How To Share What You Do With Humility

Many Christians confuse God-given confidence with pride because honestly, can I say this? Sometimes we struggle with false humility.  It’s important that you don’t miss opportunities to help someone receive results because you are worried that people will think your arrogant.

Here’s a practical example. You have been asking God for favor, and someone shares with you a problem they are trying to solve. This is an area of your life where God has built a message in you. You struggled with that bondage, the Lord gave you breakthrough and you know deep down you have spiritual authority in this area. But you hold back. Many times when I am coaching people on developing their messages and growing their faith-based business, it’s because they don’t know the difference between narcissism and authentic Godly confidence. Remember, even David was accused by his brothers for being prideful when he just merely articulated what God had helped him overcome and how he would do the same with Goliath.

Remember, spiritual warfare always comes to attack your faith in God’s ability and the identity you reproduce in others.

So, let’s talk about what real self-promotion is in action as opposed to Godly confidence. Because typically individuals who engage in me, me, me~ do not receive the fruit of deep respect and honor that they are looking for. They usually get the opposite; they feel like they never arrive, judgment from others and disrespect because the glory of God is extended by common consent. People also can sense if you’re confidence comes from some people who have received transformation authentically or because you have a vacation to fund. (Can we just be real?) When you share how you serve and then get OFFENDED if people don’t move forward with you, then you’re under a spirit of Mammon which partners with pride. Godly confidence does not take offense or try to manipulate others into doing what they want to see done.

What I typically have to coach clients through, especially if they grew up in a shame-based or fear-based thinking home, is that they are not comfortable with being the person who creates tension. They were either raised in an environment where everyone was passive-aggressive, or they were intimidated when they showed initiative or strength. But here’s the bottom line if you ever want to multiply the message God has given you! In order to move people towards freedom, they have to be illuminated at times to the pain they are in, the results that

To move people towards independence, they have to be illuminated at times to the pain they are in, the results that their choices are producing for them and you have to be the one to challenge them to embrace the work new breakthrough entails. How you know if God is sending YOU to be the one to set them free is it’s an area you have struggled and received RESURRECTION LIFE. See friend; you’re not responsible as the messenger for their choice to accept the work God has for them. Your responsibility is to boldly communicate how you serve and how you can help them solve that problem.

 Often times people either receive a “no” as rejection they internalize as WHO they are IDENTITY-WISE, or they feel the tension that is coming to them because underlying the whole interaction, the person wants to take bold action, they want to get the result’s you have produced in your life or others, but they are struggling with the fear of failure. That’s why they have to CHOOSE OFFENSE! In the spirit realm, you are feeling in the conversation the doubt and unbelief and how they mask that in jealousy or putting you down. Honestly, if they didn’t choose to be offended, they would have to decide to repent for fear and accept faith. Most people are not that healthy, intuitive enough or practiced in the presence of God enough to discern doubt and unbelief that fast.

In a nutshell:

1. Never hold back your message and the overcoming work God has done in your life or how you can solve people’s problems with your programs. I was sharing this with someone I prayed with today. Mammon is part of ministries and marketplace businesses. You can discern it by the lack of generosity, trust, and manipulation that people feel around the giving or the transaction. When you’re fueled by excellent service, you will be thankful you invested the money and had the faith to believe for a significant return and impact. Charging in business for your service (even if it’s faith-based) is not greedy just as if being in ministry and running a 501c makes you immune from making poor financial decisions. It’s the motive and results people get from interacting with you. If you’re excellent at what you do, your ministry or business will grow as you faithfully steward it.

2. Know precisely what results people will receive from your product or program. You should have minimally three apparent results.

3. Be ready at all times to have something going on you can invite people to or capture their information on email so you can follow up. Without this, you’re going to miss opportunities to help people receive transformation.

How To Build Trust In Business

This is part 4 in a 4 part series I am doing on how to grow your business without hype. This week I want to share with you the mindset and practical way you create trust with your brand.

What makes someone effective at growing a coaching business is their work ethic and how well they stay consistent in serving throughout the whole year. When I launched my first business, SUCCESSnotsabotage, I didn’t have any marketing experience, but I had been practiced in prayer, follow up in ministry and just being faithful with my friendships. In other words, I knew how to stay paced with people until they grew. I was willing to learn new skills until I could hire out.

With that said, I am big on watching what people do CONSISTENTLY and not just what they say about themselves.  I have a little different way of doing business than most coaches in that I look at my business as a ministry, so for that reason, I am not money driven. I am driven by transformation and profit’s second.

Here’s what you need to know. TRUST takes time to build and it won’t happen unless you are consistent to serve every week and every month for YEARS.

Then when you are meeting with potential clients, I don’t like to talk to them about my more expensive coaching. I want to just help them get plugged in because I want to spend some time watching their life and actions. When people come to me and want private coaching, I often down-sell them! I ask them to join my Leadership track first.  Now I do this for a couple of reasons.

  1. I know from my own experience in business that people are missing boldness, creativity on how to serve and consistent execution skills. That’s a leadership issue, not a business problem! Who likes to knock on doors, cold call or challenge people with the truth of the gospel? Anyone? No, none of it is comfortable. But if you believe it will save someone pain or suffering than getting bold! Seriously, you can learn for under $2,000 rather than 5 to 10,000 in higher end business coaching.
  2. I know I can save them money and help them grow their leadership skills to a place they are consistent. I will keep them encouraged and accountable there which is frankly why most people quit before they make money (not because they don’t have what it takes). Ninety percent of business or ministry is work ethic and perseverance, and that happens better with learning how to stay paced. Create an identity and culture for your business, not just a product!
  3. When people know you’re not after their money but helping them get results they will invest more money with you when they are ready. That comes from your casting a bigger vision for them and helping them attain it. Clients who have been on my team and wanted to attend an in-person event I am doing that cost one or two thousand, know from being part of my lower end programs that I will tell them the truth. I can look at the work they have done and told them honestly if think they have what it takes to go to the next level. That doesn’t always guarantee they will be successful because I can’t do the work for them but at least I can see a track record of what they have done in the past!

So as you consider building bigger programs financially with a deeper investment for your client, think of this. Stay away from the rah-rah emotional talk and hype. Pray, walk in integrity and then help people receive TANGIBLE RESULTS. Start with a core product that helps them stay consistent with their leadership and make it doable financially for every mom or dad. You want them to be able to integrate this into their every day life.

Then when they see that they can build success with simple strategies, invite them to become more disciplined with their time and focused on how they serve people. Always associate investing money with becoming more disciplined! Developing products is not hard but it does take you thinking strategically ahead. Expanding your business is going to require you to have to learn, implement and teach new systems and there’s a learning curve in all that, but you don’t go to the next level of profitability without a better system. I have experienced it about five times now in my personal life and business. There’s a crisis, and it brings me to a place of expansion that overwhelms me with having to block my time better and develop a better system for myself, my family or my clients.

Think about anything that bought you more environmental, emotional peace or financial stability. It’s most likely because you had to take the time to prune, organize and plan for what you wanted to see result wise. You had to do it consistently for a long while. During this period you built trust. People trust what they watch you be faithful in the long term. This is why if you aren’t in 100% committed to building long-term results, you can’t ask God for a blessing. He’s an inter-generational God. That was a freebie!

Need help building your leadership? Get started here! 

Faith forward! Bec:)

10 Tips For Focusing On Serving During Stress

Hindsight is always 20/20. We see the clearest after we navigate through difficult life transitions. Part of birthing your dream ministry or business is being able to handle chaos and still stay focused on serving others. These are time tested tips and what I share with my clients when they tell me they feel distracted and are having difficulty focusing.

Remember before reading these you will not see the result’s of clarity and understanding until you are well away from it. When you are growing a business/ministry, you will feel the sabotages (fear) but must act (faith-filled) to be profitable and serve well.

  1. As best as you can, do not quit or make life defining relational decisions when you feel persecuted, rejected, offended or insecure. There is always a work of God going for your PROMOTION and stability when you feel the most double-mindedness or feel like quitting. You need immense wisdom during transitions, especially those that involve covenant relationships like church matters, marriages, sabotages with your children. SUCCESS=> It is human nature to want to stop the emotional pain and just get a new job, run from your marriage or church relationships, cut off your disrespectful kids or whatever it is that creating the conflict. Breathe. Ask God in prayer to give you the grace to finish what you started all the way to the end. Your identity is to finish what you start. 
  2. Do not ask everyone’s opinion on what you are to do, if so you will come under the fear of man and make a poor decision. You want to take your transition to the Lord in prayer, confess the scripture over it and ask God to confirm to you the way you should go. SUCCESS=>Find one or two people that have already successfully navigated what is challenging you (successful means they have experienced the best case scenario of what could go right) and ask them to coach you through it. Hire someone if needed. Your identity is to be a follower of Christ, not people.
  3. Do not internalize negative circumstances as who you are, or you will become a victim during the transition, not a victor.  When you are the midst of a transition, there can be negative emotions like fear, anger, depression. These all have a tendency to cause you to become introverted and be more negative which will position you with others as a victim. SUCCESS=> Put on worship music and focus on leaning on God for the outcome. Praising God takes our eyes off our situation and into his presence. Smile frequently when discussing your current transition. Your identity is to remain peaceful in Christ because of who you serve not how you perform.
  4. Do not fret or spend anytime projecting what could go wrong in this situation. Worry does nothing but makes you feel more out of control and is harmful. SUCCESS=> Find a scripture and quote it out loud whenever you feel anxious about your outcome. Remember God is good and he will orchestrate what is best for you. I ask God to give me the grace to accept what his will is. Don’t think the scripture, say it out loud as Jesus did. Your identity is to remain in authority in the will of God.
  5. When people ask you how you’re doing, don’t speak about what you’re fearful about. Fear driven statements create those emotions in your body that you have to get now rid of physically. SUCCESS=> Tell them what you expect will happen if you take faith-filled actions and share with them the truth, you’re praying for the perfect will of God to be done! Your identity is to take bold action and remain courageous.
  6. Don’t sabotage yourself by not accepting help if people offer. God meant for the body of Christ to work in unison. You’re not supposed to be able to handle transition alone or do it perfectly by yourself. SUCCESS=> Practice saying yes to people’s invitations and considering the best outcome of what they might be suggesting to you. Think about that! It might go well if you accept their help! Your identity is to be surrounded and supported by trustworthy and encouraging spiritual family during painful transitions. 
  7. Don’t delay or procrastinate. When people don’t know what decision feels right or they don’t know what the will of God is, they delay taking action. Most likely your situation is one most everyone has had to solve. SUCCESS=> Set a timeline for making decisions and consult with someone who has solved this successfully. Ask them to pray with you and make a decision. If you’re asking God in prayer to hear him about this situation, trust him that he will make it clear to you the direction he wants you to take. Execute on what you think is best within the timeline. Trust God with the outcome. Your identity is to break through gates and cut through iron. The gates of hell will not prevail against you the church! 
  8. Don’t use I’m busy, tired, feeling far away from God… as an excuse to bump prayer. Without prayer, you’re not honestly depending on him to guide you. SUCCESS=>Bring your problem to God, read what the word of God has to say about it and then sit and listen. Write down what you believe God spoke to you. Your identity is to be in fellowship, hearing God daily for your next instructions. 
  9. Don’t hide in your house or stay sedentary if you’re super smart. Intellectuals have a tendency to introvert their emotions and over think problems. They exhaust themselves with what if’s! SUCCESS=> Go walking, running, play tennis, pray in tongues while you walk. Do something to sweat and force yourself to process out the heaviness you’re experiencing from your transition. Your identity is to be filled with power in the Holy Ghost and receive supernatural edification for your challenges!
  10. Don’t process your stress with food and alcohol. Food may seem like a comfort, but the wrong kinds of foods just make you feel more cloudy and sluggish. SUCCESS=> Eat as healthy as you can during the transition, and don’t overindulge as that just creates more condemnation for you which doesn’t help! Your identity is to be moderate and model restraint and power under control.

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Faith forward! Bec:)

The Transformation Offer

In step two you have caught the attention of your potential client (read that here), and they have either signed up for a free offer you have extended to them or purchased inexpensive training. (under $25.00). You’re now at the transformation offer where you are going to share an opportunity for them to experience your core BOLD IDENTITY zones.

Your bold identity zone is the ONE or TWO things you do best that create the best results for people. It’s the unique gift that separates you from other people in your field. For example, I have two main places where people can receive profound transformation from me. That is either in a personal coaching program where I can listen and help them put a system in place for the next phase of influence, or it’s on my Leadership Team where I take them step by step how to practically break of limiting mindsets and build their first $25,000 from scratch.

Typically, the transformation stage is the one that people get to experience what God has anointed you to do (in the way he’s sent you). People can read your blogs, they can join you for free teleconferences, watch you speak or follow you on social media but I don’t see people receive lasting transformation until they either commit to personal coaching or they get accountability in a team environment.

So essentially, this is where you give your customer an opportunity to be personally mentored by you which is a deeper relationship. This is also where I begin to get prayer burdens for people. This is because I am completely focused on their business needs, their marriage, their family and how to help them overcome what they have hired me to equip them in.

So let’s call the transformation offer, “business-discipleship”. A great funnel for a ministry for a faith-based business should begin with catching people’s attention that can help them solve a practical problem. This means you have to learn how to talk about things people are struggling to address without mammon like hype, religious jargon or making them feel like they are not measuring up.

Jay and I are currently attending Woodstock Church which is an extension of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint church. Every sermon I turn to my husband and say if God ever graces me to communicate as well as this man I will die a happy woman. Here is how Andy breaks down each sermon into one-point messages.

  • Me (How do I struggle with this?)
  • We (How do we all struggle with this?)
  • God (What does the Bible say about this?)
  • You (What should you do about this?)
  • We (How can we all live this out together?)

I have always tried to follow this system because I have seen it work without me having to say=> Buy, buy, buy… you’re going to miss out FOREVER, buy now…you’re going to turn into an embarrassment for your family if you don’t buy my product, you won’t make a million dollars…don’t you want to be a millionaire?). Holy cow. Watch people do this, it’s standard practice with marketers, and it grows businesses but manipulating people’s emotions like that is not consistent with how the Holy Spirit works.

I do share one pain point per video or blog that I have struggled to overcome. I take a bit of time describing this emotionally because people often think they are the only person in the world who has that problem. I show people this is a common challenge for most. When I am writing a blog or doing training, I will say something like, if you have this challenge, here is what I can help you solve it. If it’s a leadership issue, I give them the scriptural context behind it. If it’s business, I just show them how this can help them serve people better. I typically direct people towards my team because:

A. It helps people see if coaching is right for them without plunking down 5,000.00 to see if they know how to execute!  I have grown through stewardship and taking daily small actions.

B. My team is an entirely built in a step-by-step training to take them through identifying sabotaging patterns and then exactly how to overcome them.

C. They have the opportunity to get prayer accountability and feedback in a super safe environment overseen by me.

On my blogs, I provide a link people can follow to sign up for the team or personal coaching. On the first page of the sign-up, I have a system in place to capture their email without asking for payment. If they don’t go to the next step, I have a system in place that asks them if I can answer any questions for them. I often will have numbers of people just take that point to personally email me what they have going on, make sure I think the program will solve their problem and then the next day they usually sign up. When they do, they are now in the transformation stage being aligned for the best connection for their success.

Here’s what I love about systems. They are scaleable. And because I have homeschooled, church planted with a team, worked a job in the middle of that and parented four children who are two years apart…I understand at a significant level how to grow without having a nervous breakdown. I can put 30 people into my teams, or I can put 300. I could put 3,000 people in with just adding moderators. I would do no more extra work on the front end. I still would pray the same and still serve the same. That my friend is why you want to do the work to build a grace-filled sales funnel.

So many times people don’t realize they are holding themselves back because they are afraid of getting too big. If you feel stressed today with what you have, I guarantee you are holding yourself back unconsciously! Join my free community or read the next step in my series on how to take your clients to the next level of investment easily!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

Connect With Coffee

You have presented valuable information to someone, and they decided to take the next step and go through one of your opt-in offers. (You can learn about that here)  The next step is what I call coffee and connect! Again, this is part 2 in a no-hype sales funnel that helps you serve with excellence and multiply without stress.

Successful people are busy and have lots of people pulling on them. So the first thing I want to do is show them that I value their identity and expertise and not say to them…”Hey, can I pick your brain”? “I have no money and want you to give me your time for free because I have not been taught how to build great mentoring relationships in my spiritual life or business.”

Hope that doesn’t come across offensively but that’s what people do all the time and when this happens they have just HUGELY sabotaged themselves.

Here’s the point. You always want to have content you give away for FREE but another track for people who are prepared to book a move:). When you are ready to build actual results and not just hypothetically think or pray about it…you take specific actions like investing time and money to get the help you need. This is NORMAL for successful people. For example, I say..”May I have 30 minutes of your time to ask you a couple questions about how you have cultivated a great marriage (ministry, business, parenting). I promise I will not go over 30 minutes and would you do me the honor of purchasing your breakfast. I much value your opinion. May I email your assistant and have her schedule me in perhaps in the next month. Now, at this point, they typically give me their email and number because they are impressed with the fact I value them and are not just asking them to give me something for free. This has worked successfully for me for over thirty years. I end the meeting exactly when I told them I would and not a minute over. If I feel like the time was essential to my growth, I move forward into more significant investments with them.

For example, I say..”May I have 30 minutes of your time to ask you a couple questions about how you have cultivated a great marriage (ministry, business, parenting). I promise I will not go over 30 minutes and would you do me the honor of purchasing your breakfast. I greatly value your opinion. May I email your assistant and have her schedule me in perhaps in the next month. Now, at this point, they typically give me their email and number because they are impressed with the fact I value them and are not just asking them to give me something for free. This has worked successfully for me for over thirty years. I  end the meeting exactly when I told them I would and not a minute over. If I feel like the time was essential to my growth, I ask them directly how I might access more of their expertise by reading the books they have written or hire them for coaching or mentoring.

What does this have to do with your sales funnel? I want you to flip this scenario, and now you are the sought out mentor.

You want to provide your potential client with a “coffee and connect” offer that will answer a specific challenge they have for around the price of a classy breakfast. ($25.00). This is the first time connect point, so you want to create a product that is high quality and activates faith in you as a mentor. For example, I have a product called Biblical Vision Casting (instead of a dream board:) Every once in a while I will put out a promo code to take 50% off for a short amount of time.  This training is unique in that I break down for my clients exactly how to tell the difference between a biblical vision and new age “name it, claim it, envision it mantra stuff.” I show them exactly what to put on their board, the scriptures behind the mindsets and how they can use stir their hearts to move out of survival mode into PROMISES! I also provide them with a time management course at no extra cost. This is so popular because once people realize they do have a compelling vision of God, they can activate their faith at a high level to make it prosper! All you need to know for your clientele is that you want to take the time to create a quality product. Remember, quality products deliver concrete and tangible results. 

After you create the product, you want to then place it on a landing page that you can drive traffic towards through your website, Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, etc. Now, the first purchase that people make with you is usually a make or break one because they are either going to feel like you over-delivered and are faithful with their money or you wrote a bunch of excited sales speech, and you’ve lost their trust. If you can gain it, you are now positioned to help them take the next step into a more robust investment.

Some of the things you want to put on your lead page is a clear understanding of the feelings you’re customer will experience after they make the right choice to invest with you. Why NOT taking action will completely sabotage their needed results, and the practical reason’s why investing in this product is a right decision.  Remember, no need to hype. Just be you and take the time to create something if you purchased for that amount of money, you would feel BLESSED to have invested in! Now, onto step 3 in the cycle, Transformation!

Faith Forward, Love Bec:)

5 Steps To Building A No Hype Sales Funnel

After you begin to solidify your leadership model and walk consistently in authority, the next order of agenda is establishing a system that takes people from the beginning of contact with you to being a customer or in the case of non-profits, members. Today, I want to begin sharing this process with you by talking about the first C which is CONNECTION!

During this first point, your goal is to establish trust and to initiate some form of relationship by making potential clients aware of how you can serve them. When you’re beginning to grow your expertise, the objective is to build an authentic connection, so they trust you as a resource for helping them grow into the life and result’s they desire.

What I found in my coaching practice was that because I chose to grow my business through my story on how Christ helped me overcome,  I had to be thoughtful about how I marketed. My ultimate goal was to be able to do for a living what I was passionate about: Helping people get free in Christ and then share how they did that with others through writing, speaking, coaching or their own non-profit or business. I had already been part of two church planting teams and knew God wasn’t calling me to church plant but rather on the mountain of business.

If I came across pushy or too intense, it caused people to accuse me of being greedy and using the gospel to profit. If I wasn’t able to touch on what was causing people pain and communicate that in a compelling way, I couldn’t make money consistently and I wasn’t going to survive my first couple years coaching! So honestly, in the first level, I made it a point to really examine my heart before God so my conscience was clear, write down and communicate consistently my core leadership beliefs to people and show them how overcoming spiritual warfare was going to glorify God. All the leadership coaching I did and still do today is basically taking people through the process of breaking out of victimization mindsets and into courageous actions.

Honestly, this took trial and error, watching the struggles that people had and writing consistently every day because I had to be able to create momentum or a buzz about what I could help people gain result wise through the grace of God on my life. I had no marketing background or business training, but I did know how to pray, take action and minister to people’s needs because I had been doing this for decades already.

I developed a plan for delivering one blog a week and one conference call a month that was free. The first year I did 12 conference calls and broke up writing them into four blogs. So mainly I came up with the next month’s conference call and just sectioned them into four separate blogs. When I had written all of those, I smushed them together and did a live conference call where I presented the content, and then I prayed with people at the end of the call. Now, prayer is part of my identity, and God has graced me to pray boldly, and it’s something people find that attracts them to my life and business. What I want to make clear to you that it only works because it’s WHO I AM Identity-wise. I didn’t start praying with people when I launched a business. I had been living a bold prayer life since I had received Christ in my early twenties. It was a lifeline to me and part of my personal leadership model. This is crucial if you want to be authentic and fruitful. My top three core leadership principles are daily prayer, 1 hour of cardio and staying consistent with the mission God has given me. (Which means you need to craft your vision and manage your time excellently)

When they signed up for my conference call, they were put on my email list, and that’s how I began to send out weekly blogs. Sometimes people unsubscribed after the first teleconference but most of them stayed, and now I was touching base with them every week as an Identity Expert with their permission. This is way better than just putting people on a list without them giving you permission.

The next thing I learned to do was offer special 14 days series that required another email sign up, and that was very specific about what result’s it helped them gain. For example, last year I created a 14 Day Messenger Series that helped my clients discover their boldest identity zones, who they were anointed to serve and how to get started marketing to this audience!

Why this is important is you are teaching your audience how to trust you and take action in the direction that you can serve them in. I give very specific homework on this series because I want them to associate my coaching with having to not just pray for their clients but create content that solves problems in very specific ways.

Again, what your doing by creating opt-ins is attracting a more narrow audience within your current list. Those who sign up for opt-ins within your subscriber list are actually warm leads now.

When I first began doing this I would create numbers of free opt-ins and see which one’s were the most popular. When I ascertained this I would create a team or workshop that helped solved this problem and integrate it into my coaching for that year. This is how I began to branch out of just one on one coaching into teams, seminars and workshops.

Meanwhile, the great thing is while you’re doing this, you’re still touching base with people weekly, and sending them weekly growth tips in your industry. This also takes you to the next phase which is what I call the connect with coffee! You can read that here!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

How To Create An Expectations Document

An expectations document is important to send to your new client as they begin coaching with you. It helps you communicate what you expect as people come into your programs and how they can be successful. It also gives clear instructions on what they can expect from you and how you will serve them.

We cannot expect what we are not communicating clearly and consistently and as you take time to develop this, you will see how this benefits you in avoiding tension. It will also help your clients feel safe as they know exactly what their boundaries are and what they can expect from you as far as execution, pace and goals.

I have expectation documents for my personal coaching programs, all my teams and the results have been fantastic. Rarely is there miscommunication, disappointment or do I have clients ask me for refunds. It doesn’t happen because this one document helps them understand quickly if they are a good fit for my programs and what I can help them accomplish if they follow my instructions exactly.

Here is an example from my foundational leadership program, Bold Identity that I had for my first coaching business, SUCCESSnotsabotage. It will give you an idea of what you want to include in yours.

Welcome to The Bold Identity Team!

A monthly Christian leadership and coaching program for mindset training. Your three main goals in this team will be to become consistent in prayer, fitness and communicating boldly a clear vision.

Our team focus

The Bold Identity team was our first program we launched to help Christian’s build success through their identity in Christ. We have taught these principles to the upwards of hundreds of people with powerful results. Our testimonies point to the grace God has given us to help you break out of decades of sabotaging patterns into long-term CONSISTENT success.

This team requires no ongoing commitment financially and you can come in and go out at your pace and desire.

Every Friday, the chapter for the week is loaded (We recycle through 8 chapters) and often times I will load a video to accompany it and give you additional homework for team discussion. I will be in and out the team the whole week, typically at lunch time or in the evening reading over your work. I will acknowledge your post by liking it and if I feel like I can give you a quick tweak, I will add something to your post.

Every month, I do a live, free conference call that will be announced. The recording is uploaded into our team and you have free access to it even if I turn it into a paid product.

We rotate through this content every 8 weeks because often times where there have been inter-generational strongholds, you cannot learn the concept, deep enough to have change in one training session. I want to give you time to have your identity solidified which is why I have made this team so affordable. Depending on your focus and intensity, it can take many months to practice and integrate the principles we share. Failing, trying again and then building success. This is normal in leadership coaching.

During the week, one of my team facilitators will be here to help with small topics and questions that come up and if you have a question, you can tag Hena or myself and we will try and answer it as quickly as possible. Again, the focus for this team is vision casting, growing in prayer consistency, fitness and communicating boldly. We want you to establish your leadership, solidify your identity here and become a person who finishes what you start so even though we load training video’s on various topics occasionally, most of your training will be around these three core applications.

Because we have people from all different kinds of denominational beliefs, we ask that you share your thoughts in a considerate and kind way if you disagree with what others have posted. We are not a therapy group!!! You are free to process out pain by sharing difficult things you are going through, but we are a coaching team. If you come across like you are not taking enough ownership, you can be guaranteed we will ask you to take an action. It is not our job to chase you in this team to be on the calls, post and engage. We cultivate leaders who will coach and speak and carry authority so we expect you to take ownership in our team.

You will be asked to facilitate and lead a call to cultivate your leadership!

You will get out of this team what you put into it.  You will be asked to facilitate our team material in order to help you grow as a leader. First key, read the chapter in your prayer time. Share with us a bit about yourself (5 minutes or less) and then be prepared to talk about what kind of mindsets and actions the team can take to be successful from your perspective. Also, pray for your people who will be showing up. That God would anoint you to SERVE THEM POWERFULLY. I want to help you learn how to be a conduit in this team and I will give you feedback on how you presented yourself as a leader, ask you questions so you can communicate to the team your thoughts in a clearer way and I will not leave you on the line alone. We will facilitate together! 

If you are not completely satisfied with our team in the first 30 days and you have done all the work and were on all our calls, we will refund your money, no questions asked. After you are in our team for a month, and you decide to stay, we do not refund money nor will any successful coaching company as your results are based on your effort.

If you decide to leave our team, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON PAYPAL.  We do not cancel your subscription for you. When you cancel your membership, you will be removed out of the team.

We appreciate and pray for everyone in our team. Please know however, when it comes to matters of faith, and all the clients I serve, I cannot endorse any speaker, video, blogger that is shared in our group. I don’t hinder people loading content but unless it’s loaded by me, it’s not an endorsement from me.

Lastly, if you are a coach or speaker, do not load your own content, teleconferences, etc. in my teams. That would be rather cheesy as you are using my teams to promote your brand. Also, do not solicit my clients for your own business. I love helping my clients grow their own brands but I have another team for that and I will show you how to do your own lead generation. If I find out you have solicited my clients, I will promptly remove you off my list and teams.

Any questions? You can email me at….

Do you need help growing your first $25,000 in sales? Let me send you my START NOW package which includes my entire book, 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare that addresses the tension all Christians go through to become influencers as well as a free audio on what you need in place to be successful as a Christian coach.

8 Tips On How To Get Started Speaking In Your Community

There are a lot of small business ideas that people come up with to attract clients, but speaking needs to be at the top of your list. Speaking gives your clients an opportunity to experience the power of coaching and activate their faith for more of what work they want to do in their life.

It’s well worth the time you will put into training. Public speaking is one of the main characteristics of powerful and influential men and women. I have been reading a book this week called Giants about the parallel lives of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. These two men broke through the racial tension in their generation and here’s what this has to do with you and me.

Both these men were illiterate and poverty stricken. The way they broke out of these poverty mindsets was to invest hours a week into learning how to speak in an influential way.

1. Do not be afraid to speak for free for at churches. Again, just ask ahead if you can share with the audience what you have going on to serve them if they want more. Bring your coaching manual with you and just have a few available for people to see. Pastors WANT to help their people grow, and they appreciate people coming in and lifting the leadership load off of them. Great examples of who to reach out to are the men’s and women’s groups, addiction or recovery, career transition, business teams, singles, widows, the over 50 classes. Create a template to reach out to churches with, ask your friends for specific names and send off the letters to reach out. Just remember to always follow up with a phone call within a week.

2. Speak in your local community. Business networking groups (there are a ton), Lions Club, Athletic Organizations, Kiwanis, Newcomers Clubs, Chamber meetings, local college campus organizations. The list is endless. These groups always need speakers and are open to being contacted. You need to be bold and get pictures while you’re there. You can use them in your marketing later on.

3. Send a private message to everyone you know on Facebook, letting them know your topic and that you would be honored to serve them at no cost in their home with their friends or in their ladies groups at church and work. Likewise, let people know on Twitter that you speak at no cost locally. Better yet, develop a speaking page on your site and tweet that once or twice a week.

4. Make a little prayer card in the morning with this scripture, and I pray it over yourself daily. I saw myself speaking and serving people even though the conduit was through business; my heart is ministry. I got this from Colossians 4:3 if you want reference.

Lord, I ask you to open a door for my message, so that I may proclaim the mystery of Christ. Use my business to bring people to you. Give me favor before even unsaved people.

5. When you finish speaking for one organization, ask the individual who invited you for one or two referrals. You can also let people know right from the platform that you speak and have an incentive for individuals who can give you a name to connect with.

5. Create a short video and use it for your site and for pitching potential prospects. This is great for sending to conference leaders.

6. Let the professional organizations you are part of know that you are available for speaking. This is a wonderful way to serve and to open up new speaking opportunities.

7. Do your own Saturday presentation and speak for one hour. Advertise it on social media and through your existing platform. You will gain clients, learn how to create copy and create momentum for your business.

8. Drop in on receptionists and professionals and offer to do a lunch and learn for their teams. This can require a little investment on the front end and some cold calling but pay out big with larger corporate clients. I did this when I was a top-performer in sales.

Okay, so these are no cost business ideas that require nothing but boldness. Make sure you cultivate on the back-end by ALWAYS having a free PDF or audio to give to people if they sign up for your newsletter. Pass that around the room while you are speaking.

Ready to begin transforming lives through Christian coaching with your message? You can START NOW. I personally meet with you to pray and give you next steps for your business!

Love, Bec:)

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