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Welcome to Bold Business Track! This program will equip you to identify your niche and message and put the marketing in place that is foundational to your success. These are the systems I put in place to make my first $25,000 in sales! 

Who This Program Best Suited For? You are already leading in ministry or in an organization and you want to begin to pioneer your own brand. You are ready to launch a business or ministry and just need guidance on how to market and serve. You want to ask for a donation for your speaking, counseling, coaching, that is directed to your non-profit. Or your currently working full time at a job and you want to slowly begin to put a website and system in place that eventually you can leave your job and coach or speak full time. Lastly, you have already become a certified coach or counselor but don’t seem to be able to get traction for clients or fill your pipeline.

What You Will Accomplish With Your Investment

  1. You will decide on a niche to attract your ideal client and using your testimony begin to build a business that points to Christ. 
  2. You will learn how to market and brand your business without fake it to you make it or prideful…ME.ME.ME marketing! 
  3. You will begin creating the clarity and structure for your first client packages.
  4. How to use blogging, video’s and self-publishing to position yourself as an expert. 
  5. You will put in place client documents for easy automation.
  6. Learn the tools to optimize with SEO your marketing to up your results.
  7. How to produce a weekly newsletter so that you use soft touches to build trust. 
  8. How to put a website in place that drives traffic.
  9. Use a compelling story when you speak.
  10. How to respond to people when they reach out to pick your brain instead of pay you:)
  11. Create Opt-Ins for a a steady stream of new clients
  12.  How to create testimonials that are authentic and help you gain more business. 

What You Will Receive From Me:

  • Lifetime access to over 32 Business trainings and personal mentoring from me that will help you every single year. *Assuming you go through the whole program.
  • Complimentary access to the Bold Influencer Training I am developing this year AS IT IS PIONEERED! 
  • Weekly email access to review your work. This ensures you stay on track and paced with your vision. You receive a template to return to me weekly that gives you instant access to what you need solved immediately and helps me pray for you more effectively.No guessing or work on scheduling. It’s taken care of immediately to help you get fast traction. 
  • Every two weeks we will meet on the phone to review your work and help you keep moving forward in faith. It’s intimate, soul-filling and strategic.  We will talk about how to keep clarifying your brand and message and keep you faith focused! 
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