3 Steps From Behind The Scenes To Upfront Influencer

I have some great news for you today if you feel like God has been calling you to EXPAND your vision and leadership and you just don’t know how to obey him and enlarge your boundary stones. Time to shine your light!

Today’s video will show you what you have to switch in your mindsets and what to do practically.

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Why You May Not Be Getting A Prophetic Word To Coach or Speak

Has God spoken to your heart about launching a Christian coaching business, speaking for writing your own books that you can share with your testimony? Do you keep waiting for a prophetic word to confirm this or to be RELEASED by your pastor or ministry leader?

Today, I want to talk to you about why God may not be sending you the confirmation you are looking for. It’s not what you think!

Love, Bec:)

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Pioneering your calling looks like this

Has God Told You Were Going To Speak Or Write To Huge Numbers Of People?

I have a special gift for you today. I have given you access to a private training in my Leadership Track. (Week 18) This is 4 months into my 10 month program. At this point, most people are asking the question, will I have a business or will I have a ministry?

If you have asked this question to yourself and God has spoken to you about LARGE amounts of influence, then today is a faith defining day for you. I talk about what makes people like colanders that leak out their potential rather than being like Niagara Falls that is harnessed to power and fuel a city. Find out today how you can begin to live a significant life that influences for the kingdom of God!

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How I began To Step Into My Calling And You Can Too

You might not be recognizing how God calls you and so you’re faith is not as strong. Honestly, all divine mission’s begin with a longing to reach others for Christ. However, there is a deep pruning work that often times goes on before you are released. You’re afraid, double-minded and second-guessing if you really have what it takes to succeed. so I share a little of what happened to me to encourage you.
Don’t give up on your dream to see people set free. He will use you to touch and transform others!

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This Happens When You Start Getting Out There!

Do you deal with a lot of anxiety about putting your video’s, blogs or content out that you have created? Second guess yourself constantly?

In today’s video I talk to you about what I went through and what I see many of my clients experience when they start influencing at a higher level. I believe you will find it very encouraging. Under five minutes and will help you understand what is going on at a higher strategic level!

Let me know what you’re struggling with in the comments if you would like prayer! Love, Bec:)

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Vision Boards For Those Who Want To Transform Lives For The Kingdom Of God

I really made this video for my clients who told me they wanted to transform lives for Christ but weren't sure how to start doing it. Most of my first clients with SUCCESSnotsabotage (my international coaching business that I launched Boldinfluencers from) were ministry leaders and pastors. They wanted assurance that declarations and vision casting in prayer was biblical and not new age. I spend the first half of this video laying a foundation of why I believe it's important to write down and put before you a SPECIFIC vision as best you can.

When you want to transform people for the kingdom, you're going to get spiritual warfare that is very distractive and a vision board helps you overcome the heaviness and fear that goes along with pioneering. This video is simple and as you can see, very effective as God is good and loves to see his people be blessed so we can be sent to be a blessing to others.

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Faith Forward, Love Bec:)

P.S. The small book I am referencing is by Pastor John Eckhardt and I have given it away to many of my clients. It's called Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses.

Becky Harmon

This Mindset = Exponential Results

Are you considering at some point launching a business coaching, speaking or writing your books? Have you launched but are just not being able to fill your pipe-line now?  You can be brilliant, talented, want to influence for the kingdom but if you aren’t WHOLE-HEARTED about really getting RESULTS, you won’t be successful.

A big need I see that people need to implement into their leadership is a MINDSET of being TOTALLY IN. Without this, you will get lack-luster results and quit thinking you just must not have what it takes to be an influencer.

This is about a ten minute video and I impart in prayer the spiritual grace of perseverance that God gave me and I believe he will give to you if you take the time to watch and agree for this download in your own life!

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Love you! Bec:)

How To Wait On The Lord Practically

In today’s video, I want to talk to you about what I learned about waiting on the Lord in the context of moving from a prophetic vision to an actual apostolic model in business. Prophetic is what helps you birth your vision but then you have to move into a new mindset and that will cause you to have to wait on the Lord in a new way.

Don’t sabotage yourself with passivity or frustration from not seeing your vision come to pass fast enough.

Watch this video and grow successfully! Meet you in the comments below!

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First Steps For Weight Loss

First, when you are ready to begin building a coaching business…Ask Christ in prayer to help you let go of any past failure’s when you attempted to lose weight, emotional trauma’s or judgements you have made towards others. As you begin to speak and try and close sales, little places in your life where you feel insecure really distract you. 

If you want to become more self controlled, biblically that is done through the Holy Spirit. And let me encourage you today, if you’re heart is to talk about Christ helping you lose weight, then you want to pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your life. It is his job to empower you with boldness and to speak in a compelling way that points to Christ.

When I ask the Holy Spirit for a new grace, I begin with a simple temple cleanse of my heart and conscience. Pray this with me:

Lord Jesus,

I specifically repent of the times in my life where I have judged others for the way they treated me or spoke to me that caused me to become offended or defensive. I choose to forgive abundantly so I may be forgiven.

I ask you to forgive me Lord for judging others on why they don’t have more self-discipline with food, their words, their finances or the way they steward their stuff. I am not their master, you are and I ask you to help me focus on what you have given me to steward and not other people’s lives.

I LET GO of any weight, worry or fear that is heavy on my heart. I LET GO of all trauma’s and I speak ABUNDANT life, peace and joy over my body and emotions. I expect to be filled with Holy Ghost power and overflowing with liberty because I have taken the time to lose weight your way so I may give you glory. Father, open up an effectual door of witnessing for me with even my first 5 pounds. Send me to those who need to know your love, forgiveness and joy that I may give them hope!

Secondly, I want you to understand this clearly. FAILURE is a mindset. It is not WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. When you learn this, you can apply it to all new goals you attempt to finish. FAILURE is just an emotion that arises and deceives you and this comes from judging yourself or a performance based mindset. It’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE to prevent you from living boldly for God and pursuing your goals and vision.  In Christ, as we speak the word and are conformed to HIM, we receive more grace and freedom. We literally gravitate towards health and peace because this is who CHRIST is.  This one revelation will set you free to become a FINISHER if you receive this!

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Fitness and Faith For Christian Coaches

I ask two things of people entering my training programs, whether that is my pre-business launch leadership training or my business track. I encourage them to COMMIT to a healthy lifestyle of stewardship. You cannot ask people to follow you as a coach if you are not healthy emotionally and physically yourself.

I believe in the value of time-blocking and beginning your day at 5am in prayer. After than I  encourage my leaders to do an hour of cardio a day to build a fit “identity”. This is for a couple reason’s. Most of it has to do with learning how to handle stress well and decompress in a healthy way rather than medicating yourself with food or alcohol. Let me share with you a couple reasons after coaching in the upwards of hundreds of leaders, why this is biblical and prudent.

 First, if you are a Christian, you are called to stewardship. What God gives you, he expects us to take care of, nurture and multiply. Your body needs good food and sleep to stay functioning at it’s best. This goes for your faith, finances, family and fitness. Want to be secure financially? Be moderate with your spending and save your money. Want to be fit? Be moderate with your intake and burn more calories than you eat.

Secondly, you need stamina for your purpose and calling. You need to be able to stand on your feet all day and all night if needed. You will need to be able to travel, stay alert and have good cardio to speak when you get there. You don’t need to get winded walking up the stairs to pray or speak. You also need to be able to do this longterm which by the way, I know people who are still traveling and doing ministry into their late 80’s right now.

Third, we are to live a moderate lifestyle if we want to be spiritual leaders or teachers as the gospel is a message of abundant love.  Let me encourage you here. I constantly see a correlation between poverty mindsets and overeating. At the root of a lack of stewardship is typically fear and idolatry that creates barriers to intimacy. People can’t feel the love of God or impart it the way they want to.

Fourth, it witnesses about Lordship without you opening your mouth. I tell my clients this all the time. Lose 10 pounds and watch how many people ask you how you did it. Do it the way I am suggesting, through your identity in Christ and team accountability and you will have an opportunity to talk about how Jesus resurrected instead of the Paleo Diet. It’s also a lot more fun:)

Fifth, you are doing your part to make your latter days greater than your former years. We all want to increase as we grow older in our love, service and strength. Guess what? That doesn’t happen unless your intentionally building it.

Let me tell you what applying your faith to the proceeding 5 things will eliminate out of your life pain wise.

  1. The constant doubt and unbelief about whether you have the ability to finish what you start.
  2. The shame you feel in your heart and the condemnation the enemy places you under because of a lack of obedience.
  3. You will sleep better and look younger. (Funny how peace through prayer and stewardship accomplishes that)
  4. The insecurity you struggle with because you’re afraid when you get up to speak, coach or pray with people, they are not going to receive your message fully because you’re not walking your talk.
  5. The lack of power in your influence with family and friends. We can only reproduce what we walk in authentically for others.

Get STARTED NOW building a profitable Christian coaching and speaking business for FREE! Faith forward, Love, Bec:)

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