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I Struggle With Finishing What I Start

This is a lack of understanding your identity in Christ and this is one thing we teach over and over in our program. When you have had a problem long-term without overcoming it, you begin to internalize that failure as WHO YOU ARE. We show you how to recognize these lies and begin to build a compelling, bold identity.

We have helped the upward of hundreds of people build a model of leadership that is authentic and grace-filled. We are used to hearing people say they have received transformation after decades of feeling limited. You can see just some of our testimonials here. 

You have probably felt like you heard God about something, started to try and obey God and then quit or fail. You will learn how to become an overcomer!

I Have Never Had A Coach Before. How Are Coaches Different Then Counselors Or Friends That I Can Share With?

Sometimes people will share with us that they have never had a coach or support person entirely devoted to their success. Counselors are going to listen to you because they are getting paid to help you process pain. Coaches are hired to help you go to the next level of success and RESULTS. A friend isn’t going to call your card and text you to see if you did what you said you were going to do the majority of the time. Coaches are hired to hold you accountable. The best way to look at coaching is this the one person you can SHARE ANYTHING with, especially your fears and it’s my job to help you address it and solve it quickly. I want to hear everything! You can send me unlimited emails and if I can’t email you back, I will call you and leave you a voice mail to share with you how to address it. While you are in coaching with me, you have a personal advisor that is praying, planning and pacing with you to increase your sphere of leadership WITH PEACE. 

Can I Sign Up Even If I Am Not Located In The US?

Yes! We have clients from all over the world. Of course if you decide not fly here for personal event, we will make sure you get the resources and training you need to be successful in your part of the world. We have live video conferencing and conference calls to ensure your success. We also always try to partner you with someone for accountability.  

How Does The Coaching Work?

Yes, we do. Our first level program is Bold Influencers which is video training track without live coaching or specific results attached. You are part of an online group community at this level. We suggest this track for anyone who needs to learn how to build a disciplined life with God in prayer daily, steward their body properly and make faith-filled decisions in their vision. You will be working on three core principles of connection in this track. 

The Leadership Track prepares you with the mindsets and actions to launch a profitable Christian coaching business within one year. You will receive accountability and oversight for blogging, video’s and influencing. You will take the Bold Influencers Track. By the end of this 10 month program you will know whether God is calling you to business or ministry.

In our Business Track you will learn how to put the branding, foundations and service in place to launch a profitable coaching and speaking business. You meet with Becky twice a month and she coaches you through developing your first signature system and clients. We will share the details with you upon request. This program is between 10 months and two years based on your pace. 

What Is The Difference Between What My Church Does And Your Coaching?

Great question. We love the local church! Many of our clients are ministry leaders and pastors. What makes us different is HOW we help you transform other people for the kingdom. Because Becky has worked with individuals from addiction based backgrounds for over twenty-five years as well as her spiritual gifting being intercession, she is able very quickly to show you how to identify exactly what is holding you back from walking in faith. Typically this comes from not understanding the difference between your identity in Christ and your personal leadership model. You can watch a video here for more insight on this concept and why it is important for every Christian who wants to transform others. We also offer continuing Leadership training if you want to grow a faith-based coaching, speaking or mentoring business. This means you will learn how to grow without new age techniques. Everything we do revolves around making disciples. We can also offer you prayer, accountability growth strategies for your ministry.  

Can I Test Drive The Coaching?

Yes! We offer a 30 day trial subscription to our Bold Influencers program. You can sign up for that by going here! 

Do You Coach Men?

Yes, and for those men who want personal male accountability, Becky’s husband Jay can also replace her in the Leadership or Business Track. You can let Becky know that during your initial consult. To schedule that, you can go here. 

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