How To Determine Ahead If Your Audience Will Pay For Coaching

Have you been wondering how some people make money life coaching and others don’t? In this week’s FREE TRAINING I explain to you why some people can’t get traction with their business.  People happily pay for what they value and what they need so it is important you discover who really you can stay in business long-term serving. 

The truth is 42% of start ups fail just because they don’t assess the market need before they begin. I love to hear my clients tell me they feel led of the Lord to launch a coaching business but the truth is, even Rick Warren did market research before launching Saddleback church. (Like 6 months worth) 

You have to ask yourself this question: Are the people I want to help receive transformation in a place emotionally where they will GLADLY invest money in my fee’s. If not, you can coach but you won’t be able to really keep a pipe-line filled with enough of these clients for you to stay profitable. 

Now, here’s the challenge a lot of new to marketing coaches have. They want to choose for other people what they think is valuable for them and not just work with them on solving their current pain. 

This takes you thinking about the area’s of your life you have genuine confidence in (because you overcame it through Christ) and also what the majority of people want to solve at any given time. For example, let’s look at what people want to solve at the beginning of every year. Read this article about the top 9 things to know about the diet industry just so you can see where people’s mindsets are moving to since this is 71% of what Americans want every year! 

Here are the top 10 New Year’s resolutions according to a survey of 2,000 people in 2019:
  • Diet or eat healthier (71 percent)
  • Exercise more (65 percent)
  • Lose weight (54 percent)
  • Save more and spend less (32 percent)
  • Learn a new skill or hobby (26 percent)
  • Quit smoking (21 percent)
  • Read more (17 percent)

So, here are more questions to ask yourself as you grow your leadership and consider launching a business coaching. 

1. Do I understand how to recognize what clients will invest in my coaching or which one’s honestly I need to have something free going on to help them take the next step? If you are stumped here, you could attend my Mindset Retreat or you could sign up for either the Leadership or Business Training as both these programs include in depth training on how to recognize where to lean your coaching niche. People do go from free to fee all the time with me but I have a process in place for this to occur authentically.  If you don’t, I offer a very disciplined, homework required to stay in, free group that will help you become a bold influencer step-by-step.  

2. Can I discern whether I need to partner with some counselors or can I market my coaching niche directly to my ideal client? In today’s video I break down for you some basic’s of where you can begin to discerning whether you need to send your client to a counselor or if they have what it takes to for coaching. Watch that here. 

3. Am I willing to start leading a small group right now and begin to do market research? This is something I recommend to everyone who wants to grow in their ability to make disciples as well as fine tune their ability to cause people to take action. During this time I recommend you write down all your participants reason’s they joined your group, (pain problem) what specific life challenges they had during your sessions and what exact results did you help them achieve. Write all this down because as you become more serious about or your ready to launch your business or grow your ministry, you can use this information to identify your boldest identity zones of coaching and also the kind of people that are being attracted to you effortlessly. You will also want to get very specific testimonials from these individuals. 

Feel like you’re dealing with some spiritual warfare as you pursue your dream to coach and speak? Let me send you 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare free for a limited time or you can buy the soft cover book on Amazon.


Increase Your Authority (And Profits) By SPEAKING About Results

One of the first things you will have to learn to do if you are used to being in ministry is to speak as an expert in area’s that God has brought you through. You do this by sharing your experiences but challenging your clients to move out of victimization thinking, mediocrity or the pain they are in and offer them a step by step plan that will IGNITE THEIR FAITH. You must be strong and confident when you speak as people who feel overwhelmed with doubt need a touch from God and a plan of action.

The truth is most women want to be motivators rather than MESSENGERS. When you come in contact with a real messenger of God they make you gasp with their clarity level. They say things that you were thinking in your heart, wondering about but never could articulate. They solve your wandering fast. Whether they are in ministry or business, they walk in purpose and help you move into the next level of stewardship for your calling.

In other words you cannot make it your aim to make people feel good, entertain or just encourage them. You have to let go of the fear of man and IGNITE A FIRE within your audience. You have to help them understand that they can BECOME THIS KIND OF PERSON if they take the actions you are suggesting they take.  This means you are going to have to move from very general encouragement and what I call romance phrases to breaking down for your client four or five pain points and how they can receive the results you can give them. If you are wanting to help people receive transformation from your story and pull them into a program you have, you should be touching on the pain and problems you solve in your system.

Without being able to do this consistently every time you speak or write, you will be a really nice encourager but not a profitable coach. The below conversation is one I had with a client who was speaking at a women’s worship event. I began to ask her to develop her speech by telling me what kind of results she wanted to help her clients receive within one hour as she had a full hour to share in addition to the ministry time.

Here was her first response back to me before we shifted into RESULT mode:

Women are engaged

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord

Their eyes are watching with anticipation

Their ears and their heart are open to receive

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward.

Here is what I wrote her back: 

When you read this, don’t read it with your mothers nagging voice in your ear. Read it like I am hugging you and then we pray for God to undo you and send you with FIRE:)

Women are engaged (too general)…What are you saying that is causing them to literally come out of their seat. Tell me things you’re going to challenge them to change that comes from your new coaching system. 

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord: Why. Is it because they have been praying and fasting for your speech? Because you start by having them make a declaration over the time you spend with them? That’s a big deal. What is making them so desperate?  You better light them up fast. People are only positioned to hear from God if they are coachable and willing to repent and take new action. What are you praying ahead for them to be convicted of? What are you going to say out of the gate to cause them to think HOLY CRAP what just happened!

Their eyes are watching with anticipation- noooo….I want you to come out of the clouds. You need to walk the earth and become a force to women. WHAT DO THESE PHRASES MEAN PRACTICALLY? You are a coach not a romance writer. KICK THEIR BUTTS! Don’t send me anymore the room is filled with the fragrance of Christ phrases.

Their ears and their heart are open to receive. Really? AGGGHHHHH. I am now grabbing your face between my hands and pleading with you to WRITE PRACTICALLY!

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender. You’re not there as a worship leader. You are there to CREATE CHANGE IN THE ATMOSPHERE. They can worship to Casting Crowns when they leave. You don’t want them crying. You want them to repent, take action and sign up for your program because GOD SENT YOU TO THEM.

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them. Why should they? Write WHY out and into your speech. What will happen to them if they don’t let go. TELL THEM THE PAIN THEY WILL CREATE For THEMSELVES AND THEIR DAUGHTERS.

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in. Well yeah, cause you’re going to cause a RIOT. WRITE A SPEECH FOR ME TO SEE LIKE YOU ARE ACTIVATING AN ARMY OF MILITANT WOMEN.

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of a comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward. Go back through your program and write your whole speech around your paragraphs. Do it quickly like you’re on fire. Get going woman!

I am happy to report that the client knew I was trying to help her and did not fire me for being so strong. Because here’s the truth, it takes time to learn how to think this way rather then in just encouragement mode. When she spoke, people told her they couldn’t believe how much work and leadership God had done in her life since the last time they saw here speak.  Do this work and you will find people say the same thing about you and your closing rates really climb!

Faith forward, Bec:)

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Christian Coach Training: Recognizing Poverty People Quick

How to recognize people in your life who are stuck in poverty thinking. If you grew up in an addiction based of shame-based home, you are much more likely to surround yourself with these kind of individuals because you don’t understand your value. This video will help you discern what specific actions you can take to let go of these kind of individuals and instead trust God to send you the people who need your message and will receive great results from you. Without this kind of identity work, you will not grow your calling!

I help equip Christians to grow their calling in ministry or business and be able to multiply with grace. Get my free START NOW package which includes my book, 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and also a free audio on what you need in place to grow a Christian coaching business successfully.

How To Do Authentic Lead Generation

Would you like to know how to generate leads in an authentic way? If you want a higher altitude view of the foundations you need to have in place,  go back and read this blog first.  Without some foundational pages in place on your website, when you speak, when you post on social media, you have nothing to offer a lead that would help them understand who you are and what makes you different then everyone else!

Are you going to be able to go out and FIND  50 or 100 hundred people a month to talk with about what you do specifically and what results they will receive from you? (A great opt-in (START NOW page)  will pre-qualify leads so that when you get on the phone with them, they are already ready for what you have to offer.

Have you solved how to generate leads so you can fill your pipeline to overflowing? 

Do you feel confident enough to be consistent despite hearing no and being rejected dozens of times a month? (This is huge. With an opt-in, people just unsubscribe if they don’t like what you offer. Rejection can totally wipe out new coaches)

If you answered no to any or all of these, then you need an opt-in offer in place. Here are a couple points for creating your first one so it’s compelling and successful

Make sure before you create it, you’re clear on exactly who your target audience is. Niching will make or break your business.

Don’t solve 15 problems in your opt-in. Solve one or two BIG PAIN POINTS and make it easy for them to sign up. Typically a good opt-in for beginners is 3 to 7 days of molecular coaching. Decide on your topic, invest in buying a lead capture and email automation program and get started writing your opt-in. Again, for example, the idea for horse coach opt-in=> The first 3 things you need to do before you get into the saddle to teach your horse that you’re the boss!

If you’re a horse coach, make sure you only have a START NOW page that is consistent with your programs and products. Remember the job of the opt-in is to make your client HUNGRY to experience your coaching and how you can make life easier and more profitable for them no matter how you’re serving. It sounds rather self-explanatory but you would be surprised at the disconnect people experience between their branding says and what they offer.

Would you like to transform more lives this year through Christian coaching? Need a focused, step-by-step system for putting the foundations in place for your first $25,000 in Christian coaching? Let me send you my START NOW package then so you can get started!

3 Ways To Convert Clients Through Your Blog

At the beginning of my business, I really struggled with how to blog, market and serve clients all at the same time. I didn’t have anyone open the door for me to speak so I had to come up with creative ways for people to understand how I served and how I could help them receive the results they were looking for.

I found out fast that consistent service was one of the most important things about growth. I thought about myself in the pulpit every Sunday. It would require me to really come up with specific strategies on how to help people grow. There was no maybe or I don’t feel like serving. I took my “businistry” seriously and you will have to also.

Here are three things you can do to create conversions without coming across pushy!

Vision cast and them offer to help them accomplish that

When I began my business, I created momentum and buzz with a free monthly tele-seminar by picking a topic that I knew my clients wanted to solve. I then wrote three blogs in a month that peaked curiosity and activated their faith that this was solvable. At the end of every blog, I put a link for them to sign up for my free call and then on the fourth blog, I told them what I was going to solve for them if they showed up live to listen to my call. I basically used my blogs as a script with some minor adjustments and then on the call I gave them a couple molecular points that I hadn’t talked about the blog. I also made a time-sensitive offer that if they moved forward within two days, they received a discount.  I did this every month for two years until I built up enough business to fill my pipeline consistently. When I finished the call, I turned it into a video or training in my private programs for new clients.

Create a product and then link to it in your author box

Basically, you share a little about yourself and where you an expert and then link to your current program. Always make sure where you drive traffic has a compelling sales landing page and easy check outbox. When you are ready to begin to pay for advertising on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you can figure out what your most popular blog is and then just place your offer on the bottom.

Lead them to a great opt-in-offer

This is an extremely effective way to convert leads IF you have a “how to solve” series that people want to sign up for. This requires you to get very clear on exactly WHO you think your clients are and what they need to solve to go the next level in their growth. This is work I do with my Leadership team as it takes trial and effort as well as specificity.  As you market, you can get up to 100 new leads a month to add to your list for as little as $5 a day. As you continue to serve on your weekly newsletter, you will convert to your current offers of what you have going on. Remember, this process takes time as people do not typically sign up for programs, coaching or buy products the first month they sign up on your list. However, if you serve consistently and well with excellent content, you will grow in a paced manner.

The biggest challenge people have is not blocking time EVERYDAY to market your business. You can’t expect clients to contact you unless you give them a compelling reason to do so. You must strategize and take time to build a funnel system so while you’re serving clients, you’re list is growing.

Need more strategies on how to grow your first $25,000 in Christian coaching? Begin with my START NOW package. It’ free and comes with an audio that is power-packed with the mindsets that will make you thrive.

How To Blog To Give Your Clients Results

It took me time to learn how to blog and get results so today I want to share with you what I wish someone would’ve helped me with. The truth is if you’re not clear on the results you want to produce, then you’re blogging is not going to be as effective.

Here’s a possibility if you’re writing and not being able to turn your blog into paid clients in  coaching, speaking or consulting. They don’t reach out to you because the truth is, they may not be convinced you are the person who can really solve their problem.  Have you ever seen someone do a video, connect with you or write something that literally set your hair on end? I mean, they touched something really deep down in you and instantly you knew…no matter what it takes financially, this is the person for me!  If you have experienced this, you know what it feels like to pray and pray for God to lead you to the right person or resource, to read dozens of articles but finally come across someone you trust enough to invest and move forward. It could be into buying your book, coaching, counseling, membership programs or attending a conference.

I am talking about an emotion and feeling that this is the right fit for you. And here’s the thing I have noticed about this for myself when I have experienced this. This person I hired didn’t sell me. They activated faith in my heart to the point I knew if I just stuck with them and followed their mentoring, I was going to be successful. 

So here are a couple other reason’s you might not be seeing conversions. 

  1. You are using your blog to process pain that you have not received resurrection power for. Never share publicly what you haven’t received breakthrough for privately. People can tell you’re still wounded or still feel victimized.
  2. There’s a lot of storytelling but not specific strategies that people can instantly implement for results. It’s great to tell a story but it should point to why it’s important to move forward if you include it.
  3. You have not defined WHO God is calling you to serve exactly so you can’t stay strategic for that audience. You haven’t been called to serve the entire world but a very specific niche of people. Find them and you will get excellent results.
  4. Your personality is not coming out in your writing because you’re trying too hard to be perfect. This separates you from everyone else doing the same thing and serving the same people.
  5. Not enough consistent blogging. It takes once a week over years time for you to grow an expert status if you are trying to create a brand from scratch. You can’t fill a pipeline with once a month blogging.
  6. You’re writing from your head and not your heart so people don’t see you as authentic. People want to know where you have made mistakes and can show them out of your own experience how to receive success. Lead with a limp.

Lastly, have you learned how to activate faith in people? In Romans 10:17 it says, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I have learned over many years how to use the word of God to activate people’s faith for them to believe it is possible to see a breakthrough in their lives. If you would like to join me for how that translates into blogging and writing, I invite you to get my START NOW package. It’s free and comes with a assessment for you.

Fitness and Faith For Christian Coaches

I ask two things of people entering my training programs, whether that is my pre-business launch leadership training or my business track. I encourage them to COMMIT to a healthy lifestyle of stewardship. You cannot ask people to follow you as a coach if you are not healthy emotionally and physically yourself.

I believe in the value of time-blocking and beginning your day at 5am in prayer. After than I  encourage my leaders to do an hour of cardio a day to build a fit “identity”. This is for a couple reason’s. Most of it has to do with learning how to handle stress well and decompress in a healthy way rather than medicating yourself with food or alcohol. Let me share with you a couple reasons after coaching in the upwards of hundreds of leaders, why this is biblical and prudent.

 First, if you are a Christian, you are called to stewardship. What God gives you, he expects us to take care of, nurture and multiply. Your body needs good food and sleep to stay functioning at it’s best. This goes for your faith, finances, family and fitness. Want to be secure financially? Be moderate with your spending and save your money. Want to be fit? Be moderate with your intake and burn more calories than you eat.

Secondly, you need stamina for your purpose and calling. You need to be able to stand on your feet all day and all night if needed. You will need to be able to travel, stay alert and have good cardio to speak when you get there. You don’t need to get winded walking up the stairs to pray or speak. You also need to be able to do this longterm which by the way, I know people who are still traveling and doing ministry into their late 80’s right now.

Third, we are to live a moderate lifestyle if we want to be spiritual leaders or teachers as the gospel is a message of abundant love.  Let me encourage you here. I constantly see a correlation between poverty mindsets and overeating. At the root of a lack of stewardship is typically fear and idolatry that creates barriers to intimacy. People can’t feel the love of God or impart it the way they want to.

Fourth, it witnesses about Lordship without you opening your mouth. I tell my clients this all the time. Lose 10 pounds and watch how many people ask you how you did it. Do it the way I am suggesting, through your identity in Christ and team accountability and you will have an opportunity to talk about how Jesus resurrected instead of the Paleo Diet. It’s also a lot more fun:)

Fifth, you are doing your part to make your latter days greater than your former years. We all want to increase as we grow older in our love, service and strength. Guess what? That doesn’t happen unless your intentionally building it.

Let me tell you what applying your faith to the proceeding 5 things will eliminate out of your life pain wise.

  1. The constant doubt and unbelief about whether you have the ability to finish what you start.
  2. The shame you feel in your heart and the condemnation the enemy places you under because of a lack of obedience.
  3. You will sleep better and look younger. (Funny how peace through prayer and stewardship accomplishes that)
  4. The insecurity you struggle with because you’re afraid when you get up to speak, coach or pray with people, they are not going to receive your message fully because you’re not walking your talk.
  5. The lack of power in your influence with family and friends. We can only reproduce what we walk in authentically for others.

Get STARTED NOW building a profitable Christian coaching and speaking business for FREE! Faith forward, Love, Bec:)

12 Strategies For More Courage

Do you have a desire to see people set free? Do you hold back doing the work like blogging, speaking or mentoring because you feel overwhelmed yourself?

YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Get your coffee!!! You, me! Coaching corner!

First, all influencers deal with fear. First, it’s the fear of what people will think if I get out there in a bigger way. Then it’s the fear of what if I don’t do a great job coaching or speaking! The fear of how do I run my business? Here’s the thing!

It’s normal to second guess yourself when you are entering into unknown territory! But when you have decided you’re tired of the enemy holding you back and you want to be used by God, you have prioritize what it takes to give you courage! When you are in a fight, in order to win, you have to become strategic about WINNING once and for all. If you are a Christian, you have an extra arsenal at your disposal. Your identity in Christ!

Even though your salvation is instant, the process to become an overcomer requires TRAINING. Here’s a little cheat sheet I made up for when you’re dealing with fear and need some practical steps on how to overcome it. Ask me how I developed this:)

Be as militant about solving fear and transforming other people for the kingdom because the enemy is really committed about squelching your testimony!

It’s not hormones, overwhelm, lack of vitamins! Quit trying to figure it out… You’re NOT BROKEN! You’re under spiritual warfare! It’s SOLVABLE if you do the work! Get ready to turn this test into a testimony!

1. Get up at 5 am with coffee and start speaking over yourself AFFIRMATIONS on who you want to become with God’s help.  Not a morning person? Quit speaking that over yourself. You’re a morning person now.  Ask God for more courage.  Speak strongly, do not THINK affirmations. Say them!

2. At lunch, take your sneakers and gym clothes to work. Quit yakking on the phone with friends about who did you wrong. Put on your praise music and walk fast or run for 1 hour and listen to your favorite worship music. Worship is WARFARE that confuses the enemy. Praise breaks demonic strongholds in your life.

3. Eat a protein every 2 1/2 hours to keep blood sugar stable. Fatigue creates double-mindedness and anxiety. I keep food and water in my car and eat every three hours.

4. Call a friend to agree with you in prayer that you will be an overcomer in this area and Christ will have a testimony that glorifies himself. Expect it. Tell people it’s coming. Use social media as a weapon of praise for Christ not griping about politics.

5. Do not talk about your anxiety or fear with anyone else after committing it to prayer and with a friend. Rehearsing what may happen does nothing but saturate your body with anxiousness. When someone asks you how you’re doing, tell them you’re expecting a breakthrough.

6. When realizing you are visualizing a bad outcome, just redirect thoughts an out-loud quote a scripture that will give you courage. (Jesus didn’t think answers to the devil, he spoke the word out-loud. It’s a sword, use it.)

7. Avoid negative, critical people, any TV programs or movies that are fear based or reflect people becoming victimized. You can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time.  Pray and ask God for a solution to this challenge.

8. When you get ANY idea’s, act on them immediately. Evaluate outcome and lean in the direction of anything that took you one step closer to victory.

9. Think of two or three friends that you respect in this area that have been over-comers. Ask them for their best tips. Quit trying to hide and save your pride. Let it die so you can get resurrection.  Even if you tried it already, do it again with faith.

10. During the day, pause internally and just acknowledge the presence of Christ. He is with you, he never leaves you or will abandon you. Just inwardly drawing near will give you more peace.

11. Get out in sunshine for 1 hour a day. Vitamin D elevates your mood. Listen to the birds, take your dog for a walk. Pet your cat. Animals are God’s gift.

12. Get a good night sleep and try to resist sugar. Run to God and try not to medicate with food or alcohol. It only gives temporary relief rather than God’s peace which will point to Him. If people ask you how you are doing, tell them that you expect the best and describe what you are hoping happens. Make sure to smile when you share where you are going in faith! This is not fake it till you make it, this is SPEAKING order to the chaos. (Genesis 1)

Do you have a testimony to share? Have you ever considered transforming people for Christ through your own coaching or training business? If so, I would love to send you my free START NOW package which helps you begin taking the actions to grow your writing, speaking and coaching in a profitable and influential way!

Love, Bec:)

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