How To Upgrade Your Confidence Quickly

Are you praying for courage? To be able to influence others in an authentic way? THEN WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO not just a third!!!!

In this video, I explain the one question that I asked God that propelled me out of delay and into double and triple results for my life. This is very simple identity work you can do in your life to make 2020 one of your best years yet. (And boy did I get a financial promotion from this work:) If this blesses you please LIKE the video and COMMENT!)

Let’s be confident this year and be used by God in our generation to do GREAT EXPLOITS!

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The Difference Between Your Leadership Identity & Identity In Christ

In today’s training I help you understand a simple but many times confusing identity focus.

. Many times even leaders get the two of these confused and work much harder on perfecting one over the other. The truth is you have to grow these BOTH at the same time in a balanced way in order to handle growth in business or ministry with grace.

Here’s what this will solve for you:

1. You don’t know whether your present challenges are spiritual warfare or simply a lack of boundaries.
2. You have a vision but keep feeling like it’s delayed from not having the next steps from God on how to grow it.
3. You are giving away all your coaching and speaking for free and not being able to be profitable in your vision.

These are all legitimate concerns and today I will show you why understanding how to function out of either of these identities is integral to your success.

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What Horses Ask Themselves Daily And You Should Too

Sometimes new business owners in an attempt to avoid coming across prideful in their marketing, don’t take enough leadership when they get in front of potential clients.  Part of this stems from a false idea of what is Christ-like in a business setting.

Here’s what’s funny. When I became a horse owner, it helped me become more aware of what I was presenting myself when I showed up for clients.  In this video I share with you the question all horses ask their owners and herd members daily. If you don’t answer this for your clients, you will never be the bold influencer God has called you to be in your business.

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The Holy Spirit In Your Business

Before I launched my business, I prayed for God to give me a way to see people transformed for the kingdom. I also needed to be bringing in an income and I asked the Lord to give me a way to do both at the same time. I got my life coaching certification and then began to apply myself to learning how to market, serve consistently and grow my business.

There were points when I considered quitting as in the beginning I just didn’t have in place the systems and marketing I do now. Here’s what made a big difference for me and why I want to share this with you today. I had a mindset that hardship was normal not a sign that God wasn’t blessing me. You see, the Holy Spirit is given to us to comfort us and empower us through our communication to glorify Christ. I wanted to do that in my business and I hope you do also.

So, here’s the truth. Most people aren’t used to asking the Holy Spirit for help in their business or asking Him to give them mental toughness until they learn the things that will bring them success. I have seen many people more comfortable with seeing the Holy Spirit as a feminine, nurturing, therapy friend rather than assertive, push you forward, masculine  force that surrounds you with favor and downloads an ability to think and act boldly and strategically. 
This floaty, feel-good mindset (and there are whole charismatic movements around this theology) is complete idolatry to me and waters down the mindset needed to be an effective Christian. Walking with Jesus means sacrificial living, loving through hardship and not prosperity 24 hours a day!  If you’re focus is not militant from the start of stepping into whatever you put your hand to accomplishing, it dilutes your resolve! Today, I want to remind you of who you are and WHO YOU HAVE WITHIN YOUR SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY. 

Briefly HE: 

1. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus so he can be glorified. Do you want to know if someone is spirit filled? It’s not speaking in tongues! They are going to be talking about the Lord all the time! In their conversations, in their business. Not God. Not the universe. The name and personhood of JESUS! 

2. The Holy Spirit convicts us. This is to make us more successful in Christ! If you’re not getting disciplined or convicted of a lack of love, etc, you’re not being MENTORED by God! God disciplines and convicts His son’s and daughters routinely! The conviction should lead to change in your attitude and your living. 

3. The Holy Spirit comforts us when we are discouraged. You will fail and fail, but his job is to assure you of your eternal salvation and point to your identity in Christ. Free from condemnation. He will keep you going through lack, rejection or whatever opposes Jesus from getting glory. This is why if you’re focus is to see people transformed for Christ, you will have the tenacity to hold on in business until you grow!

4. He is the ultimate recon ranger in our life. He is always looking ahead telling us which way to go to bring us victory! Ask for Him to guide you in marketing, clients and service. He will absolutely give you favor and go before you to lead you into greater results. 

Lastly, think about this…. John the Baptist was a forerunner for Jesus and he was eating bugs, living in the desert and was beheaded for taking a stand for righteousness. (Sounds militant to me)

 Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tested for 40 days without food and water, had to battle demonic forces and was crucified for our sins and then his 12 closest team members were martyred. Some of them upside down, boiled in oil and torn in two. (Sounds militant to me)

Fast forward to modern Christianity. Has God gotten old and feeble? Or is the truth we want a feel good Holy Spirit friend rather than submitting ourselves to the kind of mental toughness training that makes us mighty Christians!

I want you to know I don’t see my heavenly Father as a slave driver or divine police officer. However, I am thankful that he has given me a revelation that He is a person who teaches me to walk in authority and power. I am grateful He told me to welcome rejection and persecution as it killed my flesh and pride. Less of me, more of Christ.

And that is the dichotomy of God. He is the prodigal’s father who throws a feast upon his return with no repercussions and the Father who sends his own son to die an excruciating death on our behalf.

The primary intent I have is to prepare you to rejoice during success and during hardship.   An authentic Christian life is going to be full of both. It’s important that you see yourself as a soldier fit for battle every day when you get up. 

Here’s what I want you to know if you feel rejected, you’re sick or disappointed right now. If you can look at this it as Holy Spirit led that is intended to help you glorify Christ, you will have the grace to go through your present circumstance.

The last thing you want is to be a normal Christian. Typical Christians can’t do the things that warriors are are asked to do.

I am not trying to offend you but here’s the truth!

It’s normal for most Christians to attend church, equivocate that with spirituality but not understand their real identity and authority which causes their circumstances to be TRANSFORMED. 

It’s normal for most Christians to live offended with others and respond to people according to the world. 

It’s normal for most Christians to be independent and not understand why covenant, teaming and unity is so crucial to walking with the presence of God. 

It’s normal for most Christians to be double-minded, angry and insecure.

It’s normal for most Christians not to be able to operate in a particular zone of spiritual gifting that is genuinely transformational for others. 

So the last thing you want is to be NORMAL! You want to be militant and unbending in your focus! 

Remember, resist NORMAL. Aim to be DIFFERENT. The light that is very needed in your sphere of influence. Do you want to be an overcomer? Transform lives through Christian coaching? START HERE! 

How To Know If You’re Sabotaging Your Own Growth

I see women who have amazing gifts and messages holding back growing their own coaching or speaking businesses because they are waiting for a sign from God, or more money for training, permission or for someone to open the door for them. Somehow as that being a sign from the Lord that they are chosen. Asking God for repeated signs can sometimes be a lack of courage. God lays something on your heart and then one person comes and confirms it. That’s enough. Go!

So…this today will hopefully help you get freed up and transforming lives with your message.

First, when you want something, go after it. That’s biblical. Pray and then sacrifice financially to make your dream a reality.

Second, learn to stop waiting for affirmation from men and seek God’s assurance in prayer. God is not going to plant a desire in your heart and then torment you with it. All dreams and visions begin by stepping out in faith.

Third, The thought never occurred to me when I launched my business to ask anyone’s permission on whether I could teach, disciple, or pray with hurting people as a Christian coach.  Jesus gave me that mandate in Matthew 28. My husband said, “This is something you’re great at,” because he had seen the fruit of my life for thirty years and the discipline I had. That’s all I needed. If my business wasn’t God ordained, guess what? GOD wouldn’t have given me the desire to use my gifts, talents and revelation in a way that helps His people become more successful.

Fourth, God does sometimes open supernatural doors for message elevation. But if you don’t do the work to channel your work into something that can be multiplied, then don’t expect any doors to be opened. Really what we are talking about is your hiding due to a lack of courage from the Lord.

The overall theme that I weave into all my spiritual training is to stop waiting for people to give you permission to preach, teach, coach, speak and set people free. If someone wants to disagree or question your credibility, point to the fruit Christ has produced in you and not a theology debate which frankly, you will never gain peace from. And here’s the thing, there are always going to be haters and those who question your legitimacy and motivations. You will always have a fear of failure when you launch into a big dream!

But here’s the bottom line you need to know as a potential messenger=>

The pain and places in your life that have been a wilderness, God can use to share Christ with a hurting world. People are changed through preaching Christ crucified; they are set free by your vulnerability, your transparency and the power in which you walk. That comes from your authority in Christ. Whether you blog about it, write and turn it into a neighborhood discipleship manual, start a business coaching, pastor in a church plant, none of that makes a difference, you need to be resolved in your authority, which comes from the Father’s affirmation not from someone opening a door for you. He calls. You obey.

I desire to see Christ glorified through what sabotaged me. If you have the same identity and heart, I want to encourage you to press through the fear of what people will think of you. It’s nothing but a delay of the enemy to stop you from reaching those who need the message you have within you. Remember, you can’t wait for permission today and walk-in power tomorrow.

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Love, Bec:)

6 Steps To Authentic Influence

If you BECOME the individual no matter how much adversity you receive, you continue to encourage others and find the positive in all tension; you will grow your influence for the kingdom of God.

Practice these six strategies this week and watch God use your life to transform others for His glory!

  1. Smile BIG to everyone you run into! Smile when you’re alone, when your in the car, smile at everyone you meet. As you smile, begin to thank God quietly and meditate on the vision he has given you in your heart. Do this without effort but rehearse it in your mind with gratefulness. Expect this come to pass. Resist sharing your vision, heart or struggles with those who make you more anxious when you leave their presence. Become aware in your life of those who bring life and those who deplete your faith.
  2. Every opportunity you have, practice breathing deeply (it helps you stay in the now) and listening intently to people and giving feedback that is encouraging, kind and will create more faith in them. Make it your objective to make people feel important and valuable. Find a way to affirm them for how they serve, the action’s they take and any kindness you see them display. Affirm character rather than status or affluence. Negative people thrive on warning you, cautioning you, advising and otherwise creating fear as it gives them a sense of control. Faith filled conversation aggravates them.
  3. Ask penetrating questions that explore purpose, vision, and connections when you meet new people. As soon as socially acceptable, after a small amount of chit-chat, ask questions that will explore their heart. This is where some of the deepest alignment takes place for vision. Some questions you can ask: What kind of work brings you the most profound significance? If you didn’t have to make a paycheck, where would you volunteer your time? What gives you great joy and would help you feel fulfilled if you could accomplish it in your life time? Who do you like to be around that helps you move into your vision? Keep the conversation moving forward into a larger hope, destiny, and faith! Toxic people will walk away from conversations like this because it inadvertently exposes their ego driven life.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share where you feel weak but do it in a healthy way.  What I suggest here is weakness is a wonderful way to connect with people but do it in a way that encourages. From a perspective of this is what I struggle with and how I solve it with God’s help. If you are not able to share things without rehearsing feelings of victimization, it’s best not to talk about it until you feel stronger or more victory as it will just reinforce your overwhelm and put you possibly in the place where you attract people who thrive on fixing others. Using your testimony is always a great way to help people overcome.
  5. When you meet someone remember their name and something valuable about them that you picked up on. I generally can remember anything I respect in people. Share this with others so that they receive affirmation for their identity. It’s such a lovely way of sharing joy authentically. Toxic people become skeptical if you point out value. Ask them to share with you something good about the person or group if they are talking negatively. They often will not want to keep the conversation going with you if they have to do this. Works like a charm!
  6. If you enjoy someone’s identity, invite them to do something fun or focused with you. This way you can see if there is an energy or synergy being produced that God can bless. This is when you can give to their vision, and they can give to yours. Negative people do not want to have fun. They want excuses as to why they can’t go out, join a group or otherwise experience any happiness. Don’t sit home with a complainer. The best way to nip that in the bud is to enjoy life thoroughly and let them be alone. This sometimes will motivate them to change!

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How To Lose Weight With Normal Foods

One of the things I teach my clients when they are preparing to launch a business is how to build a lifestyle of leadership as an entrepreneur. Here’s the bottom line, I am working most of the day and when I am not coaching or traveling, I am outside with my two neigh-neighs. I need my energy level high and have ZERO time to spend mentally on counting points or micro-managing my eating patterns.

Don’t get into the mindset of DIETING. Your mindset focus IS BUILDING YOUR LEADERSHIP & INFLUENCING AUTHENTICALLY!

Here’s an overview of what I encourage my clients to do when they are ready to start de-fluffing after the holidays.

Think long-term and don’t say the word diet ever again. You’re not going to starve. You’re going to change your daily habits to eat healthy and do something that ramps your cardio daily. Walk a couple miles, carry poop around in a wheelbarrow for half-hour from your horses, do yoga, whatever is building strength and getting you moving consistently. I alternate all of these daily and thorough-out the week. I am not trying to be a body builder. I am trying to look professional when I speak or coach and stay active into my nineties!!

I like real butter and don’t use anything fat-free including milk. I just use it in small amounts and when I cook vegetables, dinner or make smoothies, I use coconut milk. Much healthier.

Generally I stay away from sugar and eat really simply. When I want to drop a couple pounds I cut out potatoes, rice and focus on smoothies, salads without dairy and simple broth and meat for dinner with a couple vegetables thrown in. I also make my own muffins that I eat instead of bread.

When people ask me to get together, I ask them to bring their walking shoes so we walk after eating.  Stop eating when you’re full enough to make it through 3 to 4 hours. Usually a protein and vegetable will accomplish that like piece of fish and broccoli for lunch or dinner.

Here’s a recipe for my favorite muffins. I make these at the beginning of the week so I can have one a day with soup or when I get hungry.

Quinoa Muffins

2 cups Quinoa flour

1 cup oat flour

1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp baking powder

Himalayan salt, I put in a pinch

3 Tbsp Coconut oil

2 Cups organic milk or coconut milk

2 tbsp molasses

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Preheat over to 400 and put in muffin paper things. (LOL, you can tell I am not the gourmet cook)

Bake for about 15 minutes or until they look brown and firm. Hide from children:) or you won’t have any left for you.

Enjoy the muffins, I do!



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