How To Deal With Writers Block

Writer’s block can be spiritual warfare if you are attempting to transform lives through Christ. Many times people do not realize how deeply entrenched their defense mechanisms are until they go to produce their coaching systems, blogs, books or even speak.  I have seen many times at my events; people get “writer’s block” when they go to write down the strategies that God has given them on helping others. In actuality what is happening is they are confronting mindsets that need to be renewed in Christ.

We all have ways we cope with pain. I try and help my clients and coaches realize that it was normal to create defense mechanisms when they were young or in the world, but when we receive Christ, the way we deal with hurt changes powerfully. Essentially defense mechanisms once we are in Christ are used to distance us from God, people and prevent us from repenting so we can receive more grace.

Sometimes Christians create defense mechanisms to prevent them from having to take action or confront situations that they do not have the courage to communicate. Most of this time this is because there is idolatry still in place in their life that needs to be addressed and repented of.

The Sabotage- Not recognizing spiritual warfare

What I have seen over and over is individuals who do not have a consistent prayer life applying their identity in Christ, daily cardio in place and a vision for the future are more likely to have to resort to defense mechanisms to help them process stress. This is sabotaging primarily because it keeps you “half in the world” and “half in the spirit realm.” So you’re always vacillating between flesh and spirit, and you do not have the ability to lay hold of the vision God has given you.

For example, sometimes people tell me they are struggling with something a therapist would call displacement. This is when you don’t feel able to express your feelings in a safe manner to the person they are directed at or when you do this; the person is not listening. So, sometimes the person begins to deal with depression or they get mad at the kids instead because they can control them. When it becomes depression, this is essential because they start introverting. They feel out of control and have no hope that God will change this situation.This causes problems in your relationship with God and also in your ability to be intimate with people. If you’re in a place where God is trying to enlarge you and multiply you, you will suddenly get “blocked” in your vision or in your writing.

The solution to SUCCESS? However, in our identity in Christ, we ALWAYS have hope, and God makes a way where there is no way.  This problem is attacked much differently in prayer then it is in self-help or therapy for that matter.

  1. You have to get militant about the word of God, confessing your identity and team prayer. I am talking a minimal of 30 minutes a day as well as saturating all extra down time with worship music.
  2. You must take authority over any demonic interference in your life. Learn who you are in Christ and confess your identity daily.
  3. Boundaries have to be put into place immediately that bring you life and help you solve what is creating the conflict for you. No boundaries, no healing from defense mechanisms.
  4. You have to keep writing and serving. Push past the interference and into the service point God is calling you to without condemnation.

This takes time because what you will find is you’re going to layer down through multiple mechanisms you have created to protect your heart. They are long term and were learned from childhood. God can heal memories and restore lost time, but it takes a time to choose to run to God when you’re in pain and teach others to do the same. If you need help, work with me in my own Leadership team! 

Love, Bec:)

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