Matthew 1 – Don’t Worry I AM With You

God orchestrates the timing for our lives and the purpose your life is to accomplish. The Father was very intentional with your life when your mother conceived you. Whether you were born out of wedlock, adopted or whether your parents felt it was an inconvenient time.

He also accomplishes the same purposes through who we marry and the children we have. Remember even Joseph and Mary wrestled with what people thought of them. The timing, the purpose. But God says Joseph was a just man. Essentially he was just because he sought to conform to God’s laws as well as mans laws. He had a real problem like many of us do today.

Should I move forward or should I just forget this and do my best to quietly get of this? This is one disappointing and messy situation.

But here’s what the Father said to Joseph.

Joe. Don’t worry about this. I know you’re afraid. But what makes this situation different is I AM with you and this is has the Holy Spirit in it.

You see when we receive Christ, we have EMMANUEL, I AM within every challenge we encounter if we have the faith to keep moving forward. No matter how stuck we feel, how untidy the situation, how bad the timing and how embarrassing our present circumstance is.

Coaching question? Today my friend, is there anything you are currently wrestling with what would be right and what be the wrong way to handle this situation? A little perspective from Matthew 1.

God says move forward and don’t be afraid. Don’t worry about being shamed or what people think. It’s the right time even if it seems like the wrong time. because guess what? God is with you.

Is this a word for you? Saddle up by leaving me your thoughts on how you can apply this. We have a bold trail to blaze together and it begins right now for God’s glory! Love, Bec:)

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