14 Day Messenger Series

Free Business Identity Coaching Finish This 14 Day Series And You Will Know Exactly Who You Will POWERFULLY Transform With Your Coaching & Speaking

  Learn TODAY how to share your story in a way that MAGNETIZES your ideal client or audience!   

Discover WHO You are Called To Serve EXACTLY!

  • Identify The WHO

    Until you become clear on who God has called you to become in the next season, you cannot become whole-hearted and receive stellar results. You’re going to do that work now! 

  • You Have What It Takes

    Find out how to get started with what is in your hand today. This will activate your faith and position you for multiplication like the loaves and the fishes. You’re going to love how empowered you feel! 

  • Multiply Your Leadership

    Let me show you how to build an authentic lifestyle coaching or speaking business. Without hype, exaggeration or fake it till you make it. This will make total sense to you spiritually and from a business perspective. 

  • Get Freed From The Fear Of Man

    God set me free from this in a powerful way so I could be who my clients needed me to be. I’m going to show you how God launches messengers in ministry and business and why you don’t need anyone’s permission to coach or speak with authority. 

  • Your Boldest Identity

    If you want to know your boldest identity zones for speaking or ministry, get ready…we are going to begin that work and you can use it for future niching. 

  • No Fear Based Marketing

    This is one of the best things I like to share. How to talk about results instead of buy, buy, buy. This will help you understand how to market without hype or driving people with manipulating advertising. 



After going through Becky’s 14 Day series I signed up for her courses and coaching.  It was that good. She shows you how to cultivate your vision under the Lordship of Christ and reach the people you’re called to serve. Sign up today, it’s powerful! PASTOR PAIGE SQUIRRELL.



These 2 weeks have been incredible, thank you for sharing so much of your experience and strategies. The homework and encouragement gave me an amazing opportunity to tackle questions I didn’t even know needed to be answered. I can’t believe it’s free! ELIZABETH MZUNGU.



Becky, thank you so much for creating this free resource! It was so faith activating! I loved that I was encouraged to use my own testimony, & leadership style to grow a profitable business. It is important to be you with people, not a programmed approach.This homework was DEFINITELY worth taking the 14 days to go through. I am keeping the emails to go back and redo the work in a deeper way. I so appreciate that you took the time to read, & respond to my work.  Diane Ash

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