Read What You Can Expect, Then Register Below!

1. YES, I understand the seating is limited and I am ready as soon as I sign up to be added to the prayer list of seasoned intercessors who are covering this event and people attending. The quicker I sign up, the faster my vision and results are prayed over. 

2. Yes, I would like my own notebook with every day’s session points and additional homework that is only given to attendees. If I answer the questions in depth, the my results from the three days will be even further multiplied.

3. Yes, I understand that after completing registration, I will be sent an opportunity to bring my spouse or ONE good friend who is not already enrolled in a Boldinfluencers program for only $250.00 so that I can receive additional accountability or masterminding help.

4.  Yes, I understand that a special discount from the hotel and reduced fee transportation to the Hilton in Cartersville will be provided at check-out.

5. Yes, I understand that there are no refunds if I choose to not attend this event at the last minute. (We hope you understand that we have prepared for you and possibly excluded some one else from your seat because of limited room.) 

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