Free to Fee With People Who Don’t Have A Lot of Faith

I remember the first business coach I had told me I would never be able to make money coaching with the people I was wanted to serve.

He said my clients were saturated with victimization thinking.

He was not a Christian and so of course from my perspective, I was just like…Hey, these people just need faith activation and God can do that for them if he is really sending me! When you have FAITH, you can SOLVE problems!

I have a video today that could literally SHIFT you into a HIGHER LEVEL of LEADERSHIP, IDENTITY & PROFITS without new age mumbo jumbo. If you will take time to watch it and process through it thoughtfully.

And I just had this conversation with one of my clients today. We were talking about how many people believe you either have to be POOR to be spiritual (performance/poverty thinking) or RICH (wealth/abundance) gospel to be successful and happy.

Here’s what I will say. Come to my house. I coach and live on a small farm, simply. I don’t sell through pressure, fear or get rich schemes. If you think I do, please take the time to write me a heartfelt email with an example and I will process through it and email you back.

​​TRUTH: I am very selective about who I allow into my coaching which is why you won’t find my programs on my website:) I don’t let people join who I don’t meet with personally, watch their work in my group or team and feel like are coachable OR willing to process through new mindsets and work hard. If everyone has all the answers they don’t need my coaching do they? They will sabotage themselves and my teams. This isn’t hard hearted it’s guarding my time and my people that God sends to me.

I VALUE YOU so I guard you with my prayers and my boundaries. ​​

I run a profitable business because I want to help provide for my family and give to orphans in Uganda. I give to this charity because the CEO~Anna is a good friend of mine and I know her life well since she’s spending my money:)

​​ That’s my motivation for making money. If you believe you have to be poor to be more spiritual and God doesn’t want you to earn a profit then you are not going to enjoy running a successful business.  This is performance based thinking to me and I spent DECADES it feels like getting freed up from it. I mean, think about that whole through process.

I am more spiritual or can do better work if I give away everything and don’t have any for myself. There’s only so much pie to go around and I will take pie out of an orphans mouth if I keep some for myself.

YIPES! ​​​​​​​​​​​​Trust me, God has plenty to go around for everyone to be content and give with a great feeling. What God doesn’t like is greed, manipulation and me, me, me marketing and lifestyle. In the kingdom it’s teaming, us and we not ME.

​​ Which is why you hear me talk about how I serve you, the results my clients get and I don’t hype thoughts. Every testimonial I have was sent to me by a client and I ask their permission to share their thoughts.

I hope this blesses you today. If you want to learn more about how to be authentic and market your value in a trustworthy way, come into my closed Facebook group. I can help begin to mentor you there.

Love, Bec:) and have a great weekend.

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