#1 Strategy For L-O-V-I-N-G Your Life & Clients

One of the greatest ways to avoid resentment in your life is to not require the people close to you to be mind readers! Boundaries reveal WHO you are, how you serve and what people can expect from you. This empowers you to love your life and your clients.

On today’s video I break down how to end the resentment that causes your influence to be diluted as well as your business profits. Building a life and business you love is not nuclear science. It’s done by taking the time to seek God, serve whole-heartedly and then putting the systems in place that cause your clients to get great results.

This strategy will help you become a better parent, cause the anointing to flow into your leadership and make your profits soar. Learn in 5 minutes how to build a mindset of service and action!

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How To Help Your Clients UP Their Results

We all want to act in a way that is consistent with WHO we want to become or the goals we set for ourselves. So it’s very sabotaging if your clients are saying they want change but then they create excuses to delay the results they want.

Through the cross we have been seated with the Christ and sit high above every principality and power that seeks to oppress or limit us. However, it takes time for our mind, soul and body to be renewed to the point where we develop a vision and purpose for our life that is significant. This is the difference between Christian coaching and self-help.

It takes time to learn the leadership and business skills necessary to run a profitable business or impactful ministry.  Without someone helping you redefine challenges, you simply don’t know how to develop the practical actions (unless you had parents model Lordship to you)  that is required to up your leadership.

Here’s an example of how this shows up practically: Peter came to me because he had a desire to be a Christian coach. He had a lack of vision and BELIEF that if he took the time to craft a fulfilling vision, he would even stay consistent enough to finish what he started. He said things like this to himself:

  • I would love to feel like I could impact people and grow my own coaching programs but I just can’t seem to get my head on straight and be consistent.
  • (After I spoke to him about getting disciplined with his physical identity) If I could find someone to work out at the gym with me, I would be successful. I keep asking people but no one will be committed to do it with me.
  • I’m pretty ADHD. I get overwhelmed and distracted. I’ve always been like this.

Peter is under spiritual warfare and seriously under-estimating the amount of tension he is getting from having a vision that will impact people spiritually! He is also not MODELING AND he is stuck in an old identity that is limiting his leadership. I started Peter out on the steps he needed to take EVERY SINGLE DAY to move out of passivity and into asserting WHO he was a leader. We start by leading ourselves out of the wilderness and out of survival mode, then we begin to help others receive transformation.

Maybe passivity was modeled to him. Many times it comes from things significant people in your life have told you that you have RECEIVED as truth, like…you would lose your head if it weren’t attached. You will never amount to anything. More often, the Lord just wants you to get to the place where your so miserable with a vision, you will step out in faith to stop caring about what people think and do what God told you to do! 

In addition, the enemy is crafty. He knows our weaknesses and then prompts people to reenforce what we fear. After you receive Christ, you can actually get more of this! When I walked him through the steps he needed to take daily to BECOME the kind of individual he wanted to be, his friends and family began to ask him if he had started on medication he was such a different person!

Your old identity is attached to very strong feelings of fear, rejection from people you want to please and what you believe is possible or not possible for you. It is deep down in your soul and the enemy has had time to reinforce what he wants you to believe with numerous life experiences. Once you have experienced a fear repeatedly, it has the potential to become your reality and DEFINE where you go in the future despite all your desire to want a different outcome.

I remember a time in my life where I was considering (and praying) investing time and money into becoming a public speaker. I shared that goal with a significant person in my life and they said to me, “Becky, why would you want to do that? You’re not a speaker, you’re a behind the scenes person as an intercessor”. The truth? I was a behind the scenes person at one time but God was trying to position me to be able to communicate at a higher level for what I would be doing today. The fear of speaking in groups was deeply rooted in me because of how many times I had been publicly shamed as a child in front of people.  (A year later, I made the top sales team in a job I had no experience for simply because I had learned to do presentations when I was fearful). This is why it is so important for you to learn a map for renewing your mind. I experienced the same thing Peter did, when you become focused and bold about the things you set your hands to, it creates a tension for the people who are familiar with the “old you”! I constantly had people tell me, ” You look different!” It is amazing what courage does for your appearance!

In Christ, you have the opportunity to co-create a powerful life with God. If you’re ready to start building the discipline, leadership and actions to grow your own Christian coaching business, let me send you my START NOW package!

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