is committed to authentic Christian life.

2. The one thing that will keep you balanced and on overflow rather than living in crisis.

3. How to be child-like in faith practically.

4. How to think about your life through a lens of philanthropy and find you’re calling.

5. The one question to ask if you have to raise money fast.

6. Recovering lost success that you’ve forgotten about.

7. Why you want to ask your friends this question to stay in your boldest identity zone.

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