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The best way for us to perhaps influence others is to lead on our knees in prayer and when we get up to model a bold life that serves others. Becky Harmon

A few of our testimonials from team members

Becky's Leadership Team

Pam Carrano-Cappabianca, USA

When you come into her coaching, you are immediately asked what you want to accomplish and that commitment keeps the focus and accountability tight. Knowing I was going to be giving an account each week, caused me to do the work in a timely manner. One of the amazing things about Becky’s programs, is her teams of which EVERYONE is equally as militant about staying focused as you are. I can’t say enough about Becky’s coaching, it changed my life.

Becky's Leadership team

Jocelyn Hariston, USA

Becky has a way of creating an atmosphere of trust in her programs that is priceless. You know she’s praying for you. You’re not just a client, but a daughter, sister, or friend. Becky sees the gift in you and where you want to go and then helps you see it for yourself. There is a tenacity, consistency, and perseverance that is birthed just by being in her “circle.” You will finish what you start! Just watch!

Becky's leadership team

Hena Torok, USA

Before signing up for Becky’s coaching, I felt like I had a call of God on my life, but I didn’t know what direction to take it in. I was struggling with people-pleasing nor did I have clarity on the steps I needed to take to grow my leadership and vision. It’s cliche, but seriously, her programs transformed my life and will yours too. I broke out of sabotaging cycles, finished a half-marathon and deeply changed my mindsets. All this is one year. And you will do it too.

Client testimonials

Susan Carroll Law, USA

The moment I started coaching with Becky I felt relief.  For the first time in my life I had someone who I felt was prepared and had the right credentials to actually be able to walk me through to the goals I set.  I needed someone who was intellectually capable of keeping up with me who I would not be able to send down rabbit holes as a way of distracting away from my issues (which I am really good at to my detriment).  God knew Becky would have my number and would be able to keep me engaged. Her coaching gave me the breakthrough I needed and I have recommended her to all my clients and friends.

Suzie Williams

Suzie Williams, USA

As soon as I hired Becky I  was able to better identify what I wanted to do in my business. Before hand I felt like I was spraying bullets and it really had no specific identity. She helped me clarify my strengths and how to think strategically and apply it to my personal clients. The first three things that began to happen was I got very organized on how exactly I was going to build my vision and this hugely impacted my identity. It was so helpful to work with someone “Kingdom Minded” who gets my why and leaves margin for the leading of the Holy Spirit it what he is doing in this.  Even though I have a secular business it was helpful to keep a Christlike perspective.

Iris Goodrum, USA

Before signing up for Becky’s coaching, I felt like I had a call of God on my life, but I didn’t know what direction to take it in. I was struggling with people-pleasing nor did I have clarity on the steps I needed to take to grow my leadership and vision. It’s cliche, but seriously, her programs transformed my life and will yours too. I broke out of sabotaging cycles, finished a half-marathon and deeply changed my mindsets. All this is one year. And you will do it too.

Becky's leadership team

Sherry Cameron, USA

Becky’s programs provided a powerful platform to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back. Becky is a great encourager and a powerful woman of prayer. She creates an environment to grow in authority with an unbelievable amount of accountability. Invest in yourself and your leadership, you won’t regret it.

Becky's leadership team

Angela Karum, USA

After six months in Becky’s program, there were such huge breakthroughs and mental shifts that in December when my boss asked me to send him a list of my goals for 2016, I took a whole new approach.  I came up with a list of goals that I could get excited about and rewrote my job description in a whole new direction. He told me he loved my goals and gave me carte blanche to implement them. I learned how to ask for what I want with confidence!

Becky's leadership team

Pastor Grace Ekane, USA

I joined Becky’s programs to grow my own Christian business, and one thing this team really did for me was to help me understand my spiritual authority and not waiting for ANYONE to validate me. It has empowered me to go and make disciples in the ministry & marketplace. I have recommended her to my friends already.

Becky's leadership team

Laurie Pittman, USA

One of the concepts in Becky’s programs that rocked me was on spiritual authority. It  forced me to focus on what God was prompting me to do action-wise and not be worried whether it is man approved. I feel so much more equipped to make disciples for Christ, coach and walk in my authority.  Another big takeaway was understanding the importance of actually defining and consistently implementing my leadership model.

Becky's leadership team

Katrina Bruce, USA

Becky’s wisdom and instruction help me better identify spiritual strongholds in my life and provide me with practical solutions to overcoming them. Her courses are an investment in honing yourself, and becoming a better person for work in the Kingdom. The team provided clarity and answers when I was unable to articulate and clearly define the spiritual “what” or “thing” preventing me from my purposes/goals.

Becky's leadership team

Julie-Anne Smedley, Australia

In Becky’s programs, she help’s you “workout” every part of who you are identity-wise. Each week in the course is an excellent encouragement to give the Lord your best in every area of your life. The video’s Becky does help you keep my momentum and build with individuals who are equally committed to living a sold-out committed life. You also have additional live calls that she makes time for to pray with you! I could’ve never launched a business without her.

Tope Keku, USA

As I reflect on the benefits of your program, I can honestly say that it has helped me be more assertive, probe deeper, let go of fear, learn to craft my message to connect with the audience better, implement healthy boundaries and ready to take on challenges. Your programs helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful. I am now fully moving forward into writing, coaching and speaking and excited about everything that God is doing this year.


Becky's Leadership Team

Tash Pennant, UK

Becky Harmon is going to stretch you and get you to the next level.  She is supportive from whatever start level you are at to get you moving. The work is goes to deep places and causes you to ask questions of God and yourself which a bible study or a sermon doesn’t always do. When you go through the work weekly you see shifts in identifying what is causing the discomfort in understanding what your BOLDEST identity zones are, thus enabling clearer focus on who you are and what you are supposed to be doing or working on to get there.

Becky's Leadership Team

Debbie Morrison, USA

My first results were actually noticed by my family! They said I had started setting clearer boundaries. LOVE and that I’m growing a spine!  The regular goal-setting gurus just weren’t resonating with me like Becky did. I was having trouble getting my business team to “gel”. I couldn’t figure out why & decided I needed to look in the mirror for answers. The thing that changed quickly was from the live prayer with Becky. .It really helped lessen my bouts with depression and anxiety and gave me momentum with my vision.

Becky's Leadership team

Jessica Daniels, USA

The first results I experienced working with Becky were perseverance in the form of mental toughness and it was like faith just got released. I started training for a half-marathon, working with Becky each week I overcame what I thought to be impossible, FINISHING it!  The spiritual parallels that went along with physical training that was beyond priceless to me. Coaching absolutely helped me grow my intimacy with Christ and led me to lean on Him when I thought I could not go another step (both physically and mentally).

Becky's leadership team

Emma Rourke, UK

I wanted to become more focused and intentional. I have received support, clarity and boldness.  I know have a vision for  equine coaching business,, encouraged me to gain professional qualifications , supported me in prayer and friendship, and this has helped me to step into my vision in an authentic way. I am signing on my first clients!  I would not have had any idea of how to implement any of this without going through her courses.

Becky's leadership team

Pastor Paige Squirrell, UK

The thing I was drawn to most was her strength, her confidence in God, and the authority she carried. My authority would wax and wane. Since signing up for her courses, I see real growth in this area. I am much less influenced by how I am feeling and what I am sensing around me and much more by what I know to be true. I have learned so much from Becky in the way she responds to emails.   She is constantly raising the bar and encouraging us to come higher with real honor and no condemnation. Working through her teaching material has been a real joy.

Becky's leadership team

Dana Young, USA

Once I began her programs, my comfort zone was stretched, and I immediately began to disconnect from SHAME as my identity.I began to feel more comfortable with authenticity and how to be vulnerable in a healthy way by the end of the month. The two most powerful results I’ve experienced now is consistency and more confidence in who I am. I absolutely know how to take more ownership now and another huge payout I’ve learned through the training=>Valuing myself and that I teach people how to treat me.

becky's leadership team

Kathy Sener, USA

Becky is militant about the power of prayer and teamwork and this comes through in everything she produces with you. I have been a repeat client and been part of her courses, teams, and workshops. I have finished a 26.2 bike race as a diabetic because of her coaching. I know the will of God, make clear decisions and grow a profitable kingdom business. I have already referred Becky’s coaching to multiple family and friends and highly recommend you invest in building a NEW YOU! You can’t afford not to for this price!

Becky's leadership team

Danelle Ruth, USA

I joined her program because I wanted to  be exposed to like minds wanting to grow in leadership under the Lordship of Christ. Becky’s identity training content is really challenging and insightful.  I have gotten much more clarity and direction around my own identity and how to get stronger and apply this to practical area’s of my life. The spiritual support from this course work is unlike anything I’ve gotten in a typical small group or women’s group format.

Becky's leadership team

Pam Gilliam, USA

I have been on through six month of Becky’s program and she has a heart of authenticity. She leads by example, never trying to lead where she hasn’t already gone herself. Becky’s leadership skills and materials are second to none and it is great to be a part of a group of people with so much insight and faith.

Becky's leadership team

Chelsea Johnson, USA

Becky is one of the most instrumental coaches/mentors in my life. Her life and team is packed with power and is marked by prayer. She has the ability to foster deep authentic relationships in her coaching teams and it comes through prayer and accountability. I am grateful for her in my life and her ministry and highly recommend her coaching.

Becky's leadership team

Heather Tillerson-Schick, USA

Two years ago, I took the time to listen to Becky’s one hour free teleconference.  When I was done, I was so moved that I wrote her a two page response to the assessment! I had no idea that this, and other teachings she has made available, would impact my life in such a way that would assist me through the greatest in spiritual warfare that I would endure and enable me to turn into a TESTIMONY! Join her programs, you won’t be sorry! 


Michelle Rediger, USA

I invested in the Leadership Track because I loved Becky’s no nonsense approach! I had a life altering emergency this year and needed advice immediately. I called Becky because of her trustworthiness.  I knew I needed someone who was going to hold me accountable for doing what I said I wanted to do. I was holding myself back because I wasn’t being consistent to speak and write content so I could never really find my boldest voice. One of the first things that began to happen after I signed up was I had opportunities for leadership open up left and right. It was like I had too many choices and I had to pick! The one on one sessions also gave me the confidence I needed to grow a business as they were specifically geared to the exact problems I was having at the time! I definitely feel more empowered to be an entrepreneur!




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