How To Pray And Bless Your Enemies Practically

Today, I want to share with you how to pray for the people that are causing you to feel bitter and resentful.

Why do we want to do this? Well first, unforgiveness will kill your clarity and every bit of purpose you are called to. It’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE that has to be overcome by PRAYER. Christian coaches need to be in a place where they are always checking their own spirit and soul for resentment. It will keep you from serving clients powerfully.

Here’s the truth: I have been betrayed. Disappointed. Let down. But every single time the enemy came in to steal my peace and my hope…like a FLOOD the spirit of God lifted up a standard, and I was promoted. I believe this in part was due to what I am going to share with you today so listen, this is one of the best tips I have for you if you feel stuck in past conflicts and traumatic relational patterns.

You’re going to pray very specifically and consistently for this person. I tell people to pray for a year if necessary on a daily basis. Many times we just give people platitudes that are generic and don’t bring them to the personal pain and suffering in the cross. It’s reasonable Christianity to pray for those who mistreat and persecute you unjustly and you will never walk with power as a Coach or ministry leader until you can worship God through suffering and pain until you get peace.

Everything you want in your own life and need RIGHT NOW, you’re going to pray for them to receive a powerful blessing. Here’s some I have helped clients work through. I learned this by implementing it and seeing the results in my own life. This works SO POWERFULLY you’ll be amazed by the freedom and joy you feel after a very short time. I have even written out prayers for my clients with these issues.

  1. Bitter divorces before they launched their life coaching businesses. You’re going to pray financial provision that is abundant for this individual. That their heart heals from the abandonment, they have felt. You’re going to pray against any assignment of rejection coming against them. You’re going to pray that God sends them a new spouse that is under Lordship and parents out of a revelation of feeling deep love and highly favored by God.
  2. Lay-offs that caused them to want to go in a new direction.  You’re going to pray that God sends the leadership team or your ex-boss fabulous, spirit-filled employees who are on fire for God and walk in authority. You’re going to pray a financial blessing on the whole company. That their business will explode with profits and they will run the company with integrity.
  3. They have family that is addicted to… That the Lord will bless them with a long life and great peace. That he provides money for them and they use that to make right choices. That they know how to receive and give God’s abundant love and be sent to serve others out of their own overcoming message. That the Lord uses for good what the enemy means to destroy them with.
  4. They have been abused or victimized sexually. You’re going to pray for this individual that they receive the love of Christ. That they can break free from the shame, guilt, and condemnation that they are under and that they receive a revelation of their identity in Christ. That they find good friends that help them safe, forgiven and free. That they can walk in wholeness in their sexuality.

And here’s the thing, praying like this will KILL your flesh, and you will walk under the PROMOTION of God. Do you have a heart to transform lives with the strategies God has given you? To get paid to be a Christian coach or speaker? Let me send my START NOW package today!

Do You Have An Independent Identity?

This is a week where we remember the FIGHT we had to commit to as a nation to develop our national identity that was strong and FREE! There was a great financial SACRIFICE, tears and consistent WORK to birth our nation and bring religious freedom.  

Unfortunately, so many Christians are saturated with an independent identity they never birth their calling.  But the truth is, dependence and vulnerability in a safe environment is BIBLICAL. It’s called discipleship. And what happens in the spirit realm also affects people’s ability to grow faith based businesses.

So many people hold back investing in training that will take them into their next breakthrough because they are still struggling with what people think about them if they see they still have problems or what if they find out I used to be in prison, or had a porno problem, I’m on my 3rd marriage, or I still struggle with poor financial patterns, been labeled a trouble maker or I WASTE TIME WATCHING TV when I should be working on my vision.

The list goes on and on. WHATEVER! Please introduce me to anyone who is currently PERFECT or did everything perfect so I can touch their magical robe!

God set’s the isolated into a spiritual family (and in spiritual business training) so that you learn how to IGNORE condemnation and all the things the enemy wants to sabotage you with to hold you back from living a heroic God life that influences others! So you’re equipped for the work of the ministry, and you can multiply your significant life! It’s not God’s plan for you to stay on survival mode or have a dream in your heart for years that never get’s birthed! It’s not God’s will for you to keep rehearsing what you could’ve, should’ve done 10 years ago or stay on perpetual I DON’T KNOW what God has for me mode!

Loneliness, isolation mean no breakthrough. Imagine, this time next year, you’re still saying the same things about your life!!!! That would stink! And that’s what you will be saying if you don’t do the work!

I understand what it feels like to feel alone. To feel accused daily and have recurring patterns of financial lack, relational disappointments or infirmity that just takes on new forms. I can tell you the truth though; God allowed constant tension in my life for a reason. It was to train me to PERSEVERE, reach out to others in humility and to move forward despite what the enemy threw at me. You see when you’re a slave, you have no dreams. But when you catch your REAL IDENTITY, that you’re a son/daughter, you still are doing the same work, but you know you’re going to step into an INHERITANCE with it.

People with poverty mentalities don’t get support because they have to have all the answers themselves. Wealth mentalities set a goal, work as a team, reach further, ask for input as they go. Same brains, same talents, same time constraints, it’s how they REACT to obstacles. Have you ever thought that you weren’t meant to live in survival mode? That there is an easier way?

A way for you to lose the 10 pounds. To end the loneliness. To end the poor decision-making processes. To use your writing, speaking gift to impact others for the kingdom.

The longer you stay in survival mode, the longer that BECOMES WHO YOU ARE IDENTITY WISE. The quicker you make decisions to suffer for a bigger vision; GRACE is released. People are CHANGED by just watching your life!

Have you ever thought of that? That God has given you obstacles so others can look at your difficulties as you attempt to do bigger things HIS WAY instead of your own and say, there is a God in heaven if he/she can have such a right attitude or not quit in the midst of so much oppression.

Remember what Father Paul said…Eph 3: 13… So please don’t lose heart at what they are doing to me here. It is for you I am suffering, and you should feel honored and encouraged.

Let me break that down for you. You’re going to get SPIRITUAL WARFARE and SUFFERING for living a sacrificial life that involves others growing in Christ.  I still get emails from people who believe once your saved, all is in the blood and you can just sit back in your inner tube and float down the river with your worship music on. That acknowledging spiritual warfare means you’re looking for a devil under every rock. READ YOUR BIBLE!

So, if Jesus was crucified sacrificially, all the apostles suffered for sharing the gospel and were martyred for their faith, why do you think you’re exempt from that? There is no Christian prosperity gospel except for having an overcoming FAITH! That’s your WEALTH, not your bank account! Do not come under idolatrous teaching that if you’re more holy or spiritual if you have more money! We aren’t promised perfect health or fat bank accounts as Christians. Do I believe in healing and to be financially stable? Yes, but I don’t measure my identity around that!

Today, pray in tongues, listen to worship music, pray with faith-filled people. If you don’t have this in your life,  get my START HERE package and begin to read how to overcome spiritual warfare and what you need to have in place to coach and speak profitably.

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

The Difference Between A Vain Imagination And A Kingdom Vision

There is a big difference between a vain dream that glorifies the flesh and an authentic kingdom vision.

A Kingdom Vision Vs. A Worldly Vision

A Carnal or Selfish Vision Will~Reflect what the world values which is sexual power, money, and fame. It will require you to conform to this in your dress, speech, and actions.  For example, if you believe God has promoted you in the entertainment industry,  your job is to adhere to biblical standards with boldness. This will give you an opportunity to express why you will not take actions in your dress or speech that do not glorify God. This is so others may be convicted by the righteousness of Christ within you.  If you feel like you will not be able to be hired or keep your job if you do not do what is required to maintain it, then you need mentoring to birth more courage, or you need to immediately quit and trust God for provision. Authentic promotion does not sabotage your own faith or cause other’s to stumble for your “liberty or favor.” Duck Dynasty is a great example of this. They have grown from a simple business, then to a cable show to a multi-million dollar empire. Their simple dinner time blessing reaches millions yearly.

A Godly Vision Or Dream Will~ Take the existing gifts and talents you have already and grow them into results that will benefit others. Even though you are persecuted, rejected, suffer loss financially or oppressed for a season you will be able to stay consistent serving, and people will be convicted by your steadfastness, your courage, and your faith. Think of Joseph in the Old Testament, Joyce Meyers starting in her living room and local church and Chick-Filet for business. They started out with one yummy chicken sandwich, opened a location, close on Sundays are completely militant about their core beliefs and faith. And they grow every time they are boycotted for it:)

A Carnal Dream Or Delusion Will~ Not come to pass and will confuse people scripturally. One of the first questions to ask anyone who wants to give you input for your life or vision is if they believe Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth, and the light. If the answer is yes, but….then you don’t listen to one more statement. It’s not Jesus + or – anything. Secondly, people who are suffering with narcissism or under religious deception are not able to clearly articulate the results they can provide within a reasonable amount of time.  They can be great speakers and very persuasive, but they won’t have testimonials or results that can be tested over time and that you can see the fruit from.  They will have the endless talk about what they believe God has called them to with no result’s that ever come out of it which is characteristic of vain imaginations. Vain imaginations are grandiose and seldom practical. Like, Hey, that makes sense. The next step is to tell people we can help them produce this, this and this. Third, if God has spoken to you, then what you said you were going to do happens within a short time span, and it glorifies Christ. It’s just that simple. If you keep hearing God tell you to do something over and over and you can’t get provision for it, then consider you’re either not hearing God, or you need to move in a different direction. Provision always follows compelling Christ-like vision.

A Godly Vision Or Dream Will~ Give you the endurance to overcome the pain and obstacles you will require seeing it come to pass.

For example, my youngest son Joe is in Bootcamp for the Marines. When he joined, he was willing to endure the drill sergeant screaming at him 24 hours a day, the endless physical fatigue, swim test, gas chamber and lastly the crucible at the end which includes a complete test of mental toughness. His platoon will hike 48 miles, with 45 lbs of gear, full 29 team building obstacles courses, with only two meals and 6 hours of sleep. When they are done, they will be handed their Marine pin.

And here’s the thing, he’s submitted himself to this process because he has a vision of WHO HE WILL BECOME IDENTITY WISE AT THE END OF this process. If you don’t have a clear and compelling vision for your life that FUELS you, when you encounter hardship you give in because pain is to be avoided, not embraced on your road to significance. Again, this seems simple, but you can create a vision that fuels you regardless of how untalented or how little money you have because God promotes through stewardship!

Meet you in the comments!

Faith forward, Love, Bec:)

5 Ways To Grow Your Spiritual Authority

Do you struggle with feelings of overwhelm? Maybe you have a dream of impacting people for Christ but experience so much personal chaos yourself, you can’t seem to get focused on the work that will help you grow a business.

Here’s the truth.  When you begin to think about serving others rather than just yourself, you will want to resist passivity and begin to apply yourself to growing your spiritual leadership. This is much of the reason why I have a whole pre-business track for my clients so they don’t waste money on business coaching before they really practice the skills that will help them live a transformational life. Here’s how this breaks down practically.

The longer you take to assertively co-create the life you love with Christ and align your daily actions with your vision, the longer you stay stuck in survival mode. We have authority in Christ but you have to use it assertively within the vision and purpose for your own calling. When I wanted to coach for a living, I had to apply my authority to grow my BUSINESS skills.

Here are 5 Ways To Grow Your Spiritual Authority Within One Year

1. Get up early and spend one hour reading the word of God and praying that God will show you how to use your gifts and talents to transform other people for eternity.  So many times people waste time praying for the EXACT PURPOSE AND CALLING God has for them instead of starting right where you are to seek God whole-heartedly. God uses what is in your hands to ignite your calling. You don’t have to quit work and move to Africa. Start being sold out for Christ today. If you have an Iphone, get the READ SCRIPTURE app. It will help you read the whole bible in a year.

2. Begin hanging around people who are going to hold you accountable and care about eternal things. When I decided to grow a Christian coaching business, I began to build relationships with successful business women who wanted to give their profits to the poor.  Iron sharpens iron. If you need marriage help, that’s what you start working on first. Ask older people who are happily married to help you glorify God through your marriage. This is the purpose of community. Without it, you are guaranteed to be lukewarm and unsuccessful in your goals!

3.  Ask the Lord to deliver you from people-pleasing and help you fear Him only. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what this looks like in your daily life and in your work. You can’t grow in spiritual authority without putting God first. If you complain that you don’t have time to spend on the vision God has given you to fulfill, examine any people pleasing in your life.

4. Memorize the word of God and actively use to overcome everything that causes you to hide, be fearful or agree with doubt and unbelief. I used to struggle terrible with panic attacks and fear. I got totally delivered over time because I didn’t want my life to spent thinking about what-if’s. You become an overcomer by applying your faith and taking action militantly. I would never be where I am in business if I wouldn’t have done this foundational ground work with God.

5. Learn to embrace tension as a sign you are moving forward. If you’re life is peaceful and comfortable, you are probably not thinking big enough for God. It’s your job to be a change agent. That means asking questions that bring people to examine what they believe and why. We should be happiest when we see people repenting for lukewarm living and embracing humility to follow Jesus.

Have you considered Christian coaching as a business? Using your own testimony to help people get free? Let me send you my START NOW package which is free and includes resources that will help you be an overcomer and begin to be profitable as a coach!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

10 Ways To Model Boldness

Get your coffee because you and I are going to talk about ten ways you can help other women become more courageous through what you model. This is the stuff that will make you grow authentically with God’s grace! It’s the heart of God to equip and release workers for the ministry through a revelation of God’s love and how to overcome through their identity in Christ.

10 Ways To Model Boldness

 1. Encourage stewardship rather than striving for more degrees, credentials, platforms and status.  This takes the pressure of you to have to perform for people. When I began to coach, (12 years later now) I had three things I asked my clients to do daily. Get up at 5am for prayer, walk or run for an hour and craft a compelling vision for their life that fueled them. All of these things revolve around stewarding our spirit, soul and body. We can want to be leaders but we can’t grow spiritual leadership without the help of the Holy Spirit. This should be mandatory for every worship leader, pastor and ministry leader. It enables you to stay mission minded, decompress stress in a healthy way and keep your joy without using alcohol or drugs. Hope that wasn’t too strong for you.

2. Be prepared to ask people to be consistent action-wise with who they say they want to become. I have found after coaching thousands of people that this is the question that causes people to either decide they are going to GO FOR IT or they are going to stop talking about what they want. You cannot be bold unless you are strong enough identity wise to ask people to fish or cut bait! Realize that coaching and mentoring is very different then counseling. Coaches and transformational leaders ask you to take action EVERY TIME you meet. Counselors are for people who are in pain and need someone to listen compassionately. As a coach or spiritual leader, people will invest with you because of your compelling vision and the consistent results you help people achieve. This means you have to be aware of what your boldest identity zones are in stay within them.

3. Create a compelling vision for your life RIGHT NOW that is uncomfortable and makes other people say, “Dang. That’s what I want”. I’m not talking about being perfect. I’m talking about stewarding your gifts and talents and not apologizing for doing whatever it takes to reach the people you feel called to serve. Understand you will get spiritual warfare for living a life that influencers others for the kingdom of God. It makes no difference whether it’s in ministry or business.  Pray that God will allow you to finish strong in a heroic way that leaves a legacy for your children and those you influence and disciple.

4. Realize everything out of your mouth is either going to position you as a victim or as a victor.  Memorize the word of God and build a mindset that practically everything is solvable.  I believe the most powerful things we can do for people is teach them how to pray and declare the scriptures when they feel double-minded, insecure and want to turn back. Jesus spoke the word to the devil.  He didn’t think it quietly.  Have a big mouth and channel it against the devil with declarations, praises and thanks for who God is sending you to set free this year. Don’t worry about what people think of you, if you’re too extreme or overboard. You want to walk in power and this is the way to do it. 

5. Surround yourself with men and women who push themselves out of their comfort zone weekly.  Get into a team or organization that affirms you for thinking outside the box if your church doesn’t do leadership training.  Quit holding yourself back out of false humility. You are a composite of the three people you spend the most time with daily. It serves no one but the devil.  Resist passivity, embrace the fight and don’t run from the fear of failure or you will never live a transformational life.  You will become what you speak over yourself and what you PLAN to do DAILY. Kingdom influence comes from being strategic and disciplined.

6. Write down how you can solve the things you suffered through faster. Discover your purpose and WHO you want set free (your not called to the whole world, there is a specific group of people you are graced to serve), come up with ideas on how to equip people by thinking about ways you can help people solve the problems faster then you did. Imagine your worst crisis and then think to yourself, what if I could help someone solve that in three months.  Remember, being equipped and sent is work. It’s you thinking strategically, not someone opening a door for you!

7. When you find someone who is doing what you want to do, sign up for everything they put out even if you have to pay for it.  This will help you later weed out the people in your life who want to hang around you to soak and with no intention of doing any work themselves.  Until you get COMMITTED, you won’t see God do through you what you want to see happen. If you want to get paid to coach, bump out of all the free groups that feel supportive emotionally but aren’t causing you to have to be accountable for RESULTS! You also need to start surrounding yourself with a community of people who want the same calling.

8. Get started getting yourself out there and don’t worry about being perfect. Start doing everything badly. People hugely struggle with the fear of being found out they don’t have what it takes. Guess what? We don’t have what it takes but God does. If you want a kingdom coaching business then trust God to work through your mistakes and honor your courage. If you don’t model that how can you expect your clients to do the same? Blog, do video’s, start a small group!

9. Model teaming. There are no lone rangers. You know why? They got picked off by the enemy. When the obstacle is life-threatening or insurmountable, you need people partnering with you in prayer who know their authority and how to be relentless until they get the victory. Teach people to partner with other people for results and not to try and do everything on their own! Isolation is a key for disaster. Come up with ways to help people get accountability!

10. Be willing to minister, mentor, speak, coach, blog or write your own methods with YOUR OWN testimony on how you overcame your obstacles. (Revelation 12:11) I believe in training and accreditation. I just want to help you glorify God by integrating the strategies he gave you for success. You can have a faith-base business that impacts thousands of people in one year AND GLORIFIES GOD! It’s work but it’s an unbelievable feeling to be used by Christ to encourage, equip and see people transformed through what the enemy meant for evil for you!

Have you thought about Christian coaching or are you already mentoring others? If so, let me send you my GET STARTED package which includes my book 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and 10 Strategies for making your first $25,000 in Christian coaching or ministry. You can BE USED BY GOD IN YOUR GENERATION and love what you do for a living! 

Love, Bec:)

It Must Not Be God’s Will

What happens when you take the time to pray, co-create a vision you believe is from God and still don’t have the assurance that being a Christian coach is God’s will for your life? This is something that comes up with new coaches…It must not be God’s will because I am not making money fast enough!

Well, here’s the truth…this is a LIE to cause you to be passive and not whole-hearted about solving your problem! Even John the Baptist at the very end of his mission, asked his followers to go and ask Jesus, “Are you the one, or is there another”? J-o-h-n T-h-e B-a-p-t-i-s-t. The man who was so sure about his mission he was eating bugs and rebuking kings without fear. Understand that every spiritual leader has to recognize and confront this lie.

I remember a time when things weren’t growing fast enough, and I kept going to God about it day after day in prayer. One day I was very frustrated with the Lord. I said, “Lord, I have been praying for you to solve this for many months now. I have asked you to download a plan to me and yet you haven’t.

I heard CLEAR AS DAY. “Becky, you’re not waiting on me, I’ve been waiting for you.”

I was stunned. I asked the Lord, what? How long have you been waiting on me? He said since the first day you asked me. WHATTTTT? I said you’re God. You give people plans; I was waiting for the perfect plan from you. It was going to be a revelation that glorified you because I waited on you and didn’t act in the flesh. (Don’t you love when you get spiritual on God and he calls your card….He said, no you’re fearful and don’t want to do whatever it takes to solve it!

I was so laid out by this revelation that I got up out of my prayer closet and solved it like I was on FIRE.

You may say like I have many times. “Lord, what if my plan fails 100 times”? Shouldn’t things grow faster if it’s your will? Here are some examples of ideas you may have to come with yourself:

  • How to solve your ideal niche
  • How to manage your time so you can grow your business on the side while you work
  • How to solve lead generation
  • How to create compelling packages that people love and give you great testimonials

So, get out the acceptable plan that you are going to have create and evaluate results with and begin to pray this over yourself=>

Lord, take my good, acceptable plan and turn it in your good and perfect will. I will not hide my talents this year or hold back because I am afraid of you or even my own failure. I will believe you that I AM BLESSED beyond the curse. I AM crucified in you, and it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me. I AM not going to be held back by my lack of clarity, my feelings on how ill-equipped I feel to be a good spouse, parent, friend, business person….etc.I AM a light on a hill; I take the plunge to do great things for you. I will get back up every time I fail because you strengthen me.

To quote General George Patton, (Whom I am sure was very loved by God).

Better a good plan executed violently today than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Friend, when you pray, believe in faith and move forward with your acceptable plan. Trust God to make it a good and perfect plan.

If you have a heart to see people transformed through Christian coaching, I would love to send you my GET STARTED package and pray with you personally to activate your faith! I will also  send you my whole book  4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare on PDF, as well as a really popular audio I created with 10 strategies to make your first $25,000 in Christian coaching.

Love, Bec:)

3 Signs Of Spiritual Warfare Over Your Calling

Spiritual warfare that you don’t address in your personal leadership and business, build’s mindsets that sabotage you.

Your responsibility is to ADVANCE and TAKE BACK TERRITORY that Satan has taken from you.

This is about YOU first establishing the vision in your marriage, your family and the marketplace that God has given you to steward and grow. Become an overcomer first, and then you can enlarge your influence from that point out. Many times people don’t understand that unresolved spiritual warfare is what lays the foundation for POVERTY mindsets and it changes their paycheck, the quality of their relationships and who is attracted to them. Think about that. You may not have a lead generation problem in your business. You may have spiritual warfare because of your mindsets. Every problem you have unless it’s terminal in your health (and God still works miracles for those), is solvable.

Listen to me. It’s solvable.

3 Overlooked Indications Your Under Spiritual Warfare

1. You cannot keep your mind focused on the vision God has convicted you to take. You use comparing yourself to the world and people setting small goals themselves to keep you in a place of mediocrity and rationalizing that this is not a big deal. You’re choosing to let go of more because it’s too much work, leaving you struggling with hopelessness. This is spiritual warfare, and you are being attacked. Whatever God is convicting you to change and you are not yielding to, that’s your ground. That’s the cross.

2. No energy. This is one of the biggest flags for spiritual warfare. All you want to do is take a nap every time you think of solving it.  Everyone thinks they didn’t get enough sleep, or they are eating the wrong foods or worrying too much, and it’s draining you.  Of course, take into account these things, but more so, if you are already dealing with the first thing listed, you are under spiritual attack. Some of the greatest times of spiritual warfare are before you “birth” a new vision, you get ready to accomplish the ONE thing that will hugely shift your relationships, or you have made a decision to take the ground. Think strategically; the enemy wants to keep knock you off your feet. This is why you have to take warfare seriously and give no allowance for passivity.

3. Anger and underlying frustration: The third sign that you are under attack comes from the fact you sense you’re being pushed back spiritually, but you haven’t made a decision to become assertive about changing it.  So you feel the emotion’s of fear, lust, depression, some people think they are bi-polar when really this is deep-seated anxiety and demonic oppression.  This is the result of double-mindedness that is compounding. If you’re a leader, this can come from unresolved issues on your teams. In marriage from deeper issues that aren’t being dealt with appropriately or from a lack of repentance that is now escalating into pride. People are talking about how frustrated they are with others; strife is being released, and actual witchcraft is now being swirled around you. Now the warfare is getting multiplied exponentially. You must pray, worship God and thank Him for the plan he is going to give you as you’re obedient to not let this tension define you.

Remember, never back down into passivity. Ready to get started coaching and speaking about your story and transforming people for the kingdom through Christian coaching? Start here today! 

The Four Phases Of Spiritual Warfare

The moment you decide you want your life to matter for God’s glory, you’re going to get spiritual resistance. It doesn’t matter whether you are pastoring a church or using your business in a way that glorifies God.  When you get saved, you have entered an unseen battle.  

And here is the thing. Many times, people do not understand as they seek to transform lives for Christ, how much of the spiritual breakthrough they receive and are able to give others, is directly related to them recognizing how to deal SPIRITUALLY and PRACTICALLY with the tension they are receiving. You have to do both at the same time or you can’t pass the tests God is providing for you by his grace. 

In the process of overcoming my challenges (because I had a lot of poverty mindsets when I came to Christ due to growing up in an alcoholic  home) and equipping and releasing thousands of others to the same;  I began to notice what I called phases to people being able to overcome their own obstacles and influence others. 

This is not “secret sauce” revelation or levels that are set in stone. I didn’t provide a ton of scriptures with this because it’s a blog but if I do provide them in my book. This is just me trying to break things down practically for you from a practical perspective what resistance you have to overcome to become a kingdom influencer. Satan wants to take you out before you’re empowered to transform others with your testimony or God-given message. 

Phase 1: The first assignment is to prevent you from building any spiritual family, support, or relationships that are equipping you to walk in the your identity in Christ rather than self-help. 

You will have to choose not to get offended, overcome the feelings of rejection you experience, and resist complaining. You might not have clarity on your life, purpose, or vision. You may even be in survival mode.  If you have not had positive experiences with authority figures or groups, and you will stay stuck at this first level until you learn to forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you.  This first phase will try to WEAR YOU OUT EMOTIONALLY with victimization thinking. You will struggle with feeling insignificant to God and others.  You will be double-minded, angry, and insecure during this phase. It seems like two steps forward, one step back. Many times people never mature past this level because Satan takes them captive with bitterness against organizations (even churches) and keeps them spiritually wandering. They will not be able to find their place in the body of Christ and stay isolated. 

Phase 2: The second assignment is to cloud your vision, discourage you from pursuing your deepest heart desires, and create emotional barriers between you and kingdom people. 

Satan attempts to remind you of the rejection from the last season and tells you what a waste of time it is to practice the presence of God. (This is to keep you from following the Father’s voice consistently until you receive transformation). Many times people are still dealing with escapism in the form of oversleeping, food, video games, hobbies, and addictions because their identity in Christ needs to be solidified.  Poverty-mindsets such as no joy, judging yourself and others, overwhelm, and enabling are standard for this phase. You could have friends that enable your poor choices. This is because you’re still learning how to let the right people into your life to challenge you and you don’t have tight accountability.   I notice people in this phase deal with a lot of cluttered living environments, workstations, and relationships that leave them feeling like they are not living intentionally. You also may deal with not being able to manage your time well or say no to things outside your vision. This is because you are still wrapped up in people pleasing. 

Phase 3: The third level of spiritual warfare is to prevent you from abiding in the correct spheres of authority and establishing your influence through prayer. 

There is a big difference between being released by God as opposed to men. Being released from God comes from a revelation of your identity and knowing God’s affirmation. Positions, titles, and degree’s come through positional authority delegated to you by man. For women who feel called to carry power spiritually with men, this is usually a deal breaker place. This is a time where you begin to become an actual threat to Satan. You are now in a position to pray with power and become a TRUTH BEARER to others. You will be used to convict people’s heart to the point where they have to either conform to Christ or push Him away. This happens because you know the Word of God, more of your identity, and you haven’t been able to be uprooted through your flesh because of offense. You are now willing to be persecuted for what you believe. The tension here comes because you are experiencing rejection for the sake of Christ and getting delivered from people-pleasing. This is a place where all real leaders have to go to be launched correctly. When I was in this phase, I was labeled a “Jezebel” by people who were threatened by my emerging new identity.  This is also the place where you will face generational strongholds, possible racial injustice, temptation towards sexual immorality, and dark soul loneliness for your calling. In some parts of the world, people are martyred for their faith because of this alignment.

Phase 4: The fourth level of spiritual warfare comes to test your commitment to the call of God on your life, boldness and your willingness to pay the price for the freedom of others.

It is here that you begin to multiply your kingdom influence.  You’re being commissioned to teach and impact others through preaching, speaking, and writing, the mechanisms that will lead to exponential multiplication. Your authority at this level is to subdue the whole earth (Gen 1:28) through your resurrection message (The story and the testimony that you have of the transformation Christ brought you). Often much of the warfare is the clarity, the confidence without being brash, and the identity that you are going to reproduce in others. During this phase in my life, I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars, and every relationship that was dear to me went through the fire. It revealed the loyalty to the mission God had given me and the mindsets of those who were going to support my next authority level and the ones that weren’t. You cannot quit on your mission assignment or your calling due to other people misunderstanding WHO God has called you to be. I remember telling those around me during this season God was calling me to a new mission, PRAYER & COACHING. Within one year of moving through this warfare, I launched my Christian coaching business, which now serves people internationally. I also got hit with a lot of health issues during this phase which seems to have been a great tactic the enemy continually tries to discourage me with. (I like to be outside being active, so I herniated disc’s, struggled with massive dehydration when I ran, and ridiculous challenges to steal my joy). The oppression /depression comes to try and slow you down and dilute your message from being spoken boldly. Many times if you’re not careful you will internalize oppression as an IDENTITY.  You have to fight to keep hope for your focus and move forward into multiplication in this phase.

Love, Bec:)

P.S. I hope this was a blessing to you. I have so many people share they thought they were crazy due to the non-stop tension they get. Spiritual warfare always makes you feel like that!  You can receive this whole book on PDF absolutely free by going here for a limited time only! If you want to transform people in ministry or business through coaching or speaking, this book will help you solidify your leadership identity and grow through your adversity with a SMILE! If after you print it out and read it, you decide you want to order a paper copy or buy one for a friend, you can do so here.  


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