How To Get Free From Fear From The Book Of Acts

Ready To Build A Compelling and Confident Identity Now?

In my course, How To Get Free From Fear From The Book Of Acts, I show you exactly how to leave behind a disjointed, emotionally fragile identity and live so boldly you begin to transform other people with your message. ONE MONTH of using these strategies and you will be completely transformed!

Fear does not want just one part of your life. It will want more and more each day. I want to activate your faith if you feel like you have struggled with anxiety your whole life or for just for a couple months. My mission is to help you become an overcomer and then influence people with your testimony for the kingdom of God!

The steps I walk you through in this course are simple and if you apply them with MILITANCY you will be set free. I want to repeat this again. Jesus will set you free.

When your mindsets change, your relationships, finances and entire future changes.

Imagine what it would feel like to walk in the kind of courage that great women and men of God displayed. The kind of boldness that set’s other people free from just listening to you or reading something you have written on social media. What if you learned in 30 days the steps to be a FAITH-ACTIVATOR?

This Course Is For You IF: 

  • You’re Ready To Stop Being Victimized By Your Thoughts And Emotions.
  • You Want To Be Be Able To Overcome The Spiritual Warfare That Is Trying To Suffocate The Life Out Of You.
  • You Are Tired Of Explaining To People Why Your Not Moving Forward On What You Said You Would Do. Procrastination and Double-Mindedness Is Fear.
  • You Want To Begin To Break Patterns Of Procrastination And Passivity And Get New Momentum.
  • You Would Like To Find A Long-Term Healthy Solution That Doesn’t Make You Dependent On Medication Instead Of Just Coping.
  • You Believe That God Is Still In The Miracle Working Business And Are Ready To Obey God Fully Following What I Reveal To You!
  • Your Willing To Share Your Testimony On How God Set You Free (Even On The First Day Of My Course)
  • You’ve Tried Counseling And It’s Not Helping To The Degree You Want It To. 
  • You Have Other People In Your Family Who Struggle With Depression, Anxiety Or OCD Behaviors.
  • You Want To Someday Minister, Coach, Speak Or Develop Training With Your Testimony

Do you believe in suddenly seasons? If you want to respect yourself in a new way this is how you get started.  I have been delivered myself and have many testimonials of people who have gotten free with the strategies I will be teaching you in this course.  During every lesson I pray with you personally and if you need further support, I have a special pricing on my coaching available so we can meet together live. This course will transform your life if implemented daily.


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