How To Identify Your Ideal Client

There are so many Christians who tell me they want to get paid to speak, write, coach or be an expert in their field—but without identifying your ideal client or audience, you won’t be able to be profitable doing what you love and what God has called you to do.

Stepping into your boldest identity zones and calling for your business is quite a journey, and it starts with a lot of ground work. Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s (woman’s) gift…brings him/her before great men” (NKJV). The biggest thing I want you to know today as you begin this process is you won’t have perfect clarity, so you have to move forward FIRST with courage. You will gain the clarity through the work like this I am giving you, but courage is what you need first to launch. Most Christians just get stuck on this first step because they keep waiting on God to drop down some open door for speaking, writing or coaching.

Your business won’t grow because you have a good heart, love God and pray hard. It will increase because you discover what concrete results you can produce for people and they will pay you for that. So, the faith and courage are what launches you out into your calling. The business work is what makes you grow.

As you do this consistently and faithfully, you are now positioned to walk in your higher purpose and greater calling. On a side note, this is often where you get more tension because you are impacting lives for Christ through your leadership and business.

These are all steps that are entirely healthy and necessary if you are going to want to get paid as a Christian speaker, coach, writer, public figure.

Narrow Down Your Boldest Identity Zones

What subjects could I teach on with passion and enthusiasm? When you begin to talk about this topic, do people sit up and pay attention? Write down 5 to 10 topics that you could talk about passionately. Circle your top 3 in red as possible bold identity zones. You want to narrow yourself down to three and stay focused on these. Are these 3 zones ones that you could spend 15 to 45 minutes a day acquiring more knowledge in, investing money into growing, and developing content around? If you can answer yes to this and you’re willing to do the work to move into being an expert in that realm, move forward into the next step.

Identify Who You Get Great Results With

Who specifically do I get the BEST results with? Male or female? Professional? Entrepreneurs? High-performance people? What is there approx age? Where do they live?  Are they single? Married? What do they do for fun? What causes do they give to? What kind of clubs do they belong to? Where do they vacation? Do they go to church? How do they spend money?

Identify Your Strengths

Ask yourself the following question: What do I love to talk about or do that will set me apart from my competition? Your goal for this step is to find out your “bold zone” that people will talk about and that you will even get referrals for. Bold prayer is this zone for me. It set me apart naturally as it was something that was an adamant part of my identity. I want to encourage you not to worry about mixing “God” and your business. BE YOU and BE YOU BOLDLY IN YOUR BRANDING.

Who will pay with gratefulness for what you do?

How can you create packages, programs, and products to serve at multiple levels? What will your price range be and what exactly can you provide in an over the top way to ensure you are going to be talked about and referred in an excellent way?

Do The Work To Build Credibility 

When you are an unknown figure and have no secure platform such as television, radio or a book you have published, you have to create it yourself. The easiest way to do this is through a website, weekly and monthly service offerings, building a list and creating products so that you develop name brand recognition. What happens eventually is by being faithful to steward all of this, your circle of influence is enlarged, and you are possibly given an open the door to the media or larger audiences.

The bottom line is your core values, your leadership and what you want to accomplish mission-wise for your audience is what your brand rotates around. WHO YOU are and what you want to produce in their lives. Your business name is just an extension of who you are in your personal life. The tighter identity work you do in your leadership, the better your branding clarity will be.  Enjoy your branding work! Need help with discovering your boldest identity zone?

Join me for this free series where I take you through my 14 days of discovering your boldest identity zones and how to become a messenger in an authentic way!

Love, Bec:)

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership can be seen when leaders and followers work together to move to a higher level of morality and vision. Transformational leaders serve through their strongest identity zones and by communicating boldly with grace, the expectations so that the whole team goes to a higher level of purpose.

There are four parts to a transformational leader’s identity:

  • The leader models what he or she is asking the team to grow into
  • The leader can motivate those around them consistently
  • The head carries a genuine concern for the team members
  • The manager asks for a high degree of ownership to be creative and excel.

A lack of communication will dilute the strength of transformational leadership. Many times people suppress challenging others on their team because they have wrong mindsets about what being “respectful” or “submissive” is and is not. Women even more so can confuse respect with NO COMMUNICATION. As in if I love this person or want to honor them, I won’t challenge them to more.

Masculinity in it’s essence, challenges you to BECOME MORE and ACCOMPLISH MORE. It’s strength, discipline, correction, vision casting. We should associate RESPECT with CHALLENGE. It means you see something potential wise in someone and you’re willing to call them up to the plate to receive it.

Feminine essence loves unconditionally, soothes and nurtures. It’s beauty, attractiveness, unity, laughter, unpredictability, go with the flow.  So essentially most women are more comfortable with feminine attributes in leadership.

But here’s the truth about the transformational leadership. It’s not a gender. It’s an authority that you receive through a revelation of affirmation in Christ.

If you want to tap into transformational leadership, you must be willing to call people up to the plate in a bigger way.  Which means that you must be walking your talk. So, that is where transformational leadership will always begin. With you. Challenge people to more but always begin by examining your identity for places that you are diluting your vision. This will always start with your personal leadership model that you keep in place daily.

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The #1 Requirement For New Prosperity Shifts

​​The word prosperity is talked about a lot in Christian circles from the perspective of WHO you are in Christ and your inheritance as well as in the business realm from a profit perspective. But let me tell you a secret about what that looks like spiritually and practically in your personal leadership first. 

When you build new streams of income or blessings, it’s typically in the middle of chaos, and it comes across edgy. It’s often misunderstood by people and labeled pride, greed or desperation. (Think of what David’s brothers said about the motives of his heart when he shared what he was going to do to Goliath)

     I grew up in an alcoholic home (poverty mentalities come from addiction based thinking), decided to major in Criminology in college, and then launched into homeschooling though I had no teaching experience. Left Tallahassee to church plant with a team to Atlanta with no experience in ministry, had to go to work with no experience in sales after my husband suffered a lay-off, and we tapped our savings, (made the top sales team in 8 months), then had an identity theft for a million dollars when that was going well when we were stabling out financially. Started running and finished a half and full marathon in one year to re-take my mental clarity with no experience as a runner, and with no television experience was asked to do TV commercials and be a spokesperson for a leading identity company in the middle of that. Left that to pioneer my successful international coaching company right at the beginning of the second worst recession since the depression with ZERO money and no marketing experience. Grew it from nothing after I was told by bunches of “Master level” coaches I would never be successful building a brand out of my identity and message. 
So, I can tell you a thing a two about creating new financial breakthrough and pioneering a successful brand, if you feel like God has called you to do training like I am doing. And you’re like me…you have no experience with “business sense.”

YOU DON’T NEED EXPERIENCE for new financial breakthrough. You need to steward and grow what you have during lack.  Leaders emerge during chaos. When you are given the OPPORTUNITY for a prosperity shift, it’s typically hidden in the midst of loss, confusion, and chaotic atmospheres.

​​   Every giant of the faith biblically had to move forward with nothing but an opportunity laid out before them. It was in the midst of tension and loss. You also might have to make a very quick decisions about new friendship circles and alliances risking the unknown. What people will think about you? 

​​Individuals who are insecure connected with your old lack identity, might not like you executing this fast and may even try to slow you down by second guessing you. Or insinuating you are prideful and unappreciative when you attempt to move to something bigger leadership wise.

     Secondly, you will receive an invitation or strategy for the one next step. You will NOT receive the whole plan and what the new identity will mean for you. So many people hold back at this point, trying to work out of their intellectual realm rather. Identity shifts are NOT logical; they are divinely orchestrated. The invitation will have to be accepted, and you will have to step out in faith. You will have to pay a cost financially or in the form of tension in your current relationships. Sometimes both. This is to bring you to the place of dependence on God so he can define your identity in a deeper way. You will have to let go of old support to receive the new people God will bring to you.

    Thirdly, new financial break-though means you are going to receive more authority and influence IF you keep your leadership model tight and don’t compromise.

 This is where many people don’t make the transition. They compromise on the core values that got them to the shift because tension and spiritual warfare comes to test your new authority. Your leadership model is what you put into place daily to keep you focused and processing stress so you can keep growing.

Or they don’t understand what loyalty really is. (It’s not man-pleasing)​ The bottom line is new financial breakthroughs are created in the spirit realm first. Inwardly in your inner man. Then when you agree with WHO God is calling you to become so he can use you as he desires to, you begin to be given the strategies on a practical level to move to the bigger identity.

Pioneering is not for everyone. There is a cost you will pay to see lives impacted for the kingdom and to be released into your calling. However, there is a zone; I call it the BOLD identity area that you will enter that releases a grace and power into your life that nothing can compare to. Ready to get started with your financial breakthrough? You can start vision-casting here and breaking poverty mentalities with my Out of the Wilderness Course. 

Love, Bec:)

Identity In Christ: The Warfare Begins With This

Spiritual Warfare From Building New Identity from Becky Harmon on Vimeo.

Many Christians don’t recognize spiritual warfare. I know I didn’t in the beginning of my walk with Christ. They wonder if they can really build a new bold identity and break out of decades worth of sabotaging patterns.

Satan is a crafty catty. He knows what to say to you so that you think it’s YOUR IDENTITY speaking to you. No one ever breaks down the exact statements he uses to keep you stuck and exactly what you need to do quickly to resist and stand strong until your new identity is solidified.

Here’s the truth, you know you’re tapping into the will of God for your life when you’re uncomfortable, you’re having to risk failure and you’re doing what you’re doing for the sake of others. When it’s about YOU and your kingdom, you want to stay comfortable, safe and have lots of security.

In five minutes,  I break down for you exactly how to recognize the warfare and how to pray against it so you can focus on your new identity rather than praying out your problem!

Ready to start building YOUR new identity? I’m here for you to make it happen, safely and with all the support you need in my Bold Identity team!  Join me now! 

Un-forgiveness Creates Victimization Thinking

A victim mentality is one of the most sabotaging mindsets you can have as a Christian. It will keep you stuck in a old, limiting identity as well as poverty. As a Christian coach, I deal with this very forcefully in my clients lives because I have seen this mindset absolutely destroy people’s callings, checkbook and closest relationships.  It will also prevent you from growing a profitable business if you want to become a coach or speaker yourself.

What I have found over and over again is this a victim mentality rooted in un-forgiveness that began in childhood. It could have been a set of traumatizing wounds that give way to people embracing shame as an identity. Sometimes there can even be a inter-generational spirit of un-forgiveness, blame shifting and victimization that has been passed down.

This can also be in people groups where there has been systemic oppression and persecution such as slavery with the African American community, the holocaust with the Jews and Native American’s. This is a spiritual fact that must be dealt with in repentance, prayer and right action not a ideology that can be erased through teaching. The wrong must be acknowledged so people feel understood but then they have to be taught how to take ownership for their own vision so they feel a pride in their own work-ethic.

A victim mentality will keep you focused on external circumstances that are out of your control rather than your inner identity in Christ which will empower you. Your identity in Christ is always now. Today is the day of your salvation. God uses what is in your hand currently to bring you increase. As you steward and give abundantly, you increase abundantly.

Your identity in Christ: Reconciliation, peace, love and supernatural power despite how you perform or the circumstances you find yourself in. This is your inheritance=>

  1. When people offend, disappoint, disrespect, lie and speak ill, you can ask God to forgive them for hurting you. (You are valuable to the Lord so you have to pray and ask the Lord to forgive and not hold this against them in judgment)
  2. You choose to connect with the people who have hurt you and not cut them off. Forgiveness will always keep doors of communication open even in frustrating circumstances. The Bible does tell us to remove ourselves from fellowship if someone calls themselves a Christian but has unrepentant idolatry in their life. However, that is after you have gone to them personally and taken another leader to them to confront them in love. When they ask for forgiveness, we are commanded to forgive them. God isolates as correction for a period of time to bring people into repentance. It’s not supposed to be a long-term punishment because we are still bitter.
  3. You communicate quickly and clearly when there is offense or misunderstanding when the issue is small (almost so minute you would over look it). You resist passive aggressive behaviors where you hold in how you feel until you absolutely explode and then you retreat like a hermit into a shell for days.
  4. You resist rehearsing the pain in your mind and what you could’ve said, should’ve said that would’ve been really witty and help you feel in control and empowered. Instead when the enemy reminds you of the pain you say out of your mouth, I forgive and bless you. Trusting God to defend you.
  5. You share with people how they hurt you when asked instead of just convincing yourself that it doesn’t matter. However, you don’t look for opportunities to shame them publicly.
  6. You don’t allow pity to become an identity. When people ask you how you’re doing, you choose to reframe the pain in a positive faith filled way on where you’re going not on your current pain.
  7. I don’t cover for other people’s sin. I clearly state the truth but let it be known that I have forgiven them. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse people’s behavior it just extends the same grace you want to get back from God for yourself.
  8. I have a vision that energizes me, gives me hope and a future. Un-forgiveness will keep you in a place of “poor me”. You will always be thinking about the past, your former glory and how you could have done so much better if you wouldn’t have gotten the short end of the stick. Forgiveness will empower you for a future vision.
  9. I trust people to do what they say they are going to do. Un-forgiveness creates a suspicion and cynicalness that prevents you from building new healthy relationships.
  10. You expect resurrection power where there has been pain. God’s identity is to turn your misery into your message in his timing. For you to emerge from your battle without the smell of smoke on you!

Do you have a desire to use your past experiences to coach or speak with? Have you considered becoming a paid coach or speaker? Then START NOW getting the resources you need to multiply your message!

Love, Bec:)

How To Create An Expectations Document

An expectations document is important to send to your new client as they begin coaching with you. It helps you communicate what you expect as people come into your programs and how they can be successful. It also gives clear instructions on what they can expect from you and how you will serve them.

We cannot expect what we are not communicating clearly and consistently and as you take time to develop this, you will see how this benefits you in avoiding tension. It will also help your clients feel safe as they know exactly what their boundaries are and what they can expect from you as far as execution, pace and goals.

I have expectation documents for my personal coaching programs, all my teams and the results have been fantastic. Rarely is there miscommunication, disappointment or do I have clients ask me for refunds. It doesn’t happen because this one document helps them understand quickly if they are a good fit for my programs and what I can help them accomplish if they follow my instructions exactly.

Here is an example from my foundational leadership program, Bold Identity that I had for my first coaching business, SUCCESSnotsabotage. It will give you an idea of what you want to include in yours.

Welcome to The Bold Identity Team!

A monthly Christian leadership and coaching program for mindset training. Your three main goals in this team will be to become consistent in prayer, fitness and communicating boldly a clear vision.

Our team focus

The Bold Identity team was our first program we launched to help Christian’s build success through their identity in Christ. We have taught these principles to the upwards of hundreds of people with powerful results. Our testimonies point to the grace God has given us to help you break out of decades of sabotaging patterns into long-term CONSISTENT success.

This team requires no ongoing commitment financially and you can come in and go out at your pace and desire.

Every Friday, the chapter for the week is loaded (We recycle through 8 chapters) and often times I will load a video to accompany it and give you additional homework for team discussion. I will be in and out the team the whole week, typically at lunch time or in the evening reading over your work. I will acknowledge your post by liking it and if I feel like I can give you a quick tweak, I will add something to your post.

Every month, I do a live, free conference call that will be announced. The recording is uploaded into our team and you have free access to it even if I turn it into a paid product.

We rotate through this content every 8 weeks because often times where there have been inter-generational strongholds, you cannot learn the concept, deep enough to have change in one training session. I want to give you time to have your identity solidified which is why I have made this team so affordable. Depending on your focus and intensity, it can take many months to practice and integrate the principles we share. Failing, trying again and then building success. This is normal in leadership coaching.

During the week, one of my team facilitators will be here to help with small topics and questions that come up and if you have a question, you can tag Hena or myself and we will try and answer it as quickly as possible. Again, the focus for this team is vision casting, growing in prayer consistency, fitness and communicating boldly. We want you to establish your leadership, solidify your identity here and become a person who finishes what you start so even though we load training video’s on various topics occasionally, most of your training will be around these three core applications.

Because we have people from all different kinds of denominational beliefs, we ask that you share your thoughts in a considerate and kind way if you disagree with what others have posted. We are not a therapy group!!! You are free to process out pain by sharing difficult things you are going through, but we are a coaching team. If you come across like you are not taking enough ownership, you can be guaranteed we will ask you to take an action. It is not our job to chase you in this team to be on the calls, post and engage. We cultivate leaders who will coach and speak and carry authority so we expect you to take ownership in our team.

You will be asked to facilitate and lead a call to cultivate your leadership!

You will get out of this team what you put into it.  You will be asked to facilitate our team material in order to help you grow as a leader. First key, read the chapter in your prayer time. Share with us a bit about yourself (5 minutes or less) and then be prepared to talk about what kind of mindsets and actions the team can take to be successful from your perspective. Also, pray for your people who will be showing up. That God would anoint you to SERVE THEM POWERFULLY. I want to help you learn how to be a conduit in this team and I will give you feedback on how you presented yourself as a leader, ask you questions so you can communicate to the team your thoughts in a clearer way and I will not leave you on the line alone. We will facilitate together! 

If you are not completely satisfied with our team in the first 30 days and you have done all the work and were on all our calls, we will refund your money, no questions asked. After you are in our team for a month, and you decide to stay, we do not refund money nor will any successful coaching company as your results are based on your effort.

If you decide to leave our team, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON PAYPAL.  We do not cancel your subscription for you. When you cancel your membership, you will be removed out of the team.

We appreciate and pray for everyone in our team. Please know however, when it comes to matters of faith, and all the clients I serve, I cannot endorse any speaker, video, blogger that is shared in our group. I don’t hinder people loading content but unless it’s loaded by me, it’s not an endorsement from me.

Lastly, if you are a coach or speaker, do not load your own content, teleconferences, etc. in my teams. That would be rather cheesy as you are using my teams to promote your brand. Also, do not solicit my clients for your own business. I love helping my clients grow their own brands but I have another team for that and I will show you how to do your own lead generation. If I find out you have solicited my clients, I will promptly remove you off my list and teams.

Any questions? You can email me at….

Do you need help growing your first $25,000 in sales? Let me send you my START NOW package which includes my entire book, 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare that addresses the tension all Christians go through to become influencers as well as a free audio on what you need in place to be successful as a Christian coach.

8 Questions To Clarify The Will Of God For Your Life

I just want to share the goodness of grace of God with you today if you are searching for more purpose. Good news!  Not that you’re wandering or anything but Christ spoke to people in the midst of their sin and had conversations with them when they were OUT OF HIS WILL. 

This mindset of needing to be perfect before God directs your life generally comes from performance-based thinking. The deep abandonment, loneliness and isolation individuals feel who have had to raise themselves emotionally or spiritually. You see it’s your biblical inheritance and identity to feel deeply loved, guarded, valued and guided by your Dad. I majored in Criminology and I can tell you we had many discussions on how fatherless homes impact the prison system.

When you grow up having to pioneer life yourself, with little or no affirmation, you struggle deeply with people pleasing.  Nothing is ever quite good enough. You’re always second guessing yourself and other people’s motivations. Without healing,  this carries into poverty mentalities and self- sabotaging behaviors. Why? Because you’re always striving to perform for your Father and get that need to feel your Father’s pleasure, that only he can fill.  Today I want to give you 8 questions you can take to God so that you begin to receive the healing you need and be settled in his will for your life. He will do this for you immediately.

You have to be able to practice going to God when you feel unworthy and writing down into a journal what you think you hear back from him. This helps you solidify your identity in GRACE rather than in your ability to get things right!

1. Father, do I still feel like I am trying to be a “Good Christian”?

If so, memorize the scripture I did,  Hebrews 4; 4-7. But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.  And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God.

Every time you worry you messed up or are jealous of other’s people’s success, understand this is coming from your lack of fathering. It’s normal. You just need to repent of striving for that approval and quiet your heart by speaking the word to it. This is spiritual warfare to keep you in a place where you keep trying rather than trusting. Use the word as balm over the loneliness you feel. If you are in Christ, you are accepted and you have received an A if you are attempting to grow and learn from your mistakes. There is no B, C, D, F. All your failures will be used by God to glorify him if you stay humble and teachable. Trust me on that one!

2. Will you illuminate me to people-pleasing in my life?

This question kills the fear of man in your life and brings you to the point where you stop performing for Jesus and people. This means you’re ready to go to him daily, read the word, ask him about specific direction and how you are to proceed. Your going to obey what your heavenly father says to you from the word of God and what you hear in prayer. This question will bring you to the place where people pleasing will end and you will learn how to move forward into the will of God on what people confirm to you that God has first spoken to you.  It may mean you drop out of activities that look very pious and you spend time focusing on the things that he is revealing to you to focus on. This is one of the most life changing questions to ask your Father. Trust when you ask, he is going to speak and write down what you feel like he says to you. You’re going to obey God fully now.

3. Will you place in the body of Christ as you see fit? I am prepared to build intimate relationships that will challenge me to be uncomfortable. 

It’s hard to push past the jealousy you feel when you see other people thriving and you’re on survival mode. Again, this is normal for what you’ve been through but you have to choose to not withdraw out of fellowship when you feel lack or that you’re not performing well. If not, then you’re opting for a mask and that will just delay you being able to hear the will of God for your life. Be honest with where you’re at with people and ask for feedback into area’s of your life, parenting and leadership that you want to get better at. No one expects you to know everything if you have grown up fatherless so don’t put that on yourself. Find a church and believers that you can be real with.

4. Father, in this season, WHO do you want me to send to mentor me?

This is again is another one of the questions that will fast track you OUT OF being a prodigal son. People who are fatherless are marked by isolation. They try to do everything themselves, they resist asking for help because they want to come across as having everything together. This is again because everything is a competition to them. When you are a true son or daughter your life is measured by who you help feel significant around you. Watch for opportunities to invest in mentoring with people doing what you want to do. I have always paid for training for myself to grow and you might have to also.

5. Father, how would you like me to prepare for the promotion you want to bring me?

God is a good Father and desires to bring you good things. He gives to everyone various talents and gifts to help them enjoy life and serve others. If he has given you a desire to learn, get as much education as you can. If you love to work with your hands and be outside, then go get certified in welding, mechanical work or whatever technical trade that will allow you to be the best you can. If you need an identity boost, join the military. Do you want to get paid to coach or speak?  In the family of God, there is always a preparation that goes before authority. There is a pace to preparation, ask God to help you enjoy every season you’re in without feeling like you’re not going fast enough or doing a good enough job but do prepare and don’t sabotage yourself by saying you don’t have the resources. Decide what you need to be successful and figure out how to fund it.

6. Father, am I processing my pain by medicating with food, drugs, or any other addiction that is creating a barrier between you and I?

When you grow up in a Fatherless or fear based home, it takes training to learn how to go to God instead of the idolatry that has comforted you. If you keep medicating the ache in your heart, then God cannot heal you. Again, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus but God wants better for you. If you want to walk in authority, you have to learn how to DO the things that will cause you to walk in spiritual power rather than the world’s crutches.  Learning how to process pain correctly is one of the first things we teach new clients who come into our programs as it gives you an ability to move successfully through spiritual warfare.

7. Father, am I looking for “success” or “significance”? 

This sometimes is hard to discern but here’s my take on it. If you are willing to compromise your personal convictions and the spiritual and emotional health of those around you, then you are striving for success. When we are married, you need your spouse to help you gauge the temperature of your family. If you are single, this is where your closest spiritual friends are going to help you navigate this. I know in my life, I have always had a restlessness about me to live a “bigger and deeper life”. I have no problem saying that. However, the older I have gotten, the more I go to the Lord in prayer to worship Him, while I do the practical things to bring it to pass. I then try and prepare at a comfortable pace for where I believe will help me be able to steward the next level of influence. I can honestly say, you can only feel significant from living an un-compromised life before God and doing it with people beside you that you love.

8. Father, do I feel minimized or resentful when those around me gain success or want to launch off of what they learned from me? 

Individuals who are fatherless always have to be in control. They take it personally when someone leaves their church or organization to lead their own stuff. Most of the time, this is because they have built success around their charisma and loss created insecurity.  When we truly have the heart of a father or mother, we rejoice that we have invested well enough that our employees, children or clients can leave us to grow their own vision. We state like the apostle Paul did, I know how to be blessed and I know how to be in lack. It’s all about what the father desires and what will glorify him in a greater way. We are all on the same team when we are in Christ.

Again, just want to encourage you to keep pressing through the muck that clouds your leadership. God has  incredible things for you planned and wants to use YOU to influence others for his kingdom. The discouragement often times is just spiritual warfare to wear us down and get us to quit. Don’t. I am praying for you and we are here to help you process through into success! If you have considered Christian coaching to grow an income stream, get my START HERE package and let me mentor you on the steps you need to take to do it successfully.

Love, Bec:)

Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation I believe are one of the greatest gifts we can give those we love. The holidays are an excellent time of year to focus on the heart of the season which is beauty, child-like faith and sharing the good news with those you love.

From a standard point of view, the power of the spoken word is immeasurable. Words of affirmation, when done correctly, move people from a place of feeling superficially appreciated to experiencing deep value. Anyone who knows me personally understands I don’t care too much for what I call “fluffing or champing.” It’s that stuff we say to people that come across as flattery and frankly is unsincere. It’s about external beauty, possessions, and man-pleasing.

However, when you really want to begin to change someone identity wise, you look for authentic talents, inner beauty and characteristics that you see in them that will bring them to a place of seeing themselves as God see’s them. Deeply valuable.

So, this Christmas or on birthday’s, consider writing words of affirmation to someone sharing with them what is about them that set’s them apart and makes them extraordinary to you. Here are a couple of ways that you can help affirm them identity wise the right way.

Finish these sentences:

  1. One of the things I appreciate most about being your mother, friend is…..
  2. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t think…..
  3. I feel like I won the lottery when I see you doing this for others….
  4. When I think of a faithful friend, I reflect on how you do this….
  5. Because of how you do this…, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have you in my life.
  6. I feel so thankful and grateful about this part of you…..
  7. I have the best memories of this time with you….
  8. I constantly see you operate in this spiritual gifting or natural one and it amazes me….
  9. The passion you have for this just amazes me….
  10. When I think of you, I see this picture…..

There are no rules to this, and you don’t need to worry about being a poet or a writer. Here’s the truth. Your letter may be the one thing that this person holds onto and reads during times of discouragement and trials. It could be the conversation starter to a whole new relationship and beautiful season with someone you love. Now get started writing!

Love, Bec:)

The Four Phases Of Spiritual Warfare

The moment you decide you want your life to matter for God’s glory, you’re going to get spiritual resistance. It doesn’t matter whether you are pastoring a church or using your business in a way that glorifies God.  When you get saved, you have entered an unseen battle.  

And here is the thing. Many times, people do not understand as they seek to transform lives for Christ, how much of the spiritual breakthrough they receive and are able to give others, is directly related to them recognizing how to deal SPIRITUALLY and PRACTICALLY with the tension they are receiving. You have to do both at the same time or you can’t pass the tests God is providing for you by his grace. 

In the process of overcoming my challenges (because I had a lot of poverty mindsets when I came to Christ due to growing up in an alcoholic  home) and equipping and releasing thousands of others to the same;  I began to notice what I called phases to people being able to overcome their own obstacles and influence others. 

This is not “secret sauce” revelation or levels that are set in stone. I didn’t provide a ton of scriptures with this because it’s a blog but if I do provide them in my book, 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare. This is just me trying to break things down practically for you from a practical perspective what resistance you have to overcome to become a kingdom influencer. Satan wants to take you out before you’re empowered to transform others with your testimony or God-given message. 

Phase 1: The first assignment is to prevent you from building any spiritual family, support, or relationships that are equipping you to walk in the your identity in Christ rather than self-help. 

You will have to choose not to get offended, overcome the feelings of rejection you experience, and resist complaining. You might not have clarity on your life, purpose, or vision. You may even be in survival mode.  If you have not had positive experiences with authority figures or groups, and you will stay stuck at this first level until you learn to forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you.  This first phase will try to WEAR YOU OUT EMOTIONALLY with victimization thinking. You will struggle with feeling insignificant to God and others.  You will be double-minded, angry, and insecure during this phase. It seems like two steps forward, one step back. Many times people never mature past this level because Satan takes them captive with bitterness against organizations (even churches) and keeps them spiritually wandering. They will not be able to find their place in the body of Christ and stay isolated. 

Phase 2: The second assignment is to cloud your vision, discourage you from pursuing your deepest heart desires, and create emotional barriers between you and kingdom people. 

Satan attempts to remind you of the rejection from the last season and tells you what a waste of time it is to practice the presence of God. (This is to keep you from following the Father’s voice consistently until you receive transformation). Many times people are still dealing with escapism in the form of oversleeping, food, video games, hobbies, and addictions because their identity in Christ needs to be solidified.  Poverty-mindsets such as no joy, judging yourself and others, overwhelm, and enabling are standard for this phase. You could have friends that enable your poor choices. This is because you’re still learning how to let the right people into your life to challenge you and you don’t have tight accountability.   I notice people in this phase deal with a lot of cluttered living environments, workstations, and relationships that leave them feeling like they are not living intentionally. You also may deal with not being able to manage your time well or say no to things outside your vision. This is because you are still wrapped up in people pleasing. 

Phase 3: The third level of spiritual warfare is to prevent you from abiding in the correct spheres of authority and establishing your influence through prayer. 

There is a big difference between being released by God as opposed to men. Being released from God comes from a revelation of your identity and knowing God’s affirmation. Positions, titles, and degree’s come through positional authority delegated to you by man. For women who feel called to carry power spiritually with men, this is usually a deal breaker place. This is a time where you begin to become an actual threat to Satan. You are now in a position to pray with power and become a TRUTH BEARER to others. You will be used to convict people’s heart to the point where they have to either conform to Christ or push Him away. This happens because you know the Word of God, more of your identity, and you haven’t been able to be uprooted through your flesh because of offense. You are now willing to be persecuted for what you believe. The tension here comes because you are experiencing rejection for the sake of Christ and getting delivered from people-pleasing. This is a place where all real leaders have to go to be launched correctly. When I was in this phase, I was labeled a “Jezebel” by people who were threatened by my emerging new identity.  This is also the place where you will face generational strongholds, possible racial injustice, temptation towards sexual immorality, and dark soul loneliness for your calling. In some parts of the world, people are martyred for their faith because of this alignment.

Phase 4: The fourth level of spiritual warfare comes to test your commitment to the call of God on your life, boldness and your willingness to pay the price for the freedom of others.

It is here that you begin to multiply your kingdom influence.  You’re being commissioned to teach and impact others through preaching, speaking, and writing, the mechanisms that will lead to exponential multiplication. Your authority at this level is to subdue the whole earth (Gen 1:28) through your resurrection message (The story and the testimony that you have of the transformation Christ brought you). Often much of the warfare is the clarity, the confidence without being brash, and the identity that you are going to reproduce in others. During this phase in my life, I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars, and every relationship that was dear to me went through the fire. It revealed the loyalty to the mission God had given me and the mindsets of those who were going to support my next authority level and the ones that weren’t. You cannot quit on your mission assignment or your calling due to other people misunderstanding WHO God has called you to be. I remember telling those around me during this season God was calling me to a new mission, PRAYER & COACHING. Within one year of moving through this warfare, I launched my Christian coaching business, which now serves people internationally. I also got hit with a lot of health issues during this phase which seems to have been a great tactic the enemy continually tries to discourage me with. (I like to be outside being active, so I herniated disc’s, struggled with massive dehydration when I ran, and ridiculous challenges to steal my joy). The oppression /depression comes to try and slow you down and dilute your message from being spoken boldly. Many times if you’re not careful you will internalize oppression as an IDENTITY.  You have to fight to keep hope for your focus and move forward into multiplication in this phase.

I hope this was a blessing to you. I have so many people thank me and share that they thought they were crazy due to the non-stop tension they get.

Love you and remember FAITH FORWARD! Bec:) Don’t quit! You are developing a TESTIMONY out of all your TESTS!

P.S. If you would like to discover what your boldest identity zones are and who God might be calling you to influence in ministry or business, you can sign up for this free 14 day Messenger series. I will also add you to my weekly training subscriber list in case you want to consider becoming a  paid Christian coach or speaker. 

Becky Harmon

Marketing For Christian Coaches

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. You do this by taking the time to translate your identity in Christ into a brand. The results of understanding your identity in Christ are enormous! It will help you grow in intimacy with God because you know how deeply he can be trusted. It will help you  overcome obstacles God’s way rather than striving and honestly, to do spiritual warfare correctly so you can break generational curses and set huge goals for your life that will glorify Christ. At a higher leadership level it will equip you to formulate your own vision and the momentum to complete it. This is why when you become a Christian, understanding your identity in Christ is so important.

Marketing your coaching business out of your boldest identity zones enables you to do the same thing. It will help you take the work Christ has given you as a testimony, identify it and then help you magnetize clients out that story. This is the same work a Pastor has to do to church plant. Every church has a unique identity and mission to make disciples and you do too. This is why you want to niche tightly in the beginning of your coaching.

It’s about not “preaching or selling to people” but rather serving them in such a way that they are drawn authentically to what you are offering. When you are pastoring a church, you have in person meetings at a set time on Sunday where people can come and listen at no cost to the revelation and training you have to give your members. If you are casting a strong vision under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and investing your financial and time resources well, your congregation will grow and they will willingly give their money to see the vision completed. This is authentic church growth. And might I add has the addition of the Holy Spirit on it with unity to confirm his presence.

I believe a Christian business is run the exact same way. We aren’t selling, we are serving. If you own your own faith based business you need to have consistent service that is dependable and people can count on, to be able to create an awareness in your audiences mind on who they become if they partner with you, continue to add programs that are going to help your clients grow and for you to use the same kind of identity words in your business over and over again until it becomes a recognized name. You have a platform that you use to communicate with your audience daily and weekly. This is the heart of marketing. Simply being able to serve CONSISTENTLY.  Your business or ministry is just an extension of the specific identity results that you help people get who partner with you.

Today, I wanted to share the simple schedule I use for marketing my business and serving my clients on a weekly basis.

Consistency = Credibility. If you can remember that as a foundation for your business, you will be wildly successful without hype and with peace.

I use 3 media outlets consistently: My Facebook business page, Twitter & LinkedIn.

I link them to a simple schedule vehicle called Hootsuite. This enables me to schedule in one place my posts without going to each individual outlet. You can get started with the personal account with Hootsuite with about $10.00 a month. And really, when you’re first starting out, you don’t need anymore than this. It takes me approximately 1 hour to schedule one day’s worth of posts.

Once a week I blog about either prayer, identity, leadership teaming or growth for coaches. I write my post within Michael Hyatt’s website theme, Getnoticed. I have used a lot of themes, I like this one a lot and it’s easy to use.

I sent out my blog with a little note to my subscribers through Aweber. Aweber helps me serve my clients weekly. Typically, I sent this out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It’s my “Pastoral” platform where I help them stay consistent with their leadership and how to grow their influence with peace.

Hope this gives you a feel for how simple this can be! Let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Bec:)

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