Life Coach Training: Authenticity Vs. Oversharing

As a life coach and speaker, you must be clear on the difference between what is authentic and what is gratuitous attention seeking behavior. This is when it is essential to be spending time in solitude, meditation and prayer. You must have a clear conscience daily before God before you seek to influence others.

On a side note, one of the characteristics of people who grow up in shame-based or addiction based homes is their tendency to overshare information. This is to position themselves for more sympathy or as a victim. They also believe if they give out really personal information it will help gain trust without giving the time for people to examine their actions.

What I have seen as a coach is if someone is telling their story on social media and it’s still happening, that’s my first red flag. Next is when people start processing out their pain in front of an audience with no plan on how to solve it. We should only share information that others are going to be able to learn how to profit from. If we don’t have that yet then we haven’t technically become an overcomer in that situation and it’s attention seeking.

This can problem can be easily moved through from simple leadership training and asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate to us when we just need to be quiet. This again is why it is so important to cultivate a life of inner solitude before God.

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