The #1 Question Horses Ask Themselves Daily & You Should Too!

Sometimes Christians in an attempt to avoid coming across prideful to people, actually avoid taking the authority God has given them. Part of that is seeing yourself and ACTING like a servant leader.  In this video I share with you the question all horses ask their owners and herd members daily. If you don’t answer this for your clients, you will never be the influencer God has called you to be for the kingdom of God.

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Why You May Not Be Getting A Prophetic Word To Coach or Speak

Has God spoken to your heart about launching a Christian coaching business, speaking for writing your own books that you can share with your testimony? Do you keep waiting for a prophetic word to confirm this or to be RELEASED by your pastor or ministry leader?

Today, I want to talk to you about why God may not be sending you the confirmation you are looking for. It’s not what you think!

Love, Bec:)

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A Prayer & Impartation For Your Calling


Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

The word of God says in Matthew 10:8 that what we have FREELY RECEIVED we can impart and FREELY GIVE. Today, I hope this is the best Mother’s Day you have ever had. As I pray, I am believing God for an exponential multiplication on your life to glorify God through your testimony!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and what God said to you through this prayer!

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Love, Bec:)

Pioneering your calling looks like this

Has God Told You Were Going To Speak Or Write To Huge Numbers Of People?

I have a special gift for you today. I have given you access to a private training in my Leadership Track. (Week 18) This is 4 months into my 10 month program. At this point, most people are asking the question, will I have a business or will I have a ministry?

If you have asked this question to yourself and God has spoken to you about LARGE amounts of influence, then today is a faith defining day for you. I talk about what makes people like colanders that leak out their potential rather than being like Niagara Falls that is harnessed to power and fuel a city. Find out today how you can begin to live a significant life that influences for the kingdom of God!

I don’t put people into my programs without interviewing them first which is why you won’t find my programs listed on my website. I don’t want numbers. I have a spiritual calling to release and equip messengers and I pray and watch over everyone who comes in. It’s a stewardship to me and you are invited to speak with me live in order to help you gain experience and video footage for your website after you go through either program so please sign up for the START NOW package if you want to set up a time for us to speak and talk about your calling to ministry or business. I will call and email you in a couple days of receiving your information and send you my tracks for you to pray over.

How I began To Step Into My Calling And You Can Too

You might not be recognizing how God calls you and so you’re faith is not as strong. Honestly, all divine mission’s begin with a longing to reach others for Christ. However, there is a deep pruning work that often times goes on before you are released. You’re afraid, double-minded and second-guessing if you really have what it takes to succeed. so I share a little of what happened to me to encourage you.
Don’t give up on your dream to see people set free. He will use you to touch and transform others!

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This Happens When You Start Getting Out There!

Do you deal with a lot of anxiety about putting your video’s, blogs or content out that you have created? Second guess yourself constantly?

In today’s video I talk to you about what I went through and what I see many of my clients experience when they start influencing at a higher level. I believe you will find it very encouraging. Under five minutes and will help you understand what is going on at a higher strategic level!

Let me know what you’re struggling with in the comments if you would like prayer! Love, Bec:)

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Abundance Thinking In Your Coaching

There are numbers of well meaning Christians who unwittingly fall prey to idolatry and mammon in marketing. The prosperity message, one with everything in the universe, abundance, it all has one thing in common. It leads people away from Christ. It has no place in Christian coaching.

Because let’s just be clear about what new age doctrine is, it’s success without Lordship or pointing to Christ as the source of all hope and salvation.

I’ve read the Science of Getting Rich. Read many books on abundance thinking and millionaire mindsets. It is all in the same category to me of all the self-help gurus. It’s getting you to think multiplication without denial. It points to you and not Christ. It’s the opposite of what it takes to grow spiritual authority in the kingdom of God.

I have noticed from my own coaching perspective, individuals who are attracted to these kind of businesses or even pastors, have grow up in fear based homes. The statistics say 50% of the church come from homes that are addiction based, performance based, you were adopted, had chronic illness or other defining life experiences.

13 Characteristics of people who grew up in an addiction based home of origin:

  •  Guess at what normal behavior is.
  • Have difficulty following a project through from beginning to end.
  • Lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.
  • Judge themselves without mercy.
  • Have difficulty having fun.
  • Take themselves very seriously.
  • Have difficulty with intimate relationships.
  • Overreact to changes over which they have no control.
  • Constantly seek approval and affirmation.
  • Usually feel that they are different from other people.
  • Are super responsible or super irresponsible.
  • Are extremely loyal, even in the face of evidence that the loyalty is undeserved.
  • Tend to lock themselves into a course of action without giving serious consideration to alternative behaviors or possible consequences. This impulsively leads to confusion, self-loathing and loss of control over their environment. In addition, they spend an excessive amount of energy cleaning up the mess.

This list comes from 13 Characteristics Of An Alcoholic Home by Janet G. Woititz, Phd. If you see anything you struggle with on this list, you will actually be ATTRACTED to people in business (and even church) who display the same leadership characteristics of your home of origin. Typically, a deep-seated need for affirmation and/or material wealth because you had so much instability (insert now all the prosperity preachers you have heard and the stories they told about their childhood).

Let me encourage you to build your business God’s way. Building biblical Lordship, dying to self and functioning out of your authority as a son/daughter of Christ and not positional titles.

Make disciples as you grow your business! Point to Him and the work he has done in your life. Do this consistently and you will multiply and grow!

Question! Do you see anything on the list that is sabotaging you? If you want prayer, leave it and I will be praying for your DELIVERANCE!

Love, love, love you! Bec:)

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What Graphics To Share If You’re A New Brand!

When you are starting out a business, you are building a brand. In this video, I share with you how to use graphics on social media to help people get who you are and what you do to serve them. I believe this will make sense to you as you grow your business authentically and without hype!

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Vision Boards For Those Who Want To Transform Lives For The Kingdom Of God

I really made this video for my clients who told me they wanted to transform lives for Christ but weren't sure how to start doing it. Most of my first clients with SUCCESSnotsabotage (my international coaching business that I launched Boldinfluencers from) were ministry leaders and pastors. They wanted assurance that declarations and vision casting in prayer was biblical and not new age. I spend the first half of this video laying a foundation of why I believe it's important to write down and put before you a SPECIFIC vision as best you can.

When you want to transform people for the kingdom, you're going to get spiritual warfare that is very distractive and a vision board helps you overcome the heaviness and fear that goes along with pioneering. This video is simple and as you can see, very effective as God is good and loves to see his people be blessed so we can be sent to be a blessing to others.

If you have a heart to see people transformed through Christian coaching, I would love to send you my GET STARTED package and pray with you personally. Let me send you my first chapter of 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare as well as a really popular audio I created with 10 strategies to make your first $25,000 in Christian coaching.

Faith Forward, Love Bec:)

P.S. The small book I am referencing is by Pastor John Eckhardt and I have given it away to many of my clients. It's called Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses.

Becky Harmon

Becky’s Taco Soup

I am a huge fan of crock pots as I can let dinner simmer all day so when I come in from feeding the horses everything is done.

I have a couple staple recipes and this is one of them. It’s hardy, feeds about 6 and requires little cooking which is my favorite part:) I use this on my long coaching days!

  • 1 lb of hamburger meat, I rinse it with cold water after cooking it
  • 3 11 oz cans of Rotel along with 1 8 oz can of tomato paste
  • 2 cans of northern beans or black beans
  • Half packet of taco mix (more if you like it spicey)
  • 8 oz of chicken broth
  • 2 8 oz cans of corn drained

Stick in crock pot in the morning on low. Serve with sour cream, cheddar cheese, onions or avocados. This is the bomb during rainy Fall evenings or freezing winter nights here in the North Georgia mountains.

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