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I Love And Want Your Coaching-Don't Know If I Can Afford It

First, thank you for your respect and appreciation! I work hard to provide excellent training at an affordable cost.

I also want to let you know that I know how you feel. I remember not wanting to go into debt for coaching but being desperate for help, praying God would send someone... HE DID, and then the fee for their mentoring was a big stretch for  me financially. It's SCARY to be in a place where you feel forced to grow!  Here's what I did that worked and have shared this process for all my clients successfully.  I offer to you so you can receive the transformation you are looking for!

  1. I knew God honored faith. I shared with the coach, I wanted to move forward and put a deadline on when I would have the money to hold my spot. Without a deadline, you're not fully committed. Unless your whole-hearted, you won't get momentum. 
  2. I began to create a plan on how I was going to get the deposit. If you're not actively coaching and have clients, ask all your friends what work they have to do that they don't want to do that they will pay for. I have also had people come up with selling pies, babysitting etc. God honors faith and humility. Remember, if you want to coach yourself, you have to be able to help people solve this very same issue. 
  3. I resisted poverty thinking and declared in faith who I was becoming and who I believed God was calling me to serve. Poverty thinking is not hard to recognize because it creates fear around lack. It's idolatry. Multiplication thinking is what God provides for us. It's divine problem solving in order to serve. If you feel drawn to my coaching, it's because you're called to point to Christ in your work! 
  4. I worshipped instead of worrying. There is always spiritual warfare that tries to limit you when you attempt to grow in Lordship, make disciples for give sacrificially. 

I Struggle With Finishing What I Start

I get this too. I used to be one of those people but here's what I did to change that and you will too. 

Again, this is a poverty mindset. You have probably felt like you heard God about something, started to try and obey God and then quit or fail. God's grace is ABUNDANT. His mercy is new every morning. Galatians 2: 21 says, I do not nullify the gracious gift of God, for if his righteousness comes through observing the law (and performing) then Christ died needlessly. There will be a learning curve in growing a profitable business but a strategic plan, accountability and a gracious God will help you finish what you start and then set your eyes on bigger goals for the next year! 

Can I Sign Up Even If I Am Not Located In The US?

Yes! We have clients from all over the world. Of course if you decide not fly here for personal event, we will make sure you get the resources and training you need to be successful in your part of the world. We have live video conferencing and conference calls to ensure your success. We also always try to partner you with someone for accountability.  

Do You Have Different Programs And Prices?

Yes, we do. And you will be shocked at how affordable it is. Our first level program is Bold Influencers which is video training track without live coaching or specific results attached.  Our Leadership Track prepares you with the mindsets and actions to launch a profitable Christian coaching business within one year and our Business Track teaches you how to make your first $25,000 in Christian coaching. The first step is to sign up to receive your START NOW package. We send you a FREE assessment with it and we when you fill this out, we will schedule you for a complimentary call with Becky and give you a recommendation based on her over 12 years of Christian coaching but the final decision is up to you on where you start. We just want to help you GET STARTED where your at without delay! 

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