How to get authentic testimonials: Christian coach business training

Today I talk to you about how to recognize what you do that really is a gift to people even before you launch a business. When you can identify this, it begins to help you build Godly confidence. When you do the work to grow in clarity about the gifts and talents God has entrusted to you, then you can begin to multiply and steward them to a greater degree.

If you are already received your certification as a coach and you want to begin to grow your clientele, then it’s to your benefit to watch todays video (if it helps you, please like) and learn how to ask for a very specific testimonial when you are finished serving you first couple clients.

General testimonials do not grow your business, they just leave you feeling nice. We want you to feel valued and your business to grow profitably! Just keeping it real!

Remember get started with what you have in your hand today and tomorrow you can become a paid coach or speaker!

Love, Bec:)


P.S. Want additional work on WHO God has called you to speak and coach? This series is free and you can unsubscribe anytime from my training.

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