How To Practice God’s Presence PRACTICALLY

Today I want to talk to you about the presence of God as it is a shield around your life.  I have been around people who were fasting and praying in such a concentrated way that when they came into the room, you could feel tangibly the presence of God. To me, the presence of God causes a real stillness in a room. It makes time slow down, and you’re in a hyper-awareness that grips your spirit. It’s supernatural, but yet, there are things you can do every day to cultivate this kind of aroma and fragrance around you even without praying for 3/4 hours a day like some of the intercessors I know.

So, here’s the thing.  The presence of God is something you grow in your life. You don’t go there with a map in one day. People can’t lay hands on you, and suddenly you’re like WHALA, poof! A cloud surrounds you. Nope! The presence of God comes from simple things like suffering well, praising God during times you’re fearful and making right choices when it’s easier to take short-cuts.

I used to have ZERO presence of God in my life and now I walk with God daily in a way that people tell me is tangible, compelling, and frankly, I see God work on a daily basis. So, let me break this down for you into specific actions. You can see God’s presence grow in your marriage, parenting, finances, work, etc.

    1. Everyone wants the “abundant life, ” but that means you have to be abundant relationally towards others. So next time you want to say something cynical, judgmental or snarky, shut your mouth and assume the best. This will cause you to decrease and the Holy Spirit to take greater control of your life. Just imagine they made a simple mistake like you want others to think about you. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman who is sensitive, and he likes to be around people who are gracious, kind and thoughtful. Don’t you?
    2. Delight and joy come when you choose to be grateful for what you have, thankful for the things others do for you, and you praise God instead of pursuing “happiness.” God cares about character more than he cares about comfort. You will see your life become significant to others when you begin to be the kind of person that is a blessing instead of a pain in the butt, narcissistic, all about you all the time.
    3.  Wisdom and protection come when you memorize scripture and speak to fear instead of letting it define your decisions. This takes practice. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you when you’re making choices based on what people think about you or what will bring you the best outcome instead of what will serve others. God often asks us to sacrifice first before others. Watch what you look at with your eyes and who you hang around. Faithful people surround themselves with other trustworthy people who guard their hearts.
    4. The financial provision comes when you have a vision that is compelling, and you help others receive the results they are needing. You don’t have to talk about money, tithing, why people should give, and other pressure tactics that spiritual leaders do when they have NO FAITH or they are under a mammon spirit.  When you hear someone talk about a need or lack, become the kind of person who FIGURES OUT HOW TO SOLVE THAT FINANCIALLY for them! Guess what happens to you in return? People know you can have the faith to push through lack and they will be magnetized with grace towards what you have going on! Get good at delivering specific results, and you will grow with grace.
    5. Favor comes from God’s presence when we sacrifice our time to sow into the lives of others when we would prefer to be doing something else. Time is money. So when we purposely sacrifice our time or efforts to sow into people that can’t return the favor, you will see answered prayers, salvation and supernatural support. It’s amazing!

    One more thing. Some of the most significant times of God’s presence in my life have come from me crying out to God in very desperate situations in which I had no answers or solutions. I talk about how this happened and what you can do to grow this in this short video. Do whatever you have to do to cultivate this in your life, and you will die a very wealthy man or woman.

    Faith Forward! Bec:)

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