How To Know If You’re Sabotaging Your Own Growth

I see women who have amazing gifts and messages holding back growing their own coaching or speaking businesses because they are waiting for a sign from God, or more money for training, permission or for someone to open the door for them. Somehow as that being a sign from the Lord that they are chosen. Asking God for repeated signs can sometimes be a lack of courage. God lays something on your heart and then one person comes and confirms it. That’s enough. Go!

So…this today will hopefully help you get freed up and transforming lives with your message.

First, when you want something, go after it. That’s biblical. Pray and then sacrifice financially to make your dream a reality.

Second, learn to stop waiting for affirmation from men and seek God’s assurance in prayer. God is not going to plant a desire in your heart and then torment you with it. All dreams and visions begin by stepping out in faith.

Third, The thought never occurred to me when I launched my business to ask anyone’s permission on whether I could teach, disciple, or pray with hurting people as a Christian coach.  Jesus gave me that mandate in Matthew 28. My husband said, “This is something you’re great at,” because he had seen the fruit of my life for thirty years and the discipline I had. That’s all I needed. If my business wasn’t God ordained, guess what? GOD wouldn’t have given me the desire to use my gifts, talents and revelation in a way that helps His people become more successful.

Fourth, God does sometimes open supernatural doors for message elevation. But if you don’t do the work to channel your work into something that can be multiplied, then don’t expect any doors to be opened. Really what we are talking about is your hiding due to a lack of courage from the Lord.

The overall theme that I weave into all my spiritual training is to stop waiting for people to give you permission to preach, teach, coach, speak and set people free. If someone wants to disagree or question your credibility, point to the fruit Christ has produced in you and not a theology debate which frankly, you will never gain peace from. And here’s the thing, there are always going to be haters and those who question your legitimacy and motivations. You will always have a fear of failure when you launch into a big dream!

But here’s the bottom line you need to know as a potential messenger=>

The pain and places in your life that have been a wilderness, God can use to share Christ with a hurting world. People are changed through preaching Christ crucified; they are set free by your vulnerability, your transparency and the power in which you walk. That comes from your authority in Christ. Whether you blog about it, write and turn it into a neighborhood discipleship manual, start a business coaching, pastor in a church plant, none of that makes a difference, you need to be resolved in your authority, which comes from the Father’s affirmation not from someone opening a door for you. He calls. You obey.

I desire to see Christ glorified through what sabotaged me. If you have the same identity and heart, I want to encourage you to press through the fear of what people will think of you. It’s nothing but a delay of the enemy to stop you from reaching those who need the message you have within you. Remember, you can’t wait for permission today and walk-in power tomorrow.

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Love, Bec:)

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