Why God Is Telling You To Write A Book

In today’s video I talk about what writing blogs or a book is really about from a spiritual and practical point of view. So many times people minimize the desire’s in their heart, not stewarding them properly because they can’t see ahead how the small details are going to get worked out. This is called a lack of faith:)

Today I am going to share with you what the enemy does not want you to discover about the influence you will have and the transformation you will bring to others. There are three specific reasons if not more, that when you learn this, will FUEL your faith to get started writing down your strategies and your thoughts.

You’re getting ready to move from a one to many model.

You’re getting ready to see God use your strategies in a way that will help other people go through the same challenges with more faith, more clarity and God get the glory instead of just surviving.

You’re getting ready to have an intergenerational impact. Think about the apostles one letter to the Ephesians. Holy Spirit inspired words that have had a global impact. For thousands of years Christians have been strengthened, and the word of God spread because the apostles took the time in between being stoned and shipwrecked to encourage others.

Lastly, after this book is written, it could be a message that opens doors for speaking or coaches people through powerful transformation. To find out how you can get started today overcoming the spiritual warfare and growing a profitable Christian coaching business, sign up for my START NOW package today.

7 Ways To Write Powerfully & Bring Transformation

I started off with just a desire to share what God had done for me. I felt prompted to write and coach. I majored in Criminology in college and frankly, I still get emails today telling me I have grammar mistakes:)

I had nothing but a feeling or impression in my heart that was simply. “Pray for people, Coach, Write.”

It wouldn’t go away. I remember finishing my first TERRIBLE short manuscript and asking a friend to go through it and tell me what she thought. She returned it to me with pen scribbles, feedback and it left me with nothing but overwhelm, and this feeling of WHY BOTHER! I had a blog but didn’t know what to do with it.

But here’s the thing, I didn’t quit. I kept writing every day for one hour, and in one month all those terrible paragraphs turned into a website, 100 training blogs, 4 coaching systems, 3 coaching programs to teach other people to transform lives, (my first published book) and frankly the feeling of significance I have received from watching what the enemy stole from me be turned into 90 fold return for the kingdom of God. Fist pump for Jesus!

So, listen. Here are eight ways to push past the fear of failure and write every day so you can  transform lives for the kingdom through your message!

  1. Set your bedtime an hour earlier than you normally do and get up one full hour early.  I have always gotten up at 5 am. When I am writing a book or coaching manual, I get up at 4. Why? Because I am at a high level of clarity and focus at this time and can write without any interrupting my flow. Try this for one week. If it doesn’t work, pick a new time and try that for a week. The point is to find what works for you and be consistent.
  2. The objective is to write three sentences, not three paragraphs. If you write three paragraphs, you’re ahead, but frankly, it takes me about an hour to write a decent blog. I don’t publish it the day I write it because I go back the next day and shorten non-important thoughts. The second day is typically the tweak day along with writing three more clarifying sentences if I am writing more than a blog. I write for one hour without judging myself.
  3. If I am struggling with clarity, I do a little research. I read what other people have written on the subject. I NEVER write about what I haven’t walked or experienced in my life or with my clients. I want to offer tried and true tips that are result oriented. So read other people’s thoughts but write results you have experienced or breakthrough’s your clients have received.
  4. If you’re stuck, go back through your journaling. Often you will remember a thought that can be expanded upon to serve others. The emotions of the pain are something that I constantly try to focus on as it’s very powerful for people when they feel understood, and you give them hope.
  5. Think of how what you’re writing points people to their identity in Christ. If it does not bring a greater dependence on the Lord, then it is self-improvement, not identity work. Business strategies are the exception.
  6. If you are stuck for more than three days, there is a chance you could be under spiritual warfare. Take authority over any mind-binding spirits on assignment to block your influence. Ask the Lord if there is any un-forgiveness in your heart or lack of faith. Speak the word over yourself and then get back to work.
  7. Have a conversation about this topic with the Lord in prayer. Visualize you and he talking about this challenge. Ask him what he would have to say to you and then begin to write down what you hear him say.

Hope this helps you begin to write. The world needs your message! If you need accountability and business training to help you grow your message, let me send you my START HERE package!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

Your Website Header: The Identity Zone Definer

Making money begins with people being able to tell immediately what you do and how you serve. Typically you have only 5 seconds when people land on your page for them to go into your site further or leave. This is why your header is so important. Buying a template can be intimidating for some people, and they make the mistake of thinking they are not technologically savvy enough to learn.

You need to buy one that you can work on yourself, and I have been using Michael’s Hyatt’s theme, Get Noticed, for years as it’s the one I have suggested for my business clients. Lance Wallnau has recently moved to it, so I am going to use Lance’s header for example for you.

Here are some of the things that are going to be on your header.

What your IDENTITY IS. (What do you activate in your clients?) Need help with this? Join my leadership team I will be doing training on how to discover this! 

HOW it will happen for them. (By living their passion, succeed in their assignment. He uses two short branding statements.

What they can have for FREE that you have written so they can “get” how you coach. This is called an opt-in offer.  I keep mine on the right side bar and rotate them. Some people keep their’s at the very top like Lance. This theme makes sliding the opt-in under the header, really simple.  Lance did a great job with this header by having someone get a professional shot of him SMILING and looking expectant! Then, he had someone black out the background. You can produce this look for around $10.00 on Fiverr. No kidding. You do not need a web designer who will charge you $5,000 to do this. This theme is around $300.00 and has all the bells and whistles you need to start growing your platform!

The bottom line is, create your website first. This will force you to think of tangible results that you provide for your clients and what they need from you. You don’t want to be a generic “life coach.”  You want to use the specific giftings and places in your life where you have overcome and helped other people build success to elevate your message. Experts get paid a lot more money than generalists.

Many times clients will come to me and tell me they want to coach, write a book, or be a speaker but they haven’t spent enough time building their leadership and becoming an overcomer.  Understand if you want to grow a platform and brand out of your IDENTITY as a Christian, then you’re going to have to be willing to take the places in your life where you have been broken and talk about it in a way that is compelling. You will have to brand that on your website and write about your core identity consistently. Be content to start where you are, built some clients testimonials and then grow out of that success.

Take ownership of your site and build your brand, you can do it, and you will learn how to create a great brand as you work on your site!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

Launching Your Business Begins With Confession

Acts 14:9-10

He listened to Paul speaking. And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.” And he sprang up and began walking.

You know we all have the places in our that make us feel unqualified.  And then one day, God sent someone into life to HEAL his heart, and he was able to receive it because of FAITH. Do you know what happened to this man the moment he was healed? He became a messenger and started sharing Jesus with everyone. He went from NO identity to deeply loved, highly favored and appointed by Jesus himself. Love:)

Now, I want to tell you what Jesus did for me and how you can get started living your dream of reaching people for Christ through blogging, writing your systems, speaking or coaching. 

I am not going to spend any time telling you about my accreditation for coaching, the money I have made, how many people I have set free through Christ and how you need to follow me. I am going to tell you about how lame my heart was and how God activated my faith to receive my healing and how he can activate yours.

A decade ago, Jay and I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars.  I was close to 40, and every part of my core identity that was important to me was unraveling. It’s actually what gave me a revelation to launch my identity coaching business. But here’s what’s important for you to know! 

I was lame in my heart, and my confession reflected my lack of faith.

My hope of being a good mother, my ability to teach (I had homeschooled 3 of my children), my heart to connect people with God through prayer, my finances, my trust with my closest friendships and mentors. The year ended with my first born son being kicked out a private Christian homeschool academy, ONE WEEK before he graduated(how does that happen?) and then an identity theft for almost a million dollars.(how is that possible?)

That was my breaking point. It sent me over the edge.

I was literally in survival mode. Living moment to moment and trying to resist drinks with umbrella’s in them to medicate the pain. I had grown up in an alcoholic home and had gotten free from alcohol myself, but I am just honest. I was hurting so bad, all the old temptation to numb the pain was calling my name personally.

The only thing I knew to do was cry out to God over and over in prayer. There were three things that happened every-time I got up every day.

1. I heard this=> Becky; you’re a complete failure. Everything you have built in the past decade was a complete mirage. You’re so NAIVE.  It will take 20 years to build back what you have lost.  (It didn’t)
2. I prayed and heard crickets. Couldn’t understand God, had no ability to vision-cast. Would think I heard something, start doing it then quit and beat myself up.
3. Try harder. Beat me up. I was sliding into an abyss of depression and despair. Talked to the wrong friends because I was so emotionally desperate for affirmation and they did nothing but create more fear and more double-mindedness for me in this season of my life. They couldn’t help me because they weren’t pioneering anything BOLD themselves. (make a note to yourself on that one, it’s a freebie)

All three things I was doing was taking me nowhere fast.  I felt alone in the dark and hope was slipping away. And then I encountered someone who was a speaker and coach. And on that day, I remember watching her and thought to myself. That’s what I want to do. I want to encourage other people through speaking and coaching. And slowly, I felt strengthened in the faith as I thought about launching my own business supporting others. I was encouraged about WHO I could become identity wise. So, I began to come into agreement with my confession with my heart’s desires.

I AM a speaker and coach. I AM anointed to break yokes of bondage off of people through speaking and coaching.

 I didn’t have a lot of clarity, but I thought it would be fun to write a couple of books or manuals on how to be successful and make a couple thousand a month. I wasn’t thinking very big in the beginning. I hope that isn’t too real for you, but it’s the truth. I just had a little bit of hope. A little bit of faith and so I just started praying this way.

“Lord, I believe this is what you have given me to bring joy into my life again.  I am going to follow the joy.”

I didn’t have this BECKY, I HAVE CALLED YOU TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER AND YOU WILL COACH THOUSANDS GLOBALLY. Nope, I had I a couple fishes and so that’s what I got started with and you need to also. So, here’s your assignment for today. What do you have in your hand that you can get started with?

Do you have a computer? That’s one fish.
Do you have a smart phone to connect and listen to podcasts or training? That’s a fish.
Do you have a couple hours a week to devote to building your vision? That’s another fish.
 Do you have an ability to write or speak? That’s another fish.
Do you have some things you have overcome so you could help someone else become successful? Thats another fish.
 Do you have a little grocery money you could spend towards your vision instead of pizza? Thats another fish.

I want you to write down everything you know you have in your hand, even the money part. And here’s what I want you to do. Think of the biggest amount of money you could put aside every month for a year if you had too to spend on creating your vision. (Mow lawns if you have too or bake cookies) When you think about it, think in terms of you KNEW this was going to help you build the vision. Not you hoped! Because you don’t want to be planting seed with NO FAITH.

 Now, stop and pray over your fishes right now.

Pray this with me. Father, in the name of Jesus. I bring to you my hopes of reaching people for you. I bring my talents and my fishes. I ask you O LORD to sanctify them, consecrate them and set me aside for your kingdom work. I trust you to turn what the enemy meant for evil into something beautiful, powerful and EFFECTIVE for the kingdom. I trust you Lord, I will obey you fully. Amen

 Now if you’re ready to step out in faith and join my leadership team. I will teach you everything about how to activate faith in others, how to serve them practically in business and how to turn every sabotage you have had into a success for JESUS.

Love, Bec:)

Courage Should Be The Focus Of Everything You Do

Taking courageous action should be the focus of every decision you make daily.

When you’re first learning how to overcome spiritual warfare, discover who you are identity-wise and grow in authority there is a tendency to back down from new tension. To confuse obstacles or rejection as who you are identity-wise. As your identity solidifies and you take more ground, you’re going to have new problems you have to solve from a leadership perspective. Mostly, these crop up when you begin to impact people with your unique message and testimony. 

You see, it’s one thing to share a story from a book. It’s a whole different level of impact when you are telling someone how God gave you breakthrough. There is a tangible anointing on this and that story creates tension for the enemy. So guess what? You’re going to have to discern whether your challenges are just leadership lessons or actual spiritual warfare. Sometimes, it’s both!

Here’s an example: I was coaching an individual into creating their brand and how to begin to communicate that from a marketing perspective. They told me point blank that they had worked for the church for a long time but felt like God was calling them to birth their message and they wanted to speak and develop books, coach and speak with their message. So, that means you have begun to tell people who you are now and how you are serving that’s different than what you did before.

The week they began to commit to this action and began to share what they were doing on social media, their superiors told this person that they were spending too much time connecting with others on social media and they needed just to focus on their ministry work.

The client came to me in a panic wanting to shut down their social media channel and shared that they were now struggling with maybe they missed the timing of when to launch. The first challenge they were already doubting if God had spoken to them and they were ready to ditch everything they had started!

Did they miss God? NO!

Where is the focus in this warfare? Job security and creating double-mindedness about creating their own message instead of sticking to the old job and old comfortable wine-skin.

Where should your focus be? On obeying God and serving the people, HE is calling you to serve in the next season with YOUR identity. So, here’s how we solved this issue.

So I asked more questions. Break down for me exactly what you’re doing.

Come to find out this person was commenting on five to 10 people’s blogs and status updates a day. They were hoping they would be asked to speak, blog or be highlighted by another leader if they encouraged others. Their boss saw it and wondered why they were on social media on their dime.

Valid point. I asked the client to stop doing that and instead block 30 minutes when they got home from work to PRE-SCHEDULE their social media so it was on their personal time. I also asked them to communicate this to their boss so he knew he was not paying this individual to grow their own platform.

The next problem solved=> When you’re building a NEW YOU or developing that identity into a brand, you need to be focused on creating content and service that position YOU as an expert and help people understand WHAT YOU DO TO SOLVE THEIR PAIN. Your connecting gift needs to be used in a different way. God is trying to enlarge you to address the problems for people from a kingdom perspective. Much of what the real issue was with this client was they were looking for affirmation back if they encouraged others. You’re not seeking affirmation. You’re seeking to communicate HOW YOU SERVE. They were also hoping for an open door from someone with a bigger name brand. Personally, I have never liked nor sought to grow this way because it can turn into people pleasing. Big no-no in my book. If it happens great but don’t purposely seek this out.

In a nutshell. There is nothing that will transform lives for the kingdom of God then sharing how Christ delivered you. How he moved you from an old sabotaging identity into the new one that you currently carry.

When you’re first starting to build your identity and your brand, it’s all about you staying SUPER ZONED and creating enough material that you can take people through a process that get’s them a result. You then, PRE-SCHEDULE your status updates, so you stay focused and you create ways to serve weekly and monthly whether that’s from a blog, podcast or monthly teleconferences like I used to grow in the beginning.

Therefore….all the focus you have on your time is on creating a funnel for people to move through that will help them keep growing. As you begin to catch this mindset and implement it, you’re going to get spiritual warfare. Why? Because the enemy does not want you FOCUSED, STRONG and SERVING POWERFULLY.

Today, make the decision. I am not backing down from tension. I am going to keep my focus, stay consistent with my identity and service. Need help building a platform to share your message with grace? Get my START NOW package where I send you the resources you need to overcome the spiritual warfare that goes along with influencing and how to get started practically with Christian coaching!

Love, Bec:)

Foundations For Coaching Profits

One of the things that attracted me to Christian coaching was that I was would experience ON GOING personal growth. I was going to be positioned for continuous breakthrough and that I would be able to reap financially from doing what I loved for a living.

One of the quickest ways to build success is to simply follow a model and someone who has pioneered it successfully. If you have a desire to see your influence MULTIPLY then developing your signature system will enable you to do the following:
  • Solidify your leadership and identify where you’re leaking out confidence.
  • Create powerful content for speaking or seminars you create.
  • A systematic way for you to disciple through your resurrection message!
The truth is developing your own system OPENS up an ability for you to inspire people and give them accurate results that you can reproduce over and over again for others. I am intent on providing the people that I serve with everything they need to grow a profitable coaching business for one reason.
So they can CHANGE LIVES for CHRIST.

With this said, there are a couple of things to think about from a leadership standpoint that you must block time to do on a weekly basis or you’re essentially going to cap your ability to grow credibility and profits.  None of them are complicated, but they do require you being consistent. When I have clients hire me to do branding work with them, these are the basics I talk about.

  1. Do you have a website in place that you have ownership over and you personally UNDERSTAND?  Now, here’s the reason for the caps. I can’t tell you the number of people who hire me who’s brother, friend, someone in their congregation is running for them. This is not ideal mainly because you’re dependent on someone else for your pacing. Never put pacing for your growth in anyone’s hand unless you can give them a job to do on your site and you have it done in 3 hours (and you can pay good money for that as it’s not cheap). You’re going to have to blog weekly, create landing pages with check out buttons and tons of other things that affect your ability to make money. This one area can literally launch you into $100,000, or you can hear crickets. Trust me, buy a great template and learn how to work it.
  2. Are you building a tribe you love and that loves you? Get an email capture system for your website and a great giveaway. If not, every time you speak, run into someone in the grocery store or a networking meeting, you have no way for these people to STAY CONNECTED with you that love meeting you and need help! This is a huge point to building and serving a tribe that is loyal that refers you and that you personally love. Think about it this way, a pastor speaks weekly to his or her congregation. They hear the preacher’s heart, the vision, how to become a better disciple of Christ. They build trust in the pastor and that he will take care of them. If someone visits the church, they are given a little gift card if they fill out a card so people can follow up on them and invite them back to church. Why? So they get connected in with spiritual family. This is what you want to do as a coach. You want to build spiritual family. You have to get used to writing something weekly that is going to help everyone stay focused on the coaching goal you like to help them produce. Write and do video’s weekly to serve your tribe. Let them get to know that you love them and want the best for them and they can trust your heart!
  3. Always be doing something monthly to serve people and bring in new leads. I grew my first $25,000 in coaching by doing free teleconferences monthly while I blogged and wrote my first system. I had a very small list of about two hundred and fifty people and closed that out of just what I am describing above. However, I was consistent with offering new teleconferences, blogging weekly and offering discounts on my coaching if people acted quickly right after my calls. I had some speaking opportunities but I mostly marketed on social media for free! I teach this at my Summit yearly. If you don’t use my system for marketing, you will have to come up with your own. I can tell you this too if you’re looking to grow your own coaching practice, watch out for organizations that promise to channel you leads. Ask to speak to 10 or 20 of their coaches who make money from this. What you’re looking for is how much money those coaches invested into the lead generation system and how much each client they are referred is worth. Most of the time these organizations are high on hype marketing and are a scam. The best leads you gain are going to come from HOW YOU SERVE out of your own identity and experience as these will turn into ranting and raving clients and also real Christ like transformation for those you serve. Authenticity is slower but the best way to grow!

There are not any short cuts to running a ministry or a business. It’s hard work, focused serving, and patience. Make sure you’re blocking time minimally once a week to come up with fresh content, and you’re sending it out to your tribe routinely. Who needs hype? Find your bold identity zone of branding and service and what you’ll find is you LOVE your clients, and you’re serving out of an overflow. This is authentic, and the people you serve will love and refer plenty of people to you!

P.S. Come join me on my private Leadership team where I will show you how to grow with grace!

Becky Harmon, Identity Expert

How To Deal With Writers Block

Writer’s block can be spiritual warfare if you are attempting to transform lives through Christ. Many times people do not realize how deeply entrenched their defense mechanisms are until they go to produce their coaching systems, blogs, books or even speak.  I have seen many times at my events; people get “writer’s block” when they go to write down the strategies that God has given them on helping others. In actuality what is happening is they are confronting mindsets that need to be renewed in Christ.

We all have ways we cope with pain. I try and help my clients and coaches realize that it was normal to create defense mechanisms when they were young or in the world, but when we receive Christ, the way we deal with hurt changes powerfully. Essentially defense mechanisms once we are in Christ are used to distance us from God, people and prevent us from repenting so we can receive more grace.

Sometimes Christians create defense mechanisms to prevent them from having to take action or confront situations that they do not have the courage to communicate. Most of this time this is because there is idolatry still in place in their life that needs to be addressed and repented of.

The Sabotage- Not recognizing spiritual warfare

What I have seen over and over is individuals who do not have a consistent prayer life applying their identity in Christ, daily cardio in place and a vision for the future are more likely to have to resort to defense mechanisms to help them process stress. This is sabotaging primarily because it keeps you “half in the world” and “half in the spirit realm.” So you’re always vacillating between flesh and spirit, and you do not have the ability to lay hold of the vision God has given you.

For example, sometimes people tell me they are struggling with something a therapist would call displacement. This is when you don’t feel able to express your feelings in a safe manner to the person they are directed at or when you do this; the person is not listening. So, sometimes the person begins to deal with depression or they get mad at the kids instead because they can control them. When it becomes depression, this is essential because they start introverting. They feel out of control and have no hope that God will change this situation.This causes problems in your relationship with God and also in your ability to be intimate with people. If you’re in a place where God is trying to enlarge you and multiply you, you will suddenly get “blocked” in your vision or in your writing.

The solution to SUCCESS? However, in our identity in Christ, we ALWAYS have hope, and God makes a way where there is no way.  This problem is attacked much differently in prayer then it is in self-help or therapy for that matter.

  1. You have to get militant about the word of God, confessing your identity and team prayer. I am talking a minimal of 30 minutes a day as well as saturating all extra down time with worship music.
  2. You must take authority over any demonic interference in your life. Learn who you are in Christ and confess your identity daily.
  3. Boundaries have to be put into place immediately that bring you life and help you solve what is creating the conflict for you. No boundaries, no healing from defense mechanisms.
  4. You have to keep writing and serving. Push past the interference and into the service point God is calling you to without condemnation.

This takes time because what you will find is you’re going to layer down through multiple mechanisms you have created to protect your heart. They are long term and were learned from childhood. God can heal memories and restore lost time, but it takes a time to choose to run to God when you’re in pain and teach others to do the same. If you need help, work with me in my own Leadership team! 

Love, Bec:)

5 Tips For Launching A Life Coaching Business


life coaching

Before you move forward into becoming a Life Coach or speaker which I have to tell you is one of the most amazing and fulfilling callings, I want to offer you some thoughts to consider BEFORE launching.

When people come to me, and they want to grow their own consulting or coaching practice, they sometimes under-estimate the amount of work that is necessary to grow a business from the ground up. This is especially true for those who have no knowledge of how to build a platform, write, social media or how to be able to juggle ten balls a day until you have momentum.

I love faith. I love the passion, but the truth is that will have to be balanced with a BUTT-LOAD of work if you don’t have someone opening the door for you or you are not an already established TV personality or book author. Building a brand is a lot of hard work and even more so if you don’t have a recognizable name. Here are some things to consider and prepare as you get ready to launch. I built my whole practice profitably with no connections, but I had to be very consistent and structured about how I marketed and the following will help you have the right mindset for serving people powerfully.

  1. Coaching is an unregulated industry. So, follow me on this line of thought. Your certification (which I think is helpful and recommend)  does not mean much as related to you gaining leads and growing profitably. It is not like becoming certified as an X-Ray technician means you are going to be able to walk into a job immediately. Or you graduated from seminary, so now you can work at a church.  Your certification just means you have training (by an unregulated industry)  on how to ask people questions and help them solve their problems. Unless you are aiming for a corporate track which is going to require specific training, this is important for you to understand, so you decide immediately what specific direction to follow to close sales. I have never had one person ask me where I went to coaching school. What they ask me is can you help me solve this specific problem.
  2. If you want to coach others on being an overcomer, make sure your identity is clear, bold and your leadership strong before you launch as if you’re identity is diluted, so, therefore, will be your BRAND. This is where my ministry experience helped me. I had a very intense experience coming out of an alcoholic home with God and him helping me problem solve in my own life out of some very sabotaging patterns. Food, alcohol, social anxiety, selfishness, running from confrontation. When I learned how to be an overcomer in my own life and grow my influence, I began to teach small neighborhood groups and take on more leadership in my secular job and church. I was consistent, and I had a history of successfully training others on how to live victoriously. This sounds simple but if you genuinely don’t feel like you have accomplished anything significant through God than you probably shouldn’t launch a faith-based BUSINESS because you’re not going to be able to attract any clients. People are attracted to confidence and clarity of vision. Start attacking some big goals on a personal leadership level if you need more identity work.
  3. I realized pretty quickly in my coaching that if I was going to fill a pipe line and make money I was going to have to discover what my unique expertise was. This is now what I teach in my yearly Summit, as staying in your BOLD IDENTITY ZONE.  When you were in coaching school, they might have called this niching. I have a little different slant on that because of my bend for how God transforms people. It is always through the boldness of the messenger and a TESTIMONY that is authentic, truthful and has DEMONSTRATION on it. Don’t worry about knowing everything about “God.” Just tell people what he had done for you and do it boldly. So, if God has never done anything for you to help you become an overcomer than guessing what? You’re faith is weak. But if God has TAKEN YOU THROUGH SOME THINGS and you learned how to help other people overcome that same thing, you’re now an EXPERT at something. And this is what I teach people to harness in a way that they can grow a pipe line without feeling slimy. Never be a nice, generic Christian. Be a Christian that walks in a demonstration of power!
  4. If you want to grow consistently, understand you will have to build a platform through speaking, social media or with connections that will give you consistent referrals. You will have to serve with blogs, teleconferences, speaking, videos. The pastor has a pulpit. You need to get ready to step into a “pulpit” once a week minimally. If you have no experience with social media than I suggest you learn before you launch this kind of business because you will have to learn it under pressure and all while writing and serving clients. Owning your own business is a sacrifice, and if you’re an introvert like me, you have to pace yourself but understand you’re going to have to work HARD, in the beginning, to grow successfully.
  5. Create one specific system for every three results you help people solve. This is key to keeping a pipe line full in addition to building a consistent marketing wheel. My first system was called Bold Identity, and I marketed specifically to people who wanted to become consistent in three specific areas of their life. Prayer, fitness and building a purposeful vision. What I found is when I began to create blogs, content, and FINISH writing the system, I suddenly began to receive divine appointments to help people accomplish those three things. Again, I had to work at it, but I lined up speaking, provided free teleconferences, blogged, all around these three specific results. People pay for RESULTS not “life coaching.” To this day, I don’t call myself a life coach. Because I’m not. I am great at helping people discover how to walk boldly and then multiply their message in others.

Have a desire to launch a business but need support? Join my Leadership team where I have all the resources and training to make your launch easier and faster.

Love, Bec:)

How To Move Into Your Life Purpose

Before I moved into my life purpose, I felt thankful for the opportunities and experiences I had but I had this “Is this is all there is void”. I was leading prayer for our church planting team, was a top producer in sales, had homeschooled 3 out of 4 of our children and yet, I just felt discontent.

And then the year that defined the next phase of my life came upon me and I decided to move into my boldest identity zone. It was a calculated risk. I had to resign from all my old work and be fully focused on building something I had no experience in. But here’s the truth, you will never step into your purpose and make an intergenerational impact in the world unless you are willing to burn your bridges and take the plunge by faith.

It’s the most epic adventure you will ever have. It will bring spiritual warfare but it will fulfill you with deep significance. Here’s the truth though. God may have already been speaking to you about what your deepest purpose is and yet fear is holding you back from committing to it.

So many times people sabotage their own success by waiting for too many signs from God before they step out in faith and take action. In the beginning your purpose is a fire. An excitement. A SPECULATION about what would bring you JOY to bring to the WORLD. You will begin in the outer circles of a bullseye and you will work your way in the more you cultivate your vision, the harder you work and when you learn how to not get distracted from serving people from spiritual warfare.

Come with me today and I will let you in on a conversation I had with a man this weekend who is READY to step into his greatest purpose. Perhaps this is where you are at!  Are you ready to begin to cultivate your own calling and DESTINY?

Then join me for this short BOLD PURPOSE training!

Love, Bec:)

Answer To “I Don’t Have Money”

Please Watch If You Want To Take Class But Don’t Have Money! from Becky Harmon on Vimeo.

Dear Friend!

I receive so many gut wrenching emails from those who want to be part of my Leadership Team but feel limited by their current financial state.

In this video I explain how I use to struggle with the same mindset and lack until someone challenged me with the thought process I am going to share with you today. It deeply transformed not just my finances but me as a servant leader. This one video could change WHO surrounds you and what result’s you receive this year. It’s well worth the time to watch.

Love, Bec:)


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