A Prayer & Impartation For Your Calling


Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

The word of God says in Matthew 10:8 that what we have FREELY RECEIVED we can impart and FREELY GIVE. Today, I hope this is the best Mother’s Day you have ever had. As I pray, I am believing God for an exponential multiplication on your life to glorify God through your testimony!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and what God said to you through this prayer!

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Love, Bec:)

How To Connect With God And Others Through Prayer

The feeling of connection with our creator is something we all desire. We want to be able to release our worries and receive peace, ask God for direction and be able to follow Him, and walk in a demonstration of power so others will be set free.

But how do we achieve connection with God in a practical way? Is it being able to feel tangibly the presence of God? Is it gained from long hours of prayer and fasting? Do we receive this from someone laying hands on us and receiving an impartation of their gift? Can connection with God (feeling emotionally grounded).. be kept through failure and success? And if so, how does it happen?

In the past, because of the holiness movement, people felt like they had to keep a rigid lifestyle in order to be connected with him or feel like God was pleased with them. No alcohol, no smoking, cussing, no makeup, pants or tattoo.  In truth, God accepts us right where are and as we follow Him daily, he convicts and changes our behavior to glorify his ability rather than our will power to change. As we do this, we receive more peace, more joy and understanding of our purpose.

To connect to a powerful God whose ways and processes are much different then our own, is not just a wondrous privilege but one that should draw us in daily with little effort.

Connection is a human feeling, and so it can be described by people in various ways. . Over the past couple days, I have asked a couple of my team members to describe what it feels like when they are connected to God. Here are some of their answers!

Tope Keku: Becky, for me it’s more of a knowing or sensing in my spirit and not the feeling. I also have peace in my spirit. Psalm 131:2 describes it best… like a weaned child at mothers breast, content, happy, relaxed, quiet,… you get the gist.

Hena Autumn: When I am participating in activities in which I allow my mind to be focused on the Lord or the things of the Lord, I will have ideas, insights, understanding, and revelation of mindsets or concepts that I previously did not understand or hadn’t thought of myself. That’s how I know when I’m connecting with the Lord. When I am getting knowledge and wisdom that he is depositing in me that I am not figuring out myself.

Heather Tillerson Schick: When I am connecting with God, I gain a peace about whatever it is going on. I mark this based on when I was first born again. I was so afraid that my husband was going to leave me, but when I was born again, it was instant and lasting that I was going to be okay because Jesus died for me, and God LOVES me. Even IF…was followed by pure joy from on high. So now, I know I have made my breakthrough, aka connection with God, when I have that peace – beyond (without even) understanding.

Wanda Goyer Rhodes: Tope, that verse it how I describe it, too! And then my mind becomes the same as Hena describes it with all the insights that just flow. I love the peace that comes from being in His presence. It causes love and kindness to flow out of my like a river. The Living Water is what it is! I also feel Him, though. Sometimes it’s as if I can feel His face so close beside me. Once I was crying and thinking how my life is so alone and if I only had a parent or a sibling I was close to. If only I weren’t alone, I cried! And then turned the key to start my car and the lyrics from the radio were, “You’re not alone for I am here. Let me wipe away your every fear. My love, I’ve never left your side.” And then it was if He was sitting beside me, right there in the passenger seat. Times like those I just want to sit all the way down on the floor, and even then I don’t feel like I could ever sit low enough to honor Him. What an amazing Savior we have.

I believe that God is pleased with our attempts to connect with him just like a Father is pleased when his children call him up and just ask how he is doing or to say hey, you want to hang out? Connection is so that God doesn’t think we are just using him as a celestial Santa Claus when we need something.

When I meet someone who is connected with the Holy Spirit they are tuned into me and the conversation seems ordered and weighty. I can feel an divine orchestration that directs the both of us. I feel nurtured, loved and I walk away from the conversation with a thankful heart that God has given me the privilege of meeting someone who spends so much time with Him.

In today’s video training, I share with you a couple ways to begin connecting with God in prayer and translate that practically towards ministering to others. 

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How To Solve Challenges Through Your Identity In Christ

​​What do you do when you hit a challenge in your marriage, work or ministry that you’re not being able to solve? Is your first response to just try harder?
 I have a type A personality:)
​​That means I am achievement oriented and find significance through solving problems.
However, this can be a huge sabotage for me (and you if you do the same thing) if you don’t know when to stop and problem pause (This is what I call, stopping before you get frustrated and you talk to God about it).
Of course, there are situations where people just give up too fast and don’t have mental toughness to stick things out, but what I see from a coaching perspective often times is that people become emotionally connected to what isn’t “working”. They just steel themselves up and do the same thing again. This keeps them stuck in an old identity and they stop moving forward because they keep trying and trying.
In today’s video I talk to you about how I learned how to shift out of “trying” after the birth of my third child and I couldn’t seem to lose weight. In other words I was trying to diet and the Lord spoke to me to stop trying and come to him so he could break down for me exactly what to do. In today’s video I share with you what was at the root of my trying harder and sabotaging myself. 
Because here’s the truth, when we follow Jesus, the yoke is easy and the burden is light.

​We are given GRACE to build results. I lost 30 pounds in three months without exercising and I never went back to dieting and trying harder with food.
Faith forward and see you in the comments! 

Love, Bec:)

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Why Do I Lose My Consistency?

When you have momentum, and you feel like you are obeying God as he leads you, it greatly increases your confidence.

Learning how to become a consistent person helps others see us a stable, and they respect us more because we become the kind of person who DOES what we say we will do. It’s simple.

But if you find that you have started to obey God in the projects, goals, hopes he has given you but you compromised or quit, this can be hugely frustrating. Let alone totally sabotage you from believing you’re the kind of person who can see God do BIG things in your life. You can choose to view inconsistency as a personality issue, weakness of the flesh OR you can by His grace, receive a revelation of how to overcome.

In my experience as I have attempted to follow Christ faster, there are a couple strategies that I believe will encourage you.

I’ll talk to you about that in today’s video! 

Let me know what you think below in the comment section:)

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How To Practice God’s Presence PRACTICALLY

Today I want to talk to you about the presence of God as it is a shield around your life.  I have been around people who were fasting and praying in such a concentrated way that when they came into the room, you could feel tangibly the presence of God. To me, the presence of God causes a real stillness in a room. It makes time slow down, and you’re in a hyper-awareness that grips your spirit. It’s supernatural, but yet, there are things you can do every day to cultivate this kind of aroma and fragrance around you even without praying for 3/4 hours a day like some of the intercessors I know.

So, here’s the thing.  The presence of God is something you grow in your life. You don’t go there with a map in one day. People can’t lay hands on you, and suddenly you’re like WHALA, poof! A cloud surrounds you. Nope! The presence of God comes from simple things like suffering well, praising God during times you’re fearful and making right choices when it’s easier to take short-cuts.

I used to have ZERO presence of God in my life and now I walk with God daily in a way that people tell me is tangible, compelling, and frankly, I see God work on a daily basis. So, let me break this down for you into specific actions. You can see God’s presence grow in your marriage, parenting, finances, work, etc.

    1. Everyone wants the “abundant life, ” but that means you have to be abundant relationally towards others. So next time you want to say something cynical, judgmental or snarky, shut your mouth and assume the best. This will cause you to decrease and the Holy Spirit to take greater control of your life. Just imagine they made a simple mistake like you want others to think about you. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman who is sensitive, and he likes to be around people who are gracious, kind and thoughtful. Don’t you?
    2. Delight and joy come when you choose to be grateful for what you have, thankful for the things others do for you, and you praise God instead of pursuing “happiness.” God cares about character more than he cares about comfort. You will see your life become significant to others when you begin to be the kind of person that is a blessing instead of a pain in the butt, narcissistic, all about you all the time.
    3.  Wisdom and protection come when you memorize scripture and speak to fear instead of letting it define your decisions. This takes practice. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you when you’re making choices based on what people think about you or what will bring you the best outcome instead of what will serve others. God often asks us to sacrifice first before others. Watch what you look at with your eyes and who you hang around. Faithful people surround themselves with other trustworthy people who guard their hearts.
    4. The financial provision comes when you have a vision that is compelling, and you help others receive the results they are needing. You don’t have to talk about money, tithing, why people should give, and other pressure tactics that spiritual leaders do when they have NO FAITH or they are under a mammon spirit.  When you hear someone talk about a need or lack, become the kind of person who FIGURES OUT HOW TO SOLVE THAT FINANCIALLY for them! Guess what happens to you in return? People know you can have the faith to push through lack and they will be magnetized with grace towards what you have going on! Get good at delivering specific results, and you will grow with grace.
    5. Favor comes from God’s presence when we sacrifice our time to sow into the lives of others when we would prefer to be doing something else. Time is money. So when we purposely sacrifice our time or efforts to sow into people that can’t return the favor, you will see answered prayers, salvation and supernatural support. It’s amazing!

    One more thing. Some of the most significant times of God’s presence in my life have come from me crying out to God in very desperate situations in which I had no answers or solutions. I talk about how this happened and what you can do to grow this in this short video. Do whatever you have to do to cultivate this in your life, and you will die a very wealthy man or woman.

    Faith Forward! Bec:)

How To Pray And Bless Your Enemies Practically

Today, I want to share with you how to pray for the people that are causing you to feel bitter and resentful.

Why do we want to do this? Well first, unforgiveness will kill your clarity and every bit of purpose you are called to. It’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE that has to be overcome by PRAYER. Christian coaches need to be in a place where they are always checking their own spirit and soul for resentment. It will keep you from serving clients powerfully.

Here’s the truth: I have been betrayed. Disappointed. Let down. But every single time the enemy came in to steal my peace and my hope…like a FLOOD the spirit of God lifted up a standard, and I was promoted. I believe this in part was due to what I am going to share with you today so listen, this is one of the best tips I have for you if you feel stuck in past conflicts and traumatic relational patterns.

You’re going to pray very specifically and consistently for this person. I tell people to pray for a year if necessary on a daily basis. Many times we just give people platitudes that are generic and don’t bring them to the personal pain and suffering in the cross. It’s reasonable Christianity to pray for those who mistreat and persecute you unjustly and you will never walk with power as a Coach or ministry leader until you can worship God through suffering and pain until you get peace.

Everything you want in your own life and need RIGHT NOW, you’re going to pray for them to receive a powerful blessing. Here’s some I have helped clients work through. I learned this by implementing it and seeing the results in my own life. This works SO POWERFULLY you’ll be amazed by the freedom and joy you feel after a very short time. I have even written out prayers for my clients with these issues.

  1. Bitter divorces before they launched their life coaching businesses. You’re going to pray financial provision that is abundant for this individual. That their heart heals from the abandonment, they have felt. You’re going to pray against any assignment of rejection coming against them. You’re going to pray that God sends them a new spouse that is under Lordship and parents out of a revelation of feeling deep love and highly favored by God.
  2. Lay-offs that caused them to want to go in a new direction.  You’re going to pray that God sends the leadership team or your ex-boss fabulous, spirit-filled employees who are on fire for God and walk in authority. You’re going to pray a financial blessing on the whole company. That their business will explode with profits and they will run the company with integrity.
  3. They have family that is addicted to… That the Lord will bless them with a long life and great peace. That he provides money for them and they use that to make right choices. That they know how to receive and give God’s abundant love and be sent to serve others out of their own overcoming message. That the Lord uses for good what the enemy means to destroy them with.
  4. They have been abused or victimized sexually. You’re going to pray for this individual that they receive the love of Christ. That they can break free from the shame, guilt, and condemnation that they are under and that they receive a revelation of their identity in Christ. That they find good friends that help them safe, forgiven and free. That they can walk in wholeness in their sexuality.

And here’s the thing, praying like this will KILL your flesh, and you will walk under the PROMOTION of God. Do you have a heart to transform lives with the strategies God has given you? To get paid to be a Christian coach or speaker? Let me send my START NOW package today!

I’m Done With Ministry. Are You?

This is a guest post by Anna Latshaw.  

I’m Done with Doing Ministry! Are You?

Ministry. What feeling does that word evoke? Is it a dirty word? Are you burned out? Do you feel taken advantage of. Maybe in your heart, you’re even “done” with ministry?

If that is the way you feel, could it be that you have fallen into the trap of doing ministry?

How’s this mindset switch?

What if we were created to not gain a sense of BEING, out of DOING. But to DO out of a sense of BEING?

When we try to do ministry before we know who we are – we will gain identity from ministry and that’s not healthy. Authentic, life-giving ministry flows out of a secure identity, an already established identity, a comprehensive understanding of who we are in Christ.

Eph 2:10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we would walk in them.

Can you see the order this verse flows in? We are to know: That we have been created by God, in a very intentional and expert manner. That we are empowered by Jesus to do good works. That God has already prepared us for the purpose He has created us for. When that is the case, our good works or ministry will flow out of who we already are and what He has done. Our being!

As John 7:38 says: He who believes in Me, from his innermost BEING will flow rivers of living water”.

As we seek God – to know Him and become more like Him – ministry becomes a natural overflow – not something we do or manufacture. It’s not a title or position – it’s an authentic and continual overflow of our relationship with God.

It’s not contrived and it’s not something we put on & off. Ministry isn’t a compartment of our lives. Our lives minister. We comfort others with the comfort we have received. Out of our bellies flow rivers of living waters. Those who have received much, will give much.

Think about a Rolex watch. A Rolex costs so much money because of the fine craftsmanship that goes into making it. Only watches that meet the highest standards of excellence are worthy to bear the Rolex name. But the minute (excuse the pun) a watch has been branded with a Rolex logo and put onto a shop floor for sale – that watch isn’t trying to earn the credibility of a Rolex. It IS a Rolex. It functions out of the craftsmanship and purpose it was created for. In the same way we are not trying to become children of God, loved and approved by Him, chosen for His purposes and bearing His name. That IS who we already are. Our good works aren’t something we do to gain significance- they flow out of who we are. We are branded by the creator as fully approved and absolutely worthy of His name.

Unfortunately, the problem is that, even in the church we still allow ourselves to be defined by worldly standards. Think about it? How does the world get definition about “who they are”? It’s by what they do! If you were to ask someone to tell you a little bit about themselves – probably the first thing they will mention is what they do – “Well, I am a doctor, or a teacher, or a pastor, etc.”
Every definition of self is typically a reflection of a job, a position, a relationship status, (i.e. husband, wife, single), our talents or hobbies, our accomplishments, our academic success, etc.

If we are to minister to the world – shouldn’t we have a good news message that offers something other than what they already know? “Hey, come join our church, you can come and get your sense of significance by serving in the kids church, or handing out meals to homeless people or leading worship. Come and find out how awesome you are. The more you “do” the more we will pat you on the back and give you bigger titles! Something is wrong with that picture.

No wonder there is an exodus from traditional church. We are not inviting people into a true gospel experience. We are inviting them into works dressed up to look a little more pretty. But it is works and it still equals death.

The good news is – that even if others around you aren’t living out of this sure identity in God. You still can. It’s not that we are to abandon church – but you can take responsibility to ensure you function healthily within it!

We aren’t better Christians because we do more!

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no-one may boast. Eph 2:8

It is a lie when we think that ‘doing’ more ministry makes us a “better Christian”. If we understand the finished work of the cross, the wholeness, healing, freedom and righteousness that was attained for us as a free gift by the death & resurrection of Jesus. Then we realize our righteousness is only attained through Jesus. It’s not possible to earn a free gift. It is simply to be received. The moment we truly receive that free gift – our life becomes a ministry. You now have something to offer a broken world. “I was lost but now I am found, I was blind but now I see.”\

Christianity was never supposed to be a more sanctified version of works. It is a radical encounter with a living God, where we discover that we are loved, not because of what we do; That we are successful, not because of what we have achieved; That we are approved of, not by our merit – but because of who God says we are. Because we are His child. Created in His image. And God sent His Son to die for us in order that we can be in relationship with Him & free from the crippling and merciless standards of the world.

Think about Jesus’ ministry. He is our greatest example. He never had a title. He was mostly unrecognized by the organized church. But He knew where he came from and where He was going – John 13:3. He only did what He saw the Father doing – John 5:19. Jesus’ entire ministry flowed out of relationship with God and out of a secure identity. Knowing that He was the Son of God, all power was given to Him and that His purpose was to do the will of God.

It’s as simple as that folks. You are created by God. He lives inside of you and He has empowered you to walk out His purposes for your life. Your life is a ministry. The church or ministry can’t take away from you any of your joy, sense of value or purpose if you don’t give it the power to. The only reason those things can be robbed from you is if you are trying to get those needs met through ministry. If we know our value, our joy is in serving the Lord because of what He has done for us, and our purpose is already established in Christ – ministry becomes an expression of those truths in your life.

Enjoy being who God has created you to be today. Ponder on the reality that you have the living God on the inside of you & go and be a light to the world around you in a way that only you can. And let your river flow!

[guestpost]Anna Latshaw is a daughter of God. Out of that identity, Anna Latshaw currently pastors Dwelling Place Atlanta, a church in Marietta, Georgia that she and her husband Dan have helped plant. She is also a full-time mother of four beautiful girls. Born and raised in England, Anna has had the heart for vulnerable children since she was a child. This passion has led her to actively serve the poor in Atlanta and South Africa and to participate in short-term missions to orphanages in Romania, Russia, and Uganda. After being introduced to Pastor Elijah Sebuchu, Anna founded Hands of Love USA in May of 2007. Through her fundraising efforts, the second Hands of Love orphanage and school in Kiteezi, Uganda was begun.[/guestpost]

8 Questions To Clarify The Will Of God For Your Life

I just want to share the goodness of grace of God with you today if you are searching for more purpose. Good news!  Not that you’re wandering or anything but Christ spoke to people in the midst of their sin and had conversations with them when they were OUT OF HIS WILL. 

This mindset of needing to be perfect before God directs your life generally comes from performance-based thinking. The deep abandonment, loneliness and isolation individuals feel who have had to raise themselves emotionally or spiritually. You see it’s your biblical inheritance and identity to feel deeply loved, guarded, valued and guided by your Dad. I majored in Criminology and I can tell you we had many discussions on how fatherless homes impact the prison system.

When you grow up having to pioneer life yourself, with little or no affirmation, you struggle deeply with people pleasing.  Nothing is ever quite good enough. You’re always second guessing yourself and other people’s motivations. Without healing,  this carries into poverty mentalities and self- sabotaging behaviors. Why? Because you’re always striving to perform for your Father and get that need to feel your Father’s pleasure, that only he can fill.  Today I want to give you 8 questions you can take to God so that you begin to receive the healing you need and be settled in his will for your life. He will do this for you immediately.

You have to be able to practice going to God when you feel unworthy and writing down into a journal what you think you hear back from him. This helps you solidify your identity in GRACE rather than in your ability to get things right!

1. Father, do I still feel like I am trying to be a “Good Christian”?

If so, memorize the scripture I did,  Hebrews 4; 4-7. But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.  And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God.

Every time you worry you messed up or are jealous of other’s people’s success, understand this is coming from your lack of fathering. It’s normal. You just need to repent of striving for that approval and quiet your heart by speaking the word to it. This is spiritual warfare to keep you in a place where you keep trying rather than trusting. Use the word as balm over the loneliness you feel. If you are in Christ, you are accepted and you have received an A if you are attempting to grow and learn from your mistakes. There is no B, C, D, F. All your failures will be used by God to glorify him if you stay humble and teachable. Trust me on that one!

2. Will you illuminate me to people-pleasing in my life?

This question kills the fear of man in your life and brings you to the point where you stop performing for Jesus and people. This means you’re ready to go to him daily, read the word, ask him about specific direction and how you are to proceed. Your going to obey what your heavenly father says to you from the word of God and what you hear in prayer. This question will bring you to the place where people pleasing will end and you will learn how to move forward into the will of God on what people confirm to you that God has first spoken to you.  It may mean you drop out of activities that look very pious and you spend time focusing on the things that he is revealing to you to focus on. This is one of the most life changing questions to ask your Father. Trust when you ask, he is going to speak and write down what you feel like he says to you. You’re going to obey God fully now.

3. Will you place in the body of Christ as you see fit? I am prepared to build intimate relationships that will challenge me to be uncomfortable. 

It’s hard to push past the jealousy you feel when you see other people thriving and you’re on survival mode. Again, this is normal for what you’ve been through but you have to choose to not withdraw out of fellowship when you feel lack or that you’re not performing well. If not, then you’re opting for a mask and that will just delay you being able to hear the will of God for your life. Be honest with where you’re at with people and ask for feedback into area’s of your life, parenting and leadership that you want to get better at. No one expects you to know everything if you have grown up fatherless so don’t put that on yourself. Find a church and believers that you can be real with.

4. Father, in this season, WHO do you want me to send to mentor me?

This is again is another one of the questions that will fast track you OUT OF being a prodigal son. People who are fatherless are marked by isolation. They try to do everything themselves, they resist asking for help because they want to come across as having everything together. This is again because everything is a competition to them. When you are a true son or daughter your life is measured by who you help feel significant around you. Watch for opportunities to invest in mentoring with people doing what you want to do. I have always paid for training for myself to grow and you might have to also.

5. Father, how would you like me to prepare for the promotion you want to bring me?

God is a good Father and desires to bring you good things. He gives to everyone various talents and gifts to help them enjoy life and serve others. If he has given you a desire to learn, get as much education as you can. If you love to work with your hands and be outside, then go get certified in welding, mechanical work or whatever technical trade that will allow you to be the best you can. If you need an identity boost, join the military. Do you want to get paid to coach or speak?  In the family of God, there is always a preparation that goes before authority. There is a pace to preparation, ask God to help you enjoy every season you’re in without feeling like you’re not going fast enough or doing a good enough job but do prepare and don’t sabotage yourself by saying you don’t have the resources. Decide what you need to be successful and figure out how to fund it.

6. Father, am I processing my pain by medicating with food, drugs, or any other addiction that is creating a barrier between you and I?

When you grow up in a Fatherless or fear based home, it takes training to learn how to go to God instead of the idolatry that has comforted you. If you keep medicating the ache in your heart, then God cannot heal you. Again, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus but God wants better for you. If you want to walk in authority, you have to learn how to DO the things that will cause you to walk in spiritual power rather than the world’s crutches.  Learning how to process pain correctly is one of the first things we teach new clients who come into our programs as it gives you an ability to move successfully through spiritual warfare.

7. Father, am I looking for “success” or “significance”? 

This sometimes is hard to discern but here’s my take on it. If you are willing to compromise your personal convictions and the spiritual and emotional health of those around you, then you are striving for success. When we are married, you need your spouse to help you gauge the temperature of your family. If you are single, this is where your closest spiritual friends are going to help you navigate this. I know in my life, I have always had a restlessness about me to live a “bigger and deeper life”. I have no problem saying that. However, the older I have gotten, the more I go to the Lord in prayer to worship Him, while I do the practical things to bring it to pass. I then try and prepare at a comfortable pace for where I believe will help me be able to steward the next level of influence. I can honestly say, you can only feel significant from living an un-compromised life before God and doing it with people beside you that you love.

8. Father, do I feel minimized or resentful when those around me gain success or want to launch off of what they learned from me? 

Individuals who are fatherless always have to be in control. They take it personally when someone leaves their church or organization to lead their own stuff. Most of the time, this is because they have built success around their charisma and loss created insecurity.  When we truly have the heart of a father or mother, we rejoice that we have invested well enough that our employees, children or clients can leave us to grow their own vision. We state like the apostle Paul did, I know how to be blessed and I know how to be in lack. It’s all about what the father desires and what will glorify him in a greater way. We are all on the same team when we are in Christ.

Again, just want to encourage you to keep pressing through the muck that clouds your leadership. God has  incredible things for you planned and wants to use YOU to influence others for his kingdom. The discouragement often times is just spiritual warfare to wear us down and get us to quit. Don’t. I am praying for you and we are here to help you process through into success! If you have considered Christian coaching to grow an income stream, get my START HERE package and let me mentor you on the steps you need to take to do it successfully.

Love, Bec:)

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