Why Do I Lose My Consistency?

When you have momentum, and you feel like you are obeying God as he leads you, it greatly increases your confidence.

Learning how to become a consistent person helps others see us a stable, and they respect us more because we become the kind of person who DOES what we say we will do. It’s simple.

But if you find that you have started to obey God in the projects, goals, hopes he has given you but you compromised or quit, this can be hugely frustrating. Let alone totally sabotage you from believing you’re the kind of person who can see God do BIG things in your life. You can choose to view inconsistency as a personality issue, weakness of the flesh OR you can by His grace, receive a revelation of how to overcome.

In my experience as I have attempted to follow Christ faster, there are a couple strategies that I believe will encourage you.

I’ll talk to you about that in today’s video! 

Let me know what you think below in the comment section:)

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12 Strategies For More Courage

Do you have a desire to see people set free? Do you hold back doing the work like blogging, speaking or mentoring because you feel overwhelmed yourself?

YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Get your coffee!!! You, me! Coaching corner!

First, all influencers deal with fear. First, it’s the fear of what people will think if I get out there in a bigger way. Then it’s the fear of what if I don’t do a great job coaching or speaking! The fear of how do I run my business? Here’s the thing!

It’s normal to second guess yourself when you are entering into unknown territory! But when you have decided you’re tired of the enemy holding you back and you want to be used by God, you have prioritize what it takes to give you courage! When you are in a fight, in order to win, you have to become strategic about WINNING once and for all. If you are a Christian, you have an extra arsenal at your disposal. Your identity in Christ!

Even though your salvation is instant, the process to become an overcomer requires TRAINING. Here’s a little cheat sheet I made up for when you’re dealing with fear and need some practical steps on how to overcome it. Ask me how I developed this:)

Be as militant about solving fear and transforming other people for the kingdom because the enemy is really committed about squelching your testimony!

It’s not hormones, overwhelm, lack of vitamins! Quit trying to figure it out… You’re NOT BROKEN! You’re under spiritual warfare! It’s SOLVABLE if you do the work! Get ready to turn this test into a testimony!

1. Get up at 5 am with coffee and start speaking over yourself AFFIRMATIONS on who you want to become with God’s help.  Not a morning person? Quit speaking that over yourself. You’re a morning person now.  Ask God for more courage.  Speak strongly, do not THINK affirmations. Say them!

2. At lunch, take your sneakers and gym clothes to work. Quit yakking on the phone with friends about who did you wrong. Put on your praise music and walk fast or run for 1 hour and listen to your favorite worship music. Worship is WARFARE that confuses the enemy. Praise breaks demonic strongholds in your life.

3. Eat a protein every 2 1/2 hours to keep blood sugar stable. Fatigue creates double-mindedness and anxiety. I keep food and water in my car and eat every three hours.

4. Call a friend to agree with you in prayer that you will be an overcomer in this area and Christ will have a testimony that glorifies himself. Expect it. Tell people it’s coming. Use social media as a weapon of praise for Christ not griping about politics.

5. Do not talk about your anxiety or fear with anyone else after committing it to prayer and with a friend. Rehearsing what may happen does nothing but saturate your body with anxiousness. When someone asks you how you’re doing, tell them you’re expecting a breakthrough.

6. When realizing you are visualizing a bad outcome, just redirect thoughts an out-loud quote a scripture that will give you courage. (Jesus didn’t think answers to the devil, he spoke the word out-loud. It’s a sword, use it.)

7. Avoid negative, critical people, any TV programs or movies that are fear based or reflect people becoming victimized. You can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time.  Pray and ask God for a solution to this challenge.

8. When you get ANY idea’s, act on them immediately. Evaluate outcome and lean in the direction of anything that took you one step closer to victory.

9. Think of two or three friends that you respect in this area that have been over-comers. Ask them for their best tips. Quit trying to hide and save your pride. Let it die so you can get resurrection.  Even if you tried it already, do it again with faith.

10. During the day, pause internally and just acknowledge the presence of Christ. He is with you, he never leaves you or will abandon you. Just inwardly drawing near will give you more peace.

11. Get out in sunshine for 1 hour a day. Vitamin D elevates your mood. Listen to the birds, take your dog for a walk. Pet your cat. Animals are God’s gift.

12. Get a good night sleep and try to resist sugar. Run to God and try not to medicate with food or alcohol. It only gives temporary relief rather than God’s peace which will point to Him. If people ask you how you are doing, tell them that you expect the best and describe what you are hoping happens. Make sure to smile when you share where you are going in faith! This is not fake it till you make it, this is SPEAKING order to the chaos. (Genesis 1)

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Love, Bec:)

7 Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose

Every day I coach people who are desiring to grow into a more significant life. It could be that they have found themselves in an unfortunate place of an unwanted divorce, illness or layoff and they have lost their vision. At times people have built success, but now they are ready to go to the next level. Other times people just feel like they haven’t found their boldest identity zone due to a lack of clarity on how to do that work.

I created the following resource for my team to help them get more clarity on their life purpose and what they are called to leadership-wise. Whether you are a stay at home Mom wanting to bring in some extra money, empty nester, or don’t feel energized by your current vision. If so, this 45-minute audio is going to answer some questions for you so that you can begin to apply yourself in prayer to live the kind of life that is going to fuel you. This is pure training but incredibly powerful if you are ready to do the work to live your best life before God.

Here are some of the result’s you will get from this call:

1. The first question that everyone should ask who is committed to authentic Christian life.

2. The one thing that will keep you balanced and on overflow rather than living in crisis.

3. How to be child-like in faith practically.

4. How to think about your life through a lens of philanthropy and find you’re calling.

5. The one question to ask if you have to raise money fast.

6. Recovering lost success that you’ve forgotten about.

7. Why you want to ask your friends this question to stay in your boldest identity zone.

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The Difference Between A Vain Imagination And A Kingdom Vision

There is a big difference between a vain dream that glorifies the flesh and an authentic kingdom vision.

A Kingdom Vision Vs. A Worldly Vision

A Carnal or Selfish Vision Will~Reflect what the world values which is sexual power, money, and fame. It will require you to conform to this in your dress, speech, and actions.  For example, if you believe God has promoted you in the entertainment industry,  your job is to adhere to biblical standards with boldness. This will give you an opportunity to express why you will not take actions in your dress or speech that do not glorify God. This is so others may be convicted by the righteousness of Christ within you.  If you feel like you will not be able to be hired or keep your job if you do not do what is required to maintain it, then you need mentoring to birth more courage, or you need to immediately quit and trust God for provision. Authentic promotion does not sabotage your own faith or cause other’s to stumble for your “liberty or favor.” Duck Dynasty is a great example of this. They have grown from a simple business, then to a cable show to a multi-million dollar empire. Their simple dinner time blessing reaches millions yearly.

A Godly Vision Or Dream Will~ Take the existing gifts and talents you have already and grow them into results that will benefit others. Even though you are persecuted, rejected, suffer loss financially or oppressed for a season you will be able to stay consistent serving, and people will be convicted by your steadfastness, your courage, and your faith. Think of Joseph in the Old Testament, Joyce Meyers starting in her living room and local church and Chick-Filet for business. They started out with one yummy chicken sandwich, opened a location, close on Sundays are completely militant about their core beliefs and faith. And they grow every time they are boycotted for it:)

A Carnal Dream Or Delusion Will~ Not come to pass and will confuse people scripturally. One of the first questions to ask anyone who wants to give you input for your life or vision is if they believe Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth, and the light. If the answer is yes, but….then you don’t listen to one more statement. It’s not Jesus + or – anything. Secondly, people who are suffering with narcissism or under religious deception are not able to clearly articulate the results they can provide within a reasonable amount of time.  They can be great speakers and very persuasive, but they won’t have testimonials or results that can be tested over time and that you can see the fruit from.  They will have the endless talk about what they believe God has called them to with no result’s that ever come out of it which is characteristic of vain imaginations. Vain imaginations are grandiose and seldom practical. Like, Hey, that makes sense. The next step is to tell people we can help them produce this, this and this. Third, if God has spoken to you, then what you said you were going to do happens within a short time span, and it glorifies Christ. It’s just that simple. If you keep hearing God tell you to do something over and over and you can’t get provision for it, then consider you’re either not hearing God, or you need to move in a different direction. Provision always follows compelling Christ-like vision.

A Godly Vision Or Dream Will~ Give you the endurance to overcome the pain and obstacles you will require seeing it come to pass.

For example, my youngest son Joe is in Bootcamp for the Marines. When he joined, he was willing to endure the drill sergeant screaming at him 24 hours a day, the endless physical fatigue, swim test, gas chamber and lastly the crucible at the end which includes a complete test of mental toughness. His platoon will hike 48 miles, with 45 lbs of gear, full 29 team building obstacles courses, with only two meals and 6 hours of sleep. When they are done, they will be handed their Marine pin.

And here’s the thing, he’s submitted himself to this process because he has a vision of WHO HE WILL BECOME IDENTITY WISE AT THE END OF this process. If you don’t have a clear and compelling vision for your life that FUELS you, when you encounter hardship you give in because pain is to be avoided, not embraced on your road to significance. Again, this seems simple, but you can create a vision that fuels you regardless of how untalented or how little money you have because God promotes through stewardship!

Meet you in the comments!

Faith forward, Love, Bec:)

10 Ways To Model Boldness

Get your coffee because you and I are going to talk about ten ways you can help other women become more courageous through what you model. This is the stuff that will make you grow authentically with God’s grace! It’s the heart of God to equip and release workers for the ministry through a revelation of God’s love and how to overcome through their identity in Christ.

10 Ways To Model Boldness

 1. Encourage stewardship rather than striving for more degrees, credentials, platforms and status.  This takes the pressure of you to have to perform for people. When I began to coach, (12 years later now) I had three things I asked my clients to do daily. Get up at 5am for prayer, walk or run for an hour and craft a compelling vision for their life that fueled them. All of these things revolve around stewarding our spirit, soul and body. We can want to be leaders but we can’t grow spiritual leadership without the help of the Holy Spirit. This should be mandatory for every worship leader, pastor and ministry leader. It enables you to stay mission minded, decompress stress in a healthy way and keep your joy without using alcohol or drugs. Hope that wasn’t too strong for you.

2. Be prepared to ask people to be consistent action-wise with who they say they want to become. I have found after coaching thousands of people that this is the question that causes people to either decide they are going to GO FOR IT or they are going to stop talking about what they want. You cannot be bold unless you are strong enough identity wise to ask people to fish or cut bait! Realize that coaching and mentoring is very different then counseling. Coaches and transformational leaders ask you to take action EVERY TIME you meet. Counselors are for people who are in pain and need someone to listen compassionately. As a coach or spiritual leader, people will invest with you because of your compelling vision and the consistent results you help people achieve. This means you have to be aware of what your boldest identity zones are in stay within them.

3. Create a compelling vision for your life RIGHT NOW that is uncomfortable and makes other people say, “Dang. That’s what I want”. I’m not talking about being perfect. I’m talking about stewarding your gifts and talents and not apologizing for doing whatever it takes to reach the people you feel called to serve. Understand you will get spiritual warfare for living a life that influencers others for the kingdom of God. It makes no difference whether it’s in ministry or business.  Pray that God will allow you to finish strong in a heroic way that leaves a legacy for your children and those you influence and disciple.

4. Realize everything out of your mouth is either going to position you as a victim or as a victor.  Memorize the word of God and build a mindset that practically everything is solvable.  I believe the most powerful things we can do for people is teach them how to pray and declare the scriptures when they feel double-minded, insecure and want to turn back. Jesus spoke the word to the devil.  He didn’t think it quietly.  Have a big mouth and channel it against the devil with declarations, praises and thanks for who God is sending you to set free this year. Don’t worry about what people think of you, if you’re too extreme or overboard. You want to walk in power and this is the way to do it. 

5. Surround yourself with men and women who push themselves out of their comfort zone weekly.  Get into a team or organization that affirms you for thinking outside the box if your church doesn’t do leadership training.  Quit holding yourself back out of false humility. You are a composite of the three people you spend the most time with daily. It serves no one but the devil.  Resist passivity, embrace the fight and don’t run from the fear of failure or you will never live a transformational life.  You will become what you speak over yourself and what you PLAN to do DAILY. Kingdom influence comes from being strategic and disciplined.

6. Write down how you can solve the things you suffered through faster. Discover your purpose and WHO you want set free (your not called to the whole world, there is a specific group of people you are graced to serve), come up with ideas on how to equip people by thinking about ways you can help people solve the problems faster then you did. Imagine your worst crisis and then think to yourself, what if I could help someone solve that in three months.  Remember, being equipped and sent is work. It’s you thinking strategically, not someone opening a door for you!

7. When you find someone who is doing what you want to do, sign up for everything they put out even if you have to pay for it.  This will help you later weed out the people in your life who want to hang around you to soak and with no intention of doing any work themselves.  Until you get COMMITTED, you won’t see God do through you what you want to see happen. If you want to get paid to coach, bump out of all the free groups that feel supportive emotionally but aren’t causing you to have to be accountable for RESULTS! You also need to start surrounding yourself with a community of people who want the same calling.

8. Get started getting yourself out there and don’t worry about being perfect. Start doing everything badly. People hugely struggle with the fear of being found out they don’t have what it takes. Guess what? We don’t have what it takes but God does. If you want a kingdom coaching business then trust God to work through your mistakes and honor your courage. If you don’t model that how can you expect your clients to do the same? Blog, do video’s, start a small group!

9. Model teaming. There are no lone rangers. You know why? They got picked off by the enemy. When the obstacle is life-threatening or insurmountable, you need people partnering with you in prayer who know their authority and how to be relentless until they get the victory. Teach people to partner with other people for results and not to try and do everything on their own! Isolation is a key for disaster. Come up with ways to help people get accountability!

10. Be willing to minister, mentor, speak, coach, blog or write your own methods with YOUR OWN testimony on how you overcame your obstacles. (Revelation 12:11) I believe in training and accreditation. I just want to help you glorify God by integrating the strategies he gave you for success. You can have a faith-base business that impacts thousands of people in one year AND GLORIFIES GOD! It’s work but it’s an unbelievable feeling to be used by Christ to encourage, equip and see people transformed through what the enemy meant for evil for you!

Have you thought about Christian coaching or are you already mentoring others? If so, let me send you my GET STARTED package which includes my book 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and 10 Strategies for making your first $25,000 in Christian coaching or ministry. You can BE USED BY GOD IN YOUR GENERATION and love what you do for a living! 

Love, Bec:)

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership can be seen when leaders and followers work together to move to a higher level of morality and vision. Transformational leaders serve through their strongest identity zones and by communicating boldly with grace, the expectations so that the whole team goes to a higher level of purpose.

There are four parts to a transformational leader’s identity:

  • The leader models what he or she is asking the team to grow into
  • The leader can motivate those around them consistently
  • The head carries a genuine concern for the team members
  • The manager asks for a high degree of ownership to be creative and excel.

A lack of communication will dilute the strength of transformational leadership. Many times people suppress challenging others on their team because they have wrong mindsets about what being “respectful” or “submissive” is and is not. Women even more so can confuse respect with NO COMMUNICATION. As in if I love this person or want to honor them, I won’t challenge them to more.

Masculinity in it’s essence, challenges you to BECOME MORE and ACCOMPLISH MORE. It’s strength, discipline, correction, vision casting. We should associate RESPECT with CHALLENGE. It means you see something potential wise in someone and you’re willing to call them up to the plate to receive it.

Feminine essence loves unconditionally, soothes and nurtures. It’s beauty, attractiveness, unity, laughter, unpredictability, go with the flow.  So essentially most women are more comfortable with feminine attributes in leadership.

But here’s the truth about the transformational leadership. It’s not a gender. It’s an authority that you receive through a revelation of affirmation in Christ.

If you want to tap into transformational leadership, you must be willing to call people up to the plate in a bigger way.  Which means that you must be walking your talk. So, that is where transformational leadership will always begin. With you. Challenge people to more but always begin by examining your identity for places that you are diluting your vision. This will always start with your personal leadership model that you keep in place daily.

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