How To Identify Your Ideal Client

There are so many Christians who tell me they want to get paid to speak, write, coach or be an expert in their field—but without identifying your ideal client or audience, you won’t be able to be profitable doing what you love and what God has called you to do.

Stepping into your boldest identity zones and calling for your business is quite a journey, and it starts with a lot of ground work. Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s (woman’s) gift…brings him/her before great men” (NKJV). The biggest thing I want you to know today as you begin this process is you won’t have perfect clarity, so you have to move forward FIRST with courage. You will gain the clarity through the work like this I am giving you, but courage is what you need first to launch. Most Christians just get stuck on this first step because they keep waiting on God to drop down some open door for speaking, writing or coaching.

Your business won’t grow because you have a good heart, love God and pray hard. It will increase because you discover what concrete results you can produce for people and they will pay you for that. So, the faith and courage are what launches you out into your calling. The business work is what makes you grow.

As you do this consistently and faithfully, you are now positioned to walk in your higher purpose and greater calling. On a side note, this is often where you get more tension because you are impacting lives for Christ through your leadership and business.

These are all steps that are entirely healthy and necessary if you are going to want to get paid as a Christian speaker, coach, writer, public figure.

Narrow Down Your Boldest Identity Zones

What subjects could I teach on with passion and enthusiasm? When you begin to talk about this topic, do people sit up and pay attention? Write down 5 to 10 topics that you could talk about passionately. Circle your top 3 in red as possible bold identity zones. You want to narrow yourself down to three and stay focused on these. Are these 3 zones ones that you could spend 15 to 45 minutes a day acquiring more knowledge in, investing money into growing, and developing content around? If you can answer yes to this and you’re willing to do the work to move into being an expert in that realm, move forward into the next step.

Identify Who You Get Great Results With

Who specifically do I get the BEST results with? Male or female? Professional? Entrepreneurs? High-performance people? What is there approx age? Where do they live?  Are they single? Married? What do they do for fun? What causes do they give to? What kind of clubs do they belong to? Where do they vacation? Do they go to church? How do they spend money?

Identify Your Strengths

Ask yourself the following question: What do I love to talk about or do that will set me apart from my competition? Your goal for this step is to find out your “bold zone” that people will talk about and that you will even get referrals for. Bold prayer is this zone for me. It set me apart naturally as it was something that was an adamant part of my identity. I want to encourage you not to worry about mixing “God” and your business. BE YOU and BE YOU BOLDLY IN YOUR BRANDING.

Who will pay with gratefulness for what you do?

How can you create packages, programs, and products to serve at multiple levels? What will your price range be and what exactly can you provide in an over the top way to ensure you are going to be talked about and referred in an excellent way?

Do The Work To Build Credibility 

When you are an unknown figure and have no secure platform such as television, radio or a book you have published, you have to create it yourself. The easiest way to do this is through a website, weekly and monthly service offerings, building a list and creating products so that you develop name brand recognition. What happens eventually is by being faithful to steward all of this, your circle of influence is enlarged, and you are possibly given an open the door to the media or larger audiences.

The bottom line is your core values, your leadership and what you want to accomplish mission-wise for your audience is what your brand rotates around. WHO YOU are and what you want to produce in their lives. Your business name is just an extension of who you are in your personal life. The tighter identity work you do in your leadership, the better your branding clarity will be.  Enjoy your branding work! Need help with discovering your boldest identity zone?

Join me for this free series where I take you through my 14 days of discovering your boldest identity zones and how to become a messenger in an authentic way!

Love, Bec:)

Marketing For Christian Coaches

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. You do this by taking the time to translate your identity in Christ into a brand. The results of understanding your identity in Christ are enormous! It will help you grow in intimacy with God because you know how deeply he can be trusted. It will help you  overcome obstacles God’s way rather than striving and honestly, to do spiritual warfare correctly so you can break generational curses and set huge goals for your life that will glorify Christ. At a higher leadership level it will equip you to formulate your own vision and the momentum to complete it. This is why when you become a Christian, understanding your identity in Christ is so important.

Marketing your coaching business out of your boldest identity zones enables you to do the same thing. It will help you take the work Christ has given you as a testimony, identify it and then help you magnetize clients out that story. This is the same work a Pastor has to do to church plant. Every church has a unique identity and mission to make disciples and you do too. This is why you want to niche tightly in the beginning of your coaching.

It’s about not “preaching or selling to people” but rather serving them in such a way that they are drawn authentically to what you are offering. When you are pastoring a church, you have in person meetings at a set time on Sunday where people can come and listen at no cost to the revelation and training you have to give your members. If you are casting a strong vision under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and investing your financial and time resources well, your congregation will grow and they will willingly give their money to see the vision completed. This is authentic church growth. And might I add has the addition of the Holy Spirit on it with unity to confirm his presence.

I believe a Christian business is run the exact same way. We aren’t selling, we are serving. If you own your own faith based business you need to have consistent service that is dependable and people can count on, to be able to create an awareness in your audiences mind on who they become if they partner with you, continue to add programs that are going to help your clients grow and for you to use the same kind of identity words in your business over and over again until it becomes a recognized name. You have a platform that you use to communicate with your audience daily and weekly. This is the heart of marketing. Simply being able to serve CONSISTENTLY.  Your business or ministry is just an extension of the specific identity results that you help people get who partner with you.

Today, I wanted to share the simple schedule I use for marketing my business and serving my clients on a weekly basis.

Consistency = Credibility. If you can remember that as a foundation for your business, you will be wildly successful without hype and with peace.

I use 3 media outlets consistently: My Facebook business page, Twitter & LinkedIn.

I link them to a simple schedule vehicle called Hootsuite. This enables me to schedule in one place my posts without going to each individual outlet. You can get started with the personal account with Hootsuite with about $10.00 a month. And really, when you’re first starting out, you don’t need anymore than this. It takes me approximately 1 hour to schedule one day’s worth of posts.

Once a week I blog about either prayer, identity, leadership teaming or growth for coaches. I write my post within Michael Hyatt’s website theme, Getnoticed. I have used a lot of themes, I like this one a lot and it’s easy to use.

I sent out my blog with a little note to my subscribers through Aweber. Aweber helps me serve my clients weekly. Typically, I sent this out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It’s my “Pastoral” platform where I help them stay consistent with their leadership and how to grow their influence with peace.

Hope this gives you a feel for how simple this can be! Let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Bec:)

How To Hear From God For Your Business

This morning in prayer I had a couple of practical questions for God about how to multiply my results and what to focus on delegating out first. I want you to know how to hear from God for your business so that you can feel his presence and enjoy his presence all day long, not just in your prayer time.

I was reading about the Samaritan woman this morning and how offended Jesus disciple’s got that God would care enough to speak to someone who was in the middle of so much sin. Worse, he seemed to make not judging or condemning people a pattern and loved reaching out to individuals who were stuck in their own sin. Very annoying to the religious establishment:)

God just spoke to me this morning and said, “Becky, I want you to share something this morning from me today because my people are missing out on so much from me”.
Here’s the thing.

Your business is just another stewardship from God. The way he sent me to serve his people is through entrepreneurship in the business realm. Pioneer Preachers wake up in the morning with a desire to become pastors and entrepreneurs wake up with a desire to grow their businesses. Both these vocations should be stewarded in their owner’s hearts the same way the church is stewarded. With respect and thanksgiving.

I want you to hear my heart here because if you can catch this mindset, it is going to help you learn how to hear from God for your business as well as give you opportunities to point people towards him in an authentic way.

First, and God told me to share this with you. Personally. Don’t read this sentence like I am blogging to the multitudes. I am speaking to YOU from GOD DIRECTLY. He said:
“Tell him/her I miss them. That I would like to spend the day with them. That I want to speak directly to them all day long and I care AND WILL TELL THEM what to do first, second and third in their life in business. They don’t have to go it alone, and I actually love being with them. It’s not a chore for me.”

Now, for those of you who didn’t receive that because you instantly thought of all the bad things you have done lately. Holy Cow. That’s the evil one speaking to you, not God. Please don’t come with this mindset that God isn’t going to talk to you if you don’t perform properly. What would be the point of the cross if we have to wait to be perfect before we hear from God? When will you ever be perfect enough?

Today, tomorrow block time to ask God the questions that you would ask a million dollar business coach. Believe he will answer this for you or send you someone to answer it for you. Let me know what you think!

Love, Bec:)

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