Increase Your Authority (And Profits) By SPEAKING About Results

One of the first things you will have to learn to do if you are used to being in ministry is to speak as an expert in area’s that God has brought you through. You do this by sharing your experiences but challenging your clients to move out of victimization thinking, mediocrity or the pain they are in and offer them a step by step plan that will IGNITE THEIR FAITH. You must be strong and confident when you speak as people who feel overwhelmed with doubt need a touch from God and a plan of action.

The truth is most women want to be motivators rather than MESSENGERS. When you come in contact with a real messenger of God they make you gasp with their clarity level. They say things that you were thinking in your heart, wondering about but never could articulate. They solve your wandering fast. Whether they are in ministry or business, they walk in purpose and help you move into the next level of stewardship for your calling.

In other words you cannot make it your aim to make people feel good, entertain or just encourage them. You have to let go of the fear of man and IGNITE A FIRE within your audience. You have to help them understand that they can BECOME THIS KIND OF PERSON if they take the actions you are suggesting they take.  This means you are going to have to move from very general encouragement and what I call romance phrases to breaking down for your client four or five pain points and how they can receive the results you can give them. If you are wanting to help people receive transformation from your story and pull them into a program you have, you should be touching on the pain and problems you solve in your system.

Without being able to do this consistently every time you speak or write, you will be a really nice encourager but not a profitable coach. The below conversation is one I had with a client who was speaking at a women’s worship event. I began to ask her to develop her speech by telling me what kind of results she wanted to help her clients receive within one hour as she had a full hour to share in addition to the ministry time.

Here was her first response back to me before we shifted into RESULT mode:

Women are engaged

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord

Their eyes are watching with anticipation

Their ears and their heart are open to receive

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward.

Here is what I wrote her back: 

When you read this, don’t read it with your mothers nagging voice in your ear. Read it like I am hugging you and then we pray for God to undo you and send you with FIRE:)

Women are engaged (too general)…What are you saying that is causing them to literally come out of their seat. Tell me things you’re going to challenge them to change that comes from your new coaching system. 

Hearts are positioned to receive from the Lord: Why. Is it because they have been praying and fasting for your speech? Because you start by having them make a declaration over the time you spend with them? That’s a big deal. What is making them so desperate?  You better light them up fast. People are only positioned to hear from God if they are coachable and willing to repent and take new action. What are you praying ahead for them to be convicted of? What are you going to say out of the gate to cause them to think HOLY CRAP what just happened!

Their eyes are watching with anticipation- noooo….I want you to come out of the clouds. You need to walk the earth and become a force to women. WHAT DO THESE PHRASES MEAN PRACTICALLY? You are a coach not a romance writer. KICK THEIR BUTTS! Don’t send me anymore the room is filled with the fragrance of Christ phrases.

Their ears and their heart are open to receive. Really? AGGGHHHHH. I am now grabbing your face between my hands and pleading with you to WRITE PRACTICALLY!

They are free to cry, praise, worship in total abandonment and surrender. You’re not there as a worship leader. You are there to CREATE CHANGE IN THE ATMOSPHERE. They can worship to Casting Crowns when they leave. You don’t want them crying. You want them to repent, take action and sign up for your program because GOD SENT YOU TO THEM.

They are letting GO of the things that are hindering them. Why should they? Write WHY out and into your speech. What will happen to them if they don’t let go. TELL THEM THE PAIN THEY WILL CREATE For THEMSELVES AND THEIR DAUGHTERS.

They are receiving and are blessed by the Words spoken- they walk out different then when they walked in. Well yeah, cause you’re going to cause a RIOT. WRITE A SPEECH FOR ME TO SEE LIKE YOU ARE ACTIVATING AN ARMY OF MILITANT WOMEN.

As I speak I impart freedom and permission for them to step out of a comfort zone and into their dreams and not to hold back as they move forward. Go back through your program and write your whole speech around your paragraphs. Do it quickly like you’re on fire. Get going woman!

I am happy to report that the client knew I was trying to help her and did not fire me for being so strong. Because here’s the truth, it takes time to learn how to think this way rather then in just encouragement mode. When she spoke, people told her they couldn’t believe how much work and leadership God had done in her life since the last time they saw here speak.  Do this work and you will find people say the same thing about you and your closing rates really climb!

Faith forward, Bec:)

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How To Start Impacting For Christ Through Your Blog

Today I want to talk to you about why it’s important for you to start a blog and a couple practical things you can focus on with your writing so you can begin to impact people immediately for Christ.

First things. I believe one of the most crucial things about helping people receive transformation from Christ is simply activating their faith. You see, faith my friend, is the difference between life and death. I know, if I can simply just plant a seed of hope that has the possibility of bringing forward momentum. Every day, there is a battle for people’s hearts. We will either contribute to them moving forward or we will add to their unbelief because there is no middle ground in the kingdom of God.

Here’s the next thing. It’s our job as people of God to promote courage. To help them push past fear so they will risk failure and see it’s possible to be successful with that dream in their heart. Without this, they will never be overcomers. And for me, everything boils down to what can I do as a coach, speaker, and writer to help people see that they have within them, an overcomers identity. Even when they feel scared and are belching, pooping and vomiting from the stress of pushing themselves out of the comfort zone. Did I say that? Yes, I did because that’s how I know my clients are really applying themselves to faith. Just saying:)

  1. You must be comfortable with bringing people to a decision making place. Believe it’s possible that God will use you as unfinished as you are!  That means you must be persuasive in why you believe the course of action you are suggesting is not just important but imperative. Tell them exactly why they simply must do what you are suggesting.
  2. Write to your best friend, not a huge audience. This way you will be much more personal and heartfelt. Break it down into a process, you’re helping him or her solve a specific problem and you know they will be successful if they just do 1, 2 and 3!
  3. Tell them CLEARLY what will happen if they don’t move forward. Pain is an important motivator and this is not deflating faith. Jesus clearly talked about the difference between life and destruction. He also had no problem telling people how to be successful eternally and what they were doing to make things difficult. He was loving but spoke the truth in a way where people had to make a choice. You will never impact anyone on your blog if you don’t get over the fear of offending people or making it very clear what the right and wrong way to do something is.
  4. Use scripture. Don’t cram it but I suggest using minimally one scripture per blog if you’re just starting out. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I personally believe the word of God is alive. It’s not just pointing to the story of the resurrection but literally alive. It’s Christ incarnate and it does not come back null and void. It’s sharper than any two-edged sword and has the ability to discern motivations to people if they are open to change.
  5. Give them a next step on how they can partner with you or get plugged in for momentum. This is the most important part of your blog. This is not about you, this about helping your client or member receive the support they need to stay consistent all the way to the end. No one builds anything successfully on their own. There are typically two or three people in their life that help them stay clear, on track and motivated until they finish their goal.

Remember, blogging is just an extension of your personal identity. All you’re doing is thinking in a context that you’re a couple steps ahead of who you are trying to help. You don’t have to be a famous, international guru! That’s not the point. The objective is to help someone receive transformation from Christ through your blog and the steps God has given you. START NOW on growing a Christian Coaching or Speaking business with these FREE resources. 

How To Blog To Give Your Clients Results

It took me time to learn how to blog and get results so today I want to share with you what I wish someone would’ve helped me with. The truth is if you’re not clear on the results you want to produce, then you’re blogging is not going to be as effective.

Here’s a possibility if you’re writing and not being able to turn your blog into paid clients in  coaching, speaking or consulting. They don’t reach out to you because the truth is, they may not be convinced you are the person who can really solve their problem.  Have you ever seen someone do a video, connect with you or write something that literally set your hair on end? I mean, they touched something really deep down in you and instantly you knew…no matter what it takes financially, this is the person for me!  If you have experienced this, you know what it feels like to pray and pray for God to lead you to the right person or resource, to read dozens of articles but finally come across someone you trust enough to invest and move forward. It could be into buying your book, coaching, counseling, membership programs or attending a conference.

I am talking about an emotion and feeling that this is the right fit for you. And here’s the thing I have noticed about this for myself when I have experienced this. This person I hired didn’t sell me. They activated faith in my heart to the point I knew if I just stuck with them and followed their mentoring, I was going to be successful. 

So here are a couple other reason’s you might not be seeing conversions. 

  1. You are using your blog to process pain that you have not received resurrection power for. Never share publicly what you haven’t received breakthrough for privately. People can tell you’re still wounded or still feel victimized.
  2. There’s a lot of storytelling but not specific strategies that people can instantly implement for results. It’s great to tell a story but it should point to why it’s important to move forward if you include it.
  3. You have not defined WHO God is calling you to serve exactly so you can’t stay strategic for that audience. You haven’t been called to serve the entire world but a very specific niche of people. Find them and you will get excellent results.
  4. Your personality is not coming out in your writing because you’re trying too hard to be perfect. This separates you from everyone else doing the same thing and serving the same people.
  5. Not enough consistent blogging. It takes once a week over years time for you to grow an expert status if you are trying to create a brand from scratch. You can’t fill a pipeline with once a month blogging.
  6. You’re writing from your head and not your heart so people don’t see you as authentic. People want to know where you have made mistakes and can show them out of your own experience how to receive success. Lead with a limp.

Lastly, have you learned how to activate faith in people? In Romans 10:17 it says, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I have learned over many years how to use the word of God to activate people’s faith for them to believe it is possible to see a breakthrough in their lives. If you would like to join me for how that translates into blogging and writing, I invite you to get my START NOW package. It’s free and comes with a assessment for you.

Where Are You On The Grit Scale?

This is a guest post by Business Coach, Beverly Lewis. 

Unintimidatable. Now there’s a $50 word. It has popped up numerous times as I have reflected on the nuances of mental toughness.

Intimidatable means being reduced to a state where the spirit is broken or courage is lost.

Thus unintimidatable implies strength of mind in the face of forces that would disrupt, distract, and deter. It defines an unwillingness to give in to a sense of inferiority or back down. It is the relentless ability to maintain vision, faith, and optimism. It results in the achievement of goals and the accomplishment of dreams.

Mental toughness can’t be bottled, bought, or borrowed. You only come by it the hard way – you develop it. Psychologist Angela Duckworth conducted fascinating research about what she calls the “Grit Scale.” Grit has little to do with IQ, genetics, personality or talent – yet it is a strong predictor of success.

Duckworth studied thousands of people; ranging from West Point cadets to undergraduate students at elite universities to children who qualified as finalists in the Scripps National Spelling Competition. She calls grit the power of passion and perseverance. Another researcher, Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, states, “Attitude is more important than IQ in determining success.”

It is fascinating how often modern scientists often announce breakthrough research that is technological validation of timeless Truth. When it comes to grit, look at the lives of Moses, Abraham, Joseph, David, Paul, and ultimately Jesus. The Hall of Faith is filled with those who displayed all the characteristics of mental toughness. The formula for mental toughness is basic:

No discomfort = no growth.
No pushing = no toughness.

One day, while sweating it out at the gym, I noticed someone’s t-shirt that said, “It doesn’t ever get easier, you just get stronger.” That’s true of every aspect of life and brings us to the importance of developing your physical stamina. Boldinfluencers Coach, Becky Harmon, has always taught clients to pair physical training with spiritual and mental development for remarkable results. I’ve known Becky for years, and for a long time I, resisted her continuous challenges to train for a race. As I struggled in the process of writing my book, Becky threw down the gauntlet and said, “if you’re serious about obtaining this victory, it’s time to finish a half-marathon.” I was finally ready to listen and began training immediately and finished!

I am certain it is not coincidental that I finished my book the month after I completed the race. Was it tough? Absolutely. Did I love the process? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? Unequivocally – yes!!
The battlefield of the mind is where grit is refined. Grit is a fundamental quality of leaders and is developed through a disciplined thought life. Mental toughness is the ability to remain consistent and produce at the peak of your ability despite feelings of inadequacy and lack. It means you finish what you start.

Five Indicators of Mental Toughness:

  • You have an ability to absorb unexpected emotional peaks and valleys and are still able to have peace and humor in the midst of it.
  • You maintain integrity under pressure and sustain a powerful fighting spirit against seemingly impossible odds.
  • You have an ability to take a punch emotionally and bounce back quickly from disappointments, rejection and missed opportunities.
  • You understand the power of words in influencing your own behavior and take negative thoughts captive. (See 2 Corinthians 10:5)
  • You have the discipline to choose what you want most over what you want now.

Just as pearls are formed inside the shell of certain mollusks as a defense mechanism against a potentially threatening irritant, grit is developed in response to adversity. The result is unique and valuable.

Pearl has become a metaphor for something rare, fine, admirable and precious. Mental toughness is a pearl in the strand of leadership qualities necessary for success. The next time you encounter resistance, remember: No Grit, No Pearls. Be unintimidatable.

Beverly Lewis is an Executive Trainer, Speaker and Leadership Coach. She is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Strong teams, enduring relationships, and dynamic, healthy organizations are built when this energetic business catalyst brings her brand of business from the heart. Her first book, Win From Within: The Heart of Success and Significance is born out of 35 years of work with over 10,000 professionals, in-depth research on leadership, communication, and lessons from her entrepreneurial ventures.

Monday Motivation From Christ


How’s that for Monday Motivation?

We can teach on mental-toughness, vision casting and mindset training. I love challenging myself to receive new breakthrough as well as those I coach.

But here’s the thing. You will go through seasons of your Christian walk where God is refining you to answer your prayers and glorify Christ. You might be suffering and that doesn’t mean you missed the plan or his will.  God is going to be with you every minute today. He’s going to remind you of his presence. You don’t have to rah-rah yourself out of anything. Just be who you are today and remember the God of creation lives inside of you. He is alive. When we ask for wisdom he gives it to us. He never leaves us or forsakes us.

Your identity is that you are as loved in suffering as you are in success! A matter of fact, there is no prayer blessing that says=> BLESSED ARE THE SUCCESSFUL! For your’s is the kingdom of God! Have a day FILLED with his love and remember that God loves helping you take every test and turn it into a test you can use for his Glory! Thinking of becoming a Christian coach or speaker with your own message? Go here and sign up for my GET STARTED package!

Faith forward, Bec:)

10 Ways To Build A Fit Identity

The number one New Year’s Resolution for Americans is LOSING WEIGHT. It’s also one of the top goals that people are unsuccessful with. Here’s the thing that bothers me and I want to help you solve. Every time someone starts a goal and doesn’t finish it, it can open the door for spiritual warfare that in the beginning, may not be a big deal.

However, later on, and after repeated failures, can make you see yourself identity wise as someone who starts but doesn’t finish. Someone who is double-minded and inconsistent. MINDSETS are the foundation for success or sabotage which is why we are told biblically to renew our minds with the word of God. It’s so much better to make SMALL MINDSET changes that you stick with.

I have seen over the years these work over and over again not just for me but for my clients as well.

  1. As soon as you decide to become fit, make your number one goal to SPEAK grace-filled, energetic words over yourself. This is first and foremost because all LASTING change comes from the way that you see yourself identity-wise. For example=> I AM losing weight without effort (unless you just want it to be hard!). I love my body and the way I look. I am thankful for my health and Lord; I AM giving my spirit, soul, and body to you today to use as you see fit. I expect to live to be a 100 and that my latter years will be greater than my former years. (Say this every time you find yourself fretting about the way you look, how crappy you feel or how discouraged you are)
  2. Pray and ask God for a long-term plan for eating. You don’t need my plan; you don’t need Dr. Atkins plan. You need your plan that God gives you for your life and schedule. Men who are construction workers are going to have a different plan than women who are sitting at a desk all day on the computer. I know this makes sense to you. Have one prayer time, specifically for asking God how to eat daily and what to stay away from. Expect God to speak to you in your voice not send a fitness angel to you. Worship him for a bit, ask him directly and write down exactly what he tells you. God is not going to tell you to eat oranges and nuts for a week. That’s stupid and will rip up your stomach. Mindset=> Longterm, you’re going to eat like this for a year.
  3. Start on a quality vitamin and/or Rhodiola if you are exhausted or feel mentally confused.  No one who has an eating or addiction issue in their background should be without these 2 nutritional supports in my opinion. Research it yourself, (you cannot mix with anti-depressants). It helps boost your serotonin, muscle recovery and gives you mental clarity. I discovered this when I began to go through severe menopausal symptoms and it was AWESOME!  if you’re stressed or anxious. I take one at 9 am and one at 3pm. Remember, always do your own research on natural remedy’s!
  4. Carry your backup food and water in the car and in your purse. People go through drive thru’s generally for two reasons. #1 They are hungry and can’t wait to get home. #2 They comfort themselves with food when they are stressed. So, know this about yourself and plan ahead without feeling shamed! I carry smoked almonds, raisins and mineral water in my car in a food bag. Unless I am fasting on a pre-arranged day, I do not allow myself to get hungry. The moment my stomach growls, I drink water and have a handful of nuts.
  5. Next time someone wants to hang out with you, ask them to go walking NOT eat food. Now, you can do this a lot more than you think because the truth is in America we are ingrained with a Starbucks mindset. If you’re in sales than you have to probably eat out with clients but you might be surprised at the amount of “walk-meetings” you can have. People LOVE this and it you help them get fit! I don’t have coffee, lunch meetings if I can help it, I have walk and prayer meet ups! This is perfect for people who are in ministry and doing discipleship!
  6. Go to bed on time at the same time every night. Do you want to know why you binge? You’re tired. Want to know why you’re undisciplined? You’re tired. You get the point. Know this about yourself and quit pushing yourself to clean your house, finish the project and otherwise treating yourself like a modern day slave. You will be amazed at how this one thing SUDDENLY makes you self-controlled and energetic! You need at least 6 to 8 hours to function well. Closer to 8!
  7. Walk every day as much as possible. Park far away and push your cart. Stand when you can sit. If your hundred pounds overweight, start with 100 ft to your mailbox and the next day add one more step. Make it a game. If you need more challenge than sign up for a 5K or half marathon and announce on Facebook you need a walking buddy. You might just start a movement!
  8. Buy an outfit one size down than where you are right now that you like! Here’s the fun with this, it’s a great motivator and you will wear it for a month or two and then you have the blessing of giving it away to someone else~ Depending on how much you want to lose, keeping it for holiday weight gain when you’re a one or two sizes smaller. THIS WORKS!
  9. Purpose to build relationally with people who love to be outside. The more you’re inside, the fatter you’re going to be, and then you feel like everyone is judging you because you’re fat, so it’s easier to hide in the house! Schedule yourself to do something outside daily and in the sun as much as possible. I can tell you as a fit person and someone who hangs around with fit people, I have NEVER heard anyone say anything negative about fat people walking their dogs, exercising or doing something active. It’s the opposite. People think, “Well good for them! They are trying!”I say this because after coaching hundreds of people through this, I know just the cow mooing at them in the dairy aisle makes them paranoid. (I have had numbers of clients tell me this makes them want to cry!)
  10. When you’re upset, stressed and in turmoil, walk and ask a friend to pray with you. If you’re that upset, you’re not going to get any work done well anyway. Keep a pair of walking shoes at your desk at work and get a good pair of socks at the local running store. (You can feel the difference in 15.00 dollar wicking socks, they feel like a pillow in your shoes). If you’re overloaded or depressed, walk in the sunshine. People so underestimate the power of walking, sweating and decompressing in fresh air.

Ready to begin your own Christian coaching or speaking business? If so, let me send you my free GET STARTED package where I show you the strategies to build your first $25,000 in sales.

Faith Forward! Bec:)

Feeling Alone Can Be A Good Thing

I’m thankful to live in out in the country with my horses, wake up every day to pray for my family and clients and to have a business that is kingdom focused. I have a fiercely loyal husband as well as inner circle of friends, but that doesn’t mean I have never felt isolated and alone.

Feeling Alone Can Sometimes Come From Standing For The Truth But It’s Worth Every Bit Of Tension

I recently had a client come to me and share with me that she was going through a terrible situation with someone in their family who was making wrong decisions. It was breaking her heart.

She was struggling with tremendous anxiety and second guessing because this situation wasn’t getting any better. She told me she knew they needed support, but they were stuck in not knowing what to do, fearing what people would think and frankly she was afraid of having to be the “bad guy.”

I have felt this a couple of times in my life and can be paralyzing. My Father died an alcoholic after many of my attempts to encourage him to get help and even as a mother of four children; I have experienced the pain of rebellion and decisions that brought us great anguish.

However, because I have always followed a particular model in my life when those around me are making poor decisions, I am thankful to say I came out the other side with more grace on my life and experiencing the resurrection part to my pain and you can too IF YOU MAKE THE CHOICE I will reveal to you.

I have used this process again and again in my life and to help my clients build new identities. Not too bad for someone who had no business or seminary training.  I have built this message through Christ, and that’s why it has power. You will find the same when you begin to multiply your message practically.

But here’s the thing. I knew when I launched my business; I wasn’t going to partner anymore with people who wanted to be victims. I didn’t care how brilliant, famous they were, or if they had celebrity status. I wasn’t going to support it in my family, friendships or business.  And let me tell you, I got some flack.

Becky, you’re not compassionate. Jesus was forgiving. Becky, you don’t want to hang around those who are less successful than you. You’re prideful, asking too much and being demanding. You’re this, you’re that. But here’s the thing.

Sometimes people are so stuck in their old identity and the emotional pay-out from positioning themselves as victims of circumstances and even the “devil” that the longer you placate them or stay silent about their idolatry, the more emeshed they get in it. In addiction training, they call this enabling.

And here’s what happens when we don’t require those we are in covenant with to be consistent with who they say they are to the rest of the world.

We end up resenting the person we are trying to serve. Then we have to harden our hearts or self-medicate ourselves.
We protect them from having to mature from their failures and grow up in Christ.
We prioritize their idolatry over our health, joy and peace.
We end up internalizing the fear and anger we feel, and we feel further confused. It affects our finances, our walk with God and our witness. We slide deeper into hopelessness and despair.
We live a lie and we wonder why we can’t move into the goodness God has for us.

I know some people call this is a disease, and yes, you’re right it is a disease. It’s called the disease of sin. We all have it. Lust, pride, addictions, we all can submit to this illness that breaks the covenant, destroys the next generation and dilutes any power of God on our lives.

God has a remedy for this. It’s called repentance, turning our face to him in worship and accountability. If they will not repent and choose God rather than the sin, they need a lot more pain. Is that okay to say?

Pain makes them hit bottom and finally look up to God and tell him, I am open to hearing that my mindsets have not served me well and I’m ready for you to renew mine. I want to be a new creation and not go back to this bondage. I appreciate what I have been given, and I don’t want to lose it.

The truth is there are times you are going to feel isolated because you’re the only one in the room who is standing for the truth.

It breaks my heart, and that is much of why teams are a foundation of my business today. God set’s the isolated in spiritual family. When you choose to build a new identity, you’re going to have to have people around you who desire to live a purposed life as much as you do. Living purposely requires a personal discipline. God takes living in a restrained, honorable way seriously. For more reading scripturally on this, go to Exodus 32.  So don’t come under Satan’s condemnation that you are harsh because you won’t compromise your leadership and identity for others who don’t know theirs.

The Fear Of Loss Can Be Paralyzing

We are afraid to lose the one’s we love. However, sometimes we are so afraid of loss that we never call people up to who they can become. We don’t want to have more faith in Satan’s ability to bind than in God’s ability to set people free.

This belief that people won’t change is a poverty mentality rooted in doubt and fear. People do change, but the change only comes when the people closest stop enabling and refuse to compromise anymore on their own identity. If you’re a Christian, that’s peace, righteousness, and joy. If they choose not to accept help then you have to disconnect yourself from the ensuing chaos they will experience as a result of their idolatry, or you will be sucked into the black hole with them.

If I stand up for the truth, everything will explode

This is a lie. It typically comes from the fear of the unknown. When we don’t confront people’s poor choices is usually because we fear the ensuing emotional toil we are going to pay. Either rejection, anger, belittlement, financial loss or fear of others will say.

Enabling is a false peace and security. You don’t have peace. You have you juggling control balls in the air but rest assured at some point, you won’t be able to keep them moving. And don’t think Satan isn’t crafty at this time bringing up all the times that you fell short as a spouse, parent, friend, boss. Peace is available to you, but it’s a fruit of right choices, right relationship with God and boundaries that protect everyone. If you’re a leader, your responsibility is to safeguard the whole team and family, not just one person.

What you do in crisis says a lot about you and the story you come away with after one

Individuals who finish and overcome are typically those who face the facts rather than denying it, focus on solving the problem and execute action consistently. Also, this is when understanding your identity in Christ can make the difference between sabotage or success. The more your identity is in how people perceive you, your looks, your material possessions or your expectations of how the situation needs to be resolved for you to feel satisfied, the less likely you are to make right decisions.

Also, some of the best lessons learned are when you learn to trust your intuition and question those in authority. Some people are superb at acting confident or sharing with you their creditionals and why you should believe them. Don’t confuse certifications with credibility gained from experience. Here’s a great question to ask someone who wants to mentor you through your crisis.

Tell me the greatest obstacle God has helped you overcome and the victory you gained out of it. 

Sit back and watch what comes out of their mouth. You’re either going to be filled with faith by their testimony and get support in the right place or you’re going to close your wallet and move onto interviewing the next mentor.

Have you experienced this situation? What did you learn out of it? See you in the comments below!

Helping you pray, coach, speak and write for HIS glory, Bec:)

Supernatural Expansion: Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

Ben Stuart, Passion City Church

Supernatural Expansion…. How to See Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

I was recently listening to Louie Giglio preach a series called POWER-FULL. The series takes you through the book of Acts and how God equips ordinary people and sends them out supernaturally to introduce people to Christ and his power.

Right now I am on the 6th in the series and listening to Ben Stuart teach on Impact through ordinary citizens. He shares his personal experience with being an introvert and yet being hungry to see people reached for Christ. (Hilarious by the way) In this particular segment, he talks about how God loves using “non-professionals”.

So as I am listening to this series, walking my dogs around the neighborhood, I began to pray, give me some opportunities this week like you did for Ben! I want MORE of your power. MORE of your fire on my life. Renew me Lord!

I try to keep my heart on fire for God like I was in my twenties.  I used to have people constantly say to me when I was homeschooling, leading neighborhood bible studies and then in sales…

I want to learn to pray like you do! I want to know God like this, personal and powerful!

So how does this happen?  What I love about what Ben said, and that I have experienced my whole walk with Christ is God loves to answer the prayer of ordinary people to be used supernaturally.

Ten years ago, when I shared my almost 1 million dollar ID theft with the Vice-President of Marketing for a major identity company, he told me my story was the kind that he wanted to get on a major network TV show. He shared he had been trying for months to get a hold of this particular TV producer and they just wouldn’t call him back. I said, “Well I don’t know if you believe in prayer but I do so let’s pray for favor for you right now”.

Now, one of the things I tell people all the time is you don’t sit around waiting for five awkward minutes for people to give you permission. You politely wait 2 seconds and then you begin to pray in the name of Jesus. Well, within seconds I knew the Lord was all over this (and you will too) I prayed for his job, his family and for God to open supernatural doors no man could open. So, you can imagine this man’s surprise when the TV executive he was trying to reach multiple times, that hadn’t taken his calls for three months, called him 5 minutes after we hung up the phone.

What a coincidence!

He was so excited that God would care enough to answer his work problem that he called me right back and asked me if I could fly to New York and be on the TV show with my story. And that opportunity opened up other doors to pray with more people and to grow more successfully in my business.

So, who do you have the chance to pray with?

Let’s say you’re a stay at home mom, and you run into a neighbor who shares with you, her son is struggling in school. Stop right then and ask her if you can pray, Remember, Be BOLD. This perfect opportunity is not about YOU; it’s about displaying God’s power!

What if God doesn’t show up? Well, what happens if HE DOES? Your prayer could change someone’s life and show them God cares about the details in their life! Maybe you’re an executive, and a client is stressed about how they are going to solve their financial problem. PRAY FOR THEM! This, my friends, is how to have FUN and see the supernatural!

Would you like to become a mighty vessel of God and coach others into more success? Then get ready to pray vigorous and bold!

Love, Bec:)

6 Steps To Authentic Influence

If you BECOME the individual no matter how much adversity you receive, you continue to encourage others and find the positive in all tension; you will grow your influence for the kingdom of God.

Practice these six strategies this week and watch God use your life to transform others for His glory!

  1. Smile BIG to everyone you run into! Smile when you’re alone, when your in the car, smile at everyone you meet. As you smile, begin to thank God quietly and meditate on the vision he has given you in your heart. Do this without effort but rehearse it in your mind with gratefulness. Expect this come to pass. Resist sharing your vision, heart or struggles with those who make you more anxious when you leave their presence. Become aware in your life of those who bring life and those who deplete your faith.
  2. Every opportunity you have, practice breathing deeply (it helps you stay in the now) and listening intently to people and giving feedback that is encouraging, kind and will create more faith in them. Make it your objective to make people feel important and valuable. Find a way to affirm them for how they serve, the action’s they take and any kindness you see them display. Affirm character rather than status or affluence. Negative people thrive on warning you, cautioning you, advising and otherwise creating fear as it gives them a sense of control. Faith filled conversation aggravates them.
  3. Ask penetrating questions that explore purpose, vision, and connections when you meet new people. As soon as socially acceptable, after a small amount of chit-chat, ask questions that will explore their heart. This is where some of the deepest alignment takes place for vision. Some questions you can ask: What kind of work brings you the most profound significance? If you didn’t have to make a paycheck, where would you volunteer your time? What gives you great joy and would help you feel fulfilled if you could accomplish it in your life time? Who do you like to be around that helps you move into your vision? Keep the conversation moving forward into a larger hope, destiny, and faith! Toxic people will walk away from conversations like this because it inadvertently exposes their ego driven life.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share where you feel weak but do it in a healthy way.  What I suggest here is weakness is a wonderful way to connect with people but do it in a way that encourages. From a perspective of this is what I struggle with and how I solve it with God’s help. If you are not able to share things without rehearsing feelings of victimization, it’s best not to talk about it until you feel stronger or more victory as it will just reinforce your overwhelm and put you possibly in the place where you attract people who thrive on fixing others. Using your testimony is always a great way to help people overcome.
  5. When you meet someone remember their name and something valuable about them that you picked up on. I generally can remember anything I respect in people. Share this with others so that they receive affirmation for their identity. It’s such a lovely way of sharing joy authentically. Toxic people become skeptical if you point out value. Ask them to share with you something good about the person or group if they are talking negatively. They often will not want to keep the conversation going with you if they have to do this. Works like a charm!
  6. If you enjoy someone’s identity, invite them to do something fun or focused with you. This way you can see if there is an energy or synergy being produced that God can bless. This is when you can give to their vision, and they can give to yours. Negative people do not want to have fun. They want excuses as to why they can’t go out, join a group or otherwise experience any happiness. Don’t sit home with a complainer. The best way to nip that in the bud is to enjoy life thoroughly and let them be alone. This sometimes will motivate them to change!

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