How To Connect With God And Others Through Prayer

The feeling of connection with our creator is something we all desire. We want to be able to release our worries and receive peace, ask God for direction and be able to follow Him, and walk in a demonstration of power so others will be set free.

But how do we achieve connection with God in a practical way? Is it being able to feel tangibly the presence of God? Is it gained from long hours of prayer and fasting? Do we receive this from someone laying hands on us and receiving an impartation of their gift? Can connection with God (feeling emotionally grounded).. be kept through failure and success? And if so, how does it happen?

In the past, because of the holiness movement, people felt like they had to keep a rigid lifestyle in order to be connected with him or feel like God was pleased with them. No alcohol, no smoking, cussing, no makeup, pants or tattoo.  In truth, God accepts us right where are and as we follow Him daily, he convicts and changes our behavior to glorify his ability rather than our will power to change. As we do this, we receive more peace, more joy and understanding of our purpose.

To connect to a powerful God whose ways and processes are much different then our own, is not just a wondrous privilege but one that should draw us in daily with little effort.

Connection is a human feeling, and so it can be described by people in various ways. . Over the past couple days, I have asked a couple of my team members to describe what it feels like when they are connected to God. Here are some of their answers!

Tope Keku: Becky, for me it’s more of a knowing or sensing in my spirit and not the feeling. I also have peace in my spirit. Psalm 131:2 describes it best… like a weaned child at mothers breast, content, happy, relaxed, quiet,… you get the gist.

Hena Autumn: When I am participating in activities in which I allow my mind to be focused on the Lord or the things of the Lord, I will have ideas, insights, understanding, and revelation of mindsets or concepts that I previously did not understand or hadn’t thought of myself. That’s how I know when I’m connecting with the Lord. When I am getting knowledge and wisdom that he is depositing in me that I am not figuring out myself.

Heather Tillerson Schick: When I am connecting with God, I gain a peace about whatever it is going on. I mark this based on when I was first born again. I was so afraid that my husband was going to leave me, but when I was born again, it was instant and lasting that I was going to be okay because Jesus died for me, and God LOVES me. Even IF…was followed by pure joy from on high. So now, I know I have made my breakthrough, aka connection with God, when I have that peace – beyond (without even) understanding.

Wanda Goyer Rhodes: Tope, that verse it how I describe it, too! And then my mind becomes the same as Hena describes it with all the insights that just flow. I love the peace that comes from being in His presence. It causes love and kindness to flow out of my like a river. The Living Water is what it is! I also feel Him, though. Sometimes it’s as if I can feel His face so close beside me. Once I was crying and thinking how my life is so alone and if I only had a parent or a sibling I was close to. If only I weren’t alone, I cried! And then turned the key to start my car and the lyrics from the radio were, “You’re not alone for I am here. Let me wipe away your every fear. My love, I’ve never left your side.” And then it was if He was sitting beside me, right there in the passenger seat. Times like those I just want to sit all the way down on the floor, and even then I don’t feel like I could ever sit low enough to honor Him. What an amazing Savior we have.

I believe that God is pleased with our attempts to connect with him just like a Father is pleased when his children call him up and just ask how he is doing or to say hey, you want to hang out? Connection is so that God doesn’t think we are just using him as a celestial Santa Claus when we need something.

When I meet someone who is connected with the Holy Spirit they are tuned into me and the conversation seems ordered and weighty. I can feel an divine orchestration that directs the both of us. I feel nurtured, loved and I walk away from the conversation with a thankful heart that God has given me the privilege of meeting someone who spends so much time with Him.

In today’s video training, I share with you a couple ways to begin connecting with God in prayer and translate that practically towards ministering to others. 

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