3 Steps From Behind The Scenes To Upfront Influencer

I have some great news for you today if you feel like God has been calling you to EXPAND your vision and leadership and you just don’t know how to obey him and enlarge your boundary stones. Time to shine your light!

Today’s video will show you what you have to switch in your mindsets and what to do practically.

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Free to Fee With People Who Don’t Have A Lot of Faith

I remember the first business coach I had told me I would never be able to make money coaching with the people I was wanted to serve.

He said my clients were saturated with victimization thinking.

He was not a Christian and so of course from my perspective, I was just like…Hey, these people just need faith activation and God can do that for them if he is really sending me! When you have FAITH, you can SOLVE problems!

I have a video today that could literally SHIFT you into a HIGHER LEVEL of LEADERSHIP, IDENTITY & PROFITS without new age mumbo jumbo. If you will take time to watch it and process through it thoughtfully.

And I just had this conversation with one of my clients today. We were talking about how many people believe you either have to be POOR to be spiritual (performance/poverty thinking) or RICH (wealth/abundance) gospel to be successful and happy.

Here’s what I will say. Come to my house. I coach and live on a small farm, simply. I don’t sell through pressure, fear or get rich schemes. If you think I do, please take the time to write me a heartfelt email with an example and I will process through it and email you back.

​​TRUTH: I am very selective about who I allow into my coaching which is why you won’t find my programs on my website:) I don’t let people join who I don’t meet with personally, watch their work in my group or team and feel like are coachable OR willing to process through new mindsets and work hard. If everyone has all the answers they don’t need my coaching do they? They will sabotage themselves and my teams. This isn’t hard hearted it’s guarding my time and my people that God sends to me.

I VALUE YOU so I guard you with my prayers and my boundaries. ​​

I run a profitable business because I want to help provide for my family and give to orphans in Uganda. I give to this charity because the CEO~Anna is a good friend of mine and I know her life well since she’s spending my money:)

​​ That’s my motivation for making money. If you believe you have to be poor to be more spiritual and God doesn’t want you to earn a profit then you are not going to enjoy running a successful business.  This is performance based thinking to me and I spent DECADES it feels like getting freed up from it. I mean, think about that whole through process.

I am more spiritual or can do better work if I give away everything and don’t have any for myself. There’s only so much pie to go around and I will take pie out of an orphans mouth if I keep some for myself.

YIPES! ​​​​​​​​​​​​Trust me, God has plenty to go around for everyone to be content and give with a great feeling. What God doesn’t like is greed, manipulation and me, me, me marketing and lifestyle. In the kingdom it’s teaming, us and we not ME.

​​ Which is why you hear me talk about how I serve you, the results my clients get and I don’t hype thoughts. Every testimonial I have was sent to me by a client and I ask their permission to share their thoughts.

I hope this blesses you today. If you want to learn more about how to be authentic and market your value in a trustworthy way, come into my closed Facebook group. I can help begin to mentor you there.

Love, Bec:) and have a great weekend.

The Difference Between Your Leadership Identity & Identity In Christ

In today’s training I help you understand a simple but many times confusing identity focus.

. Many times even leaders get the two of these confused and work much harder on perfecting one over the other. The truth is you have to grow these BOTH at the same time in a balanced way in order to handle growth in business or ministry with grace.

Here’s what this will solve for you:

1. You don’t know whether your present challenges are spiritual warfare or simply a lack of boundaries.
2. You have a vision but keep feeling like it’s delayed from not having the next steps from God on how to grow it.
3. You are giving away all your coaching and speaking for free and not being able to be profitable in your vision.

These are all legitimate concerns and today I will show you why understanding how to function out of either of these identities is integral to your success.

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6 Tips On Defining Who You Are

Today’s leadership training is about building the confidence you need to serve people well. The beauty about taking the time to do the work to discover who you really are (even in addition to who you are in Christ) is you are more able to effectively be sent to the exact people who need your message.

Here are 6 tips on how to begin to do this work:

  1. Take time to read the scripture and share your fears with God. If you are not willing to take your pain to the Lord, you will never be set free from making fear based decisions and idolatry. Get up a full two hours (you want things to change right?)  before you have to begin work. Desperate people do desperate things. Devote the first portion of your day to practicing God’s presence and releasing your burdens to him and confessing who you are in Christ specifically in any situation you are not being able to receive peace in.
  2. Ask Jesus who you are supposed to be in the next season. If you don’t FOLLOW JESUS then guess what? You will never be changed from glory to glory. Your life will stay the same and you will have little impact on others. Ask the Lord what skills you need to cultivate and what you need to be doing practically to serve who he has called you to serve.
  3. Embrace what you stink at and purpose to let God refine it. I remember when God sent me someone to invite me to Toastmasters (a speaking organization) and I was terrified to accept the invitation because I got severe migraines when I spoke in front of an audience. It turns out I had a trauma that when I resolved released me to speak with power and within 6 months I was asked to speak on national television as a SPOKESPERSON. God knows what he is doing when he has people invite you to into your promotion. Accept it and watch your life be transformed.
  4. Ask the Lord who you want to serve. Now, honestly from a business perspective this doesn’t always brand perfectly but it’s a powerful exercise to go through. Ask the Holy Spirit to break down for you who he wants to send you to and how you can help this specific audience solve problems.
  5. Ask the people closest to you to confirm your gifts, discipline level and boldness. You need to have all three confirmed because in order to step into a new identity, you will need the confidence that other people have seen you be faithful with what you had in your hand.  
  6. Who are you hanging around? You are the combination of the three people in your life you spend the most time around. You can never grow a powerful and profitable identity without a clear vision on who you want give to and hanging around people who have pioneered before you. If you are hanging around people who are stuck in fear based thinking, you will not acquire the faith to pioneer your own business profits. 

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Faith foward with confidence to SHARE YOUR MESSAGE!

Love, Bec:)

Increase Your Authority (And Profits) By SPEAKING About Results

One of the first things you will have to learn to do if you are used to being in ministry is to speak as an expert in area’s that God has brought you through. You do this by sharing your experiences but challenging your clients to move out of victimization thinking, mediocrity or the pain they are in and offer them a step by step plan that will IGNITE THEIR FAITH. You must be strong and confident when you speak as people who feel overwhelmed with doubt need a touch from God and a plan of action.

The truth is most women want to be motivators rather than MESSENGERS. When you come in contact with a real messenger of God they make you gasp with their clarity level. They say things that you were thinking in your heart, wondering about but never could articulate. They solve your wandering fast. Whether they are in ministry or business, they walk in purpose and help you move into the next level of stewardship for your calling.

In other words you cannot make it your aim to make people feel good, entertain or just encourage them. You have to let go of the fear of man and IGNITE A FIRE within your audience. You have to help them understand that they can BECOME THIS KIND OF PERSON if they take the actions you are suggesting they take.  This means you are going to have to move from very general encouragement and what I call romance phrases to breaking down for your client four or five pain points and how they can receive the results you can give them. If you are wanting to help people receive transformation from your story and pull them into a program you have, you should be touching on the pain and problems you solve in your system.

Without being able to do this consistently every time you speak or write, you will be a really nice encourager but not a profitable coach. The below conversation is one I had with a client who was speaking at a women’s worship event. I began to ask her to develop her speech by telling me what kind of results she wanted to help her clients receive within one hour as she had a full hour to share in addition to the ministry time.

Here was her first response back to me before we shifted into RESULT mode:

Women are engaged

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord

Their eyes are watching with anticipation

Their ears and their heart are open to receive

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward.

Here is what I wrote her back: 

When you read this, don’t read it with your mothers nagging voice in your ear. Read it like I am hugging you and then we pray for God to undo you and send you with FIRE:)

Women are engaged (too general)…What are you saying that is causing them to literally come out of their seat. Tell me things you’re going to challenge them to change that comes from your new coaching system. 

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord: Why. Is it because they have been praying and fasting for your speech? Because you start by having them make a declaration over the time you spend with them? That’s a big deal. What is making them so desperate?  You better light them up fast. People are only positioned to hear from God if they are coachable and willing to repent and take new action. What are you praying ahead for them to be convicted of? What are you going to say out of the gate to cause them to think HOLY CRAP what just happened!

Their eyes are watching with anticipation- noooo….I want you to come out of the clouds. You need to walk the earth and become a force to women. WHAT DO THESE PHRASES MEAN PRACTICALLY? You are a coach not a romance writer. KICK THEIR BUTTS! Don’t send me anymore the room is filled with the fragrance of Christ phrases.

Their ears and their heart are open to receive. Really? AGGGHHHHH. I am now grabbing your face between my hands and pleading with you to WRITE PRACTICALLY!

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender. You’re not there as a worship leader. You are there to CREATE CHANGE IN THE ATMOSPHERE. They can worship to Casting Crowns when they leave. You don’t want them crying. You want them to repent, take action and sign up for your program because GOD SENT YOU TO THEM.

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them. Why should they? Write WHY out and into your speech. What will happen to them if they don’t let go. TELL THEM THE PAIN THEY WILL CREATE For THEMSELVES AND THEIR DAUGHTERS.

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in. Well yeah, cause you’re going to cause a RIOT. WRITE A SPEECH FOR ME TO SEE LIKE YOU ARE ACTIVATING AN ARMY OF MILITANT WOMEN.

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of a comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward. Go back through your program and write your whole speech around your paragraphs. Do it quickly like you’re on fire. Get going woman!

I am happy to report that the client knew I was trying to help her and did not fire me for being so strong. Because here’s the truth, it takes time to learn how to think this way rather then in just encouragement mode. When she spoke, people told her they couldn’t believe how much work and leadership God had done in her life since the last time they saw here speak.  Do this work and you will find people say the same thing about you and your closing rates really climb!

Faith forward, Bec:)

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5 Examples Of Boundaries For Attention Seeking Clients

As you grow your Christian coaching business, you are going to want to put clear boundaries and expectations into place so you can serve the exact people God has called you to in the SEASON that God has for their growth. Here’s the truth, what most people don’t realize is that if you are always seeking the affirmation and the wrong kind of attention, when it’s the right time and God’s blessing, the RIGHT kind of attention won’t be given to you because people are just wore out with the striving you create for them relationally. I tell you why I know this first hand in my video:)

First! A coach is always going to challenge you to change rather then a counselor who is going to listen to you process out your pain. As a coach, it is your responsibility to help your clients grow their leadership in a healthy way and avoid sabotaging tactics that will dilute their peace, joy and influence. Attention-seeking is one of the things that completely erodes credibility and respect out of people’s lives so you want to help them eliminate this as quickly as possible. It causes them to look insecure and people don’t want to partner with them because they create so much negativity. 

Before we begin, let’s address that we all need attention but when we seek it from others in an unhealthy way rather than receiving our affirmation from God or communicating simply, hey! I could use some time from you, it’s typically going to produce bad fruit for us.  As a Christian coach, you are going to see some common themes and today I hope to help you avoid taking these clients before they create a bad situation for themselves and your business.

1. The Client Who Feigns Confusion And Helplessness When You Give Them An Assignment

We all struggle. I know I appreciate when my coach goes out of his way to walk me through the process. However, if your client does this habitually and not just once in a blue moon,  this is an attention getting ploy that has paid out for them from other people. You need to share with them that that they could still need a counselor that you are hired to get specific results and will look for ways to challenge not get into how they feel about it. In business and ministry, feelings do not drive action. FAITH drives action.  Ideally, you have not built your business on feeling needed but on the results you deliver for others. Again. if your client can’t take action, they need counseling not coaching.

2.  The Constant Need For Affirmation

Again, we all love encouragement. What makes the difference here is the clients inability to work unassisted. If they want to raise their leadership level they have to be able to work alone, under deadlines and without any affirmation from others. This is the process of helping your client self-actualize their dreams. Compliment them when they take action! Not over their hair or other superficial things. Teach them that spiritual leaders affirm over character not gifting.

3.  Constant complaining.

They need you to explain what you meant in your training over and over. Although you have many other clients who never ask you to explain the very same content. They can’t stay on track or focused and don’t feel like you are meeting their needs, etc. The bottom line is they are used to people listening compassionately and not asking them to move forward in their pain. Have a process in place that you use when you see a client is having difficulty. It should involve a personal phone call, clarifying their grievances and answering them as well as asking them to take action forward to work in pace with you. If they respond, you most likely have a great referral because people appreciate the over the top service. If not, don’t feel guilty for people detaching as they may just need someone who can support them emotionally for a season.

4. Surfing social media endlessly, part of dozens of groups, liking everyone’s post so they get comments back.  Having lots of likes and comments on your business page. 

So, here’s the thing. If you are doing leadership or business training and you don’t encourage your clients to get out of free groups and use social media STRATEGICALLY to grow their leadership or brand, then you are delaying their profitability. Social media can be a huge waste of time if not used with a plan and accountability. I make it a policy, 15 minutes a day to answer and post about how I SERVE and the results I deliver.  That’s it. I get ZERO feel good from social media and watch for my conversion rate yearly. I also end the free in a period of time after six months as if they have valued the coaching most likely they will move into a team environment. I don’t care if you have ten thousand likes that you have bought (because let’s be clear, that’s what happens almost 90% of the time) 465 shares a day on your posts,  if you’re not converting this to clients and your business is multiplying an consistent income this is feeding a need for affirmation that you have. Always evaluate the results is a great boundary.

5. Constantly exaggerating. 

This is probably the number one thing that tunes me into a need for attention. You didn’t just buy a purse. You bought a purse from an Italian designer who lives in the district of…..You didn’t just go on vacation. I see lots of pictures with you jumping up in the air having the time of your life, drinking wine on the RIVERA. Oh my, I need to have your life and then my soul will be full.  There have been many studies done that the more insecure you are, the more you try to project an image of happiness, unity and success in your social media.  Sure share your wins and about your life but share the sabotages too.  If clients struggle with this when they come to me for Leadership training and it goes unaddressed, I know they will hype their client testimonials. The truth will do. Just learn how to share that without exaggerating and you will grow in time.

Need help becoming more confident about your leadership and putting systems into place to serve and grow? This is a great place to begin! 

How To Overcome Rejection And Become More Confident

In this video I talk about how deal spiritually and practically with the feelings of rejection. They are actually a pre-qualification for promotion. If you don’t pass this test, you better not launch a ministry or business coaching because you won’t make it long-term! Watch this and discover how easy it is with God’s help to UP YOUR LEADERSHIP!

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Christian Coach Training: Recognizing Poverty People Quick

How to recognize people in your life who are stuck in poverty thinking. If you grew up in an addiction based of shame-based home, you are much more likely to surround yourself with these kind of individuals because you don’t understand your value. This video will help you discern what specific actions you can take to let go of these kind of individuals and instead trust God to send you the people who need your message and will receive great results from you. Without this kind of identity work, you will not grow your calling!

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Healing: Do You Need More Of It Before Leading?

In this video I talk about one of the most classic I AM statements that the enemy tells you in order to prevent you from becoming confident and investing any time in training, discipline and time management to set big goals.

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How To Know If You’re Not Valuing Yourself Correctly As A Coach

How To Know If You’re Not Valuing Yourself Correctly As A Coach | Bold Influencers

If you don’t know how to value yourself or your services correctly you will find yourself feeling disrespected, taken advantage of and from a business perspective not being able to translate your immense gifting into a program that actually helps people get tangible results and grows your profits. I share with you five ways you can know if you need to up your value. (20 minutes long)

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