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Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Change The World With Your Coaching Programs
Ready To Discover The Mindsets That Will Raise Closing Rates With Clients Authentically And Without Hype?

Have you ever thought..."I would love to use my business to fund my favorite causes?

Maybe becoming a paid Christian coach or transformational speaker? 

Would you like to learn how to break out of doubt and unbelief (even in your finances) and learn the strategies that will help you multiply a business with grace? 

Watch this video below to understand how LACK thinking affects opportunities for your promotion!

Join me November 6th, 7th and 8th~2019 at the Cartersville, Ga Hilton

Three Days Of Identity & Mindset Training So You Can Harness Your Potential Into Profits

(Special room rate sent to you upon registration along with transportation options from the Airport to your hotel)

During these three days, you will receive homework for you to do at night to dig deeper or work through after you return home. 

DAY 1: Discovering the Value Within You

  • How to know if you have an individual purpose from God or you are to get started growing what God gave you talent-wise. (This one thing could transform your whole life) 
  • Why you are the only person who can serve the client you want to coach, mentor or speak to no matter how many people are in your niche. (and how great they are)
  • How to identify what is REALLY holding you back from living out loud and shining your light.
  • How to identify quickly if you are not valuing yourself in a way that will bring overflow into your leadership and business.
  • How to upgrade your influence and results by just putting this one thing into place.
  • The one question to ask yourself when you are feel lack that leads to provision. 
  • How to share with people what makes you different so they see the value of working with you over another counselor or coach. 
  • How to begin to transition from giving away your mentoring, speaking or coaching to charging solid fees. (Without guilt)
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Day 2: Multiplying Your Gifts & Talents

  • How to know if you have confirmation that you are to move forward into Christian coaching. 
  • How to be strategic even if you feel ADHD.
  • What people pay happily for and what they won’t (This one session will save you time, money and ton’s of frustration).
  • Why God always has a plan for your growth and the questions to ask to discover what direction you need to take your coaching in. 
  • Why what you need is actually have in your hand (right now)
  • How to recognize God given opportunities and seize them
  • Why you always have to say no to lack and how to do it practically
  • How to stop feeding failure and attract provision and solutions
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Day 3: The Secrets Of 60/90 Fold Producers

  • How to become whole-hearted with your business so you are successful. 
  • Who you really are and how to pray strategically over your business. 
  • Why you don't need to fake it till you make it and what true abundance thinking is. (You're going to love this)
  • How to be outrageously consistent until you see results. 
  • The key to the kind of mental toughness you’ve only dreamed of walking in. 
  • Why your success is not about you. (When you grasp this, everything will change and your faith will explode.)
  • How to rid yourself of the fear of man once and for all and go for the gold in your life.
  • How to take a mustard seed of faith and grow it 30, 60, 90 fold.
  • Extra time for connecting, questions and pictures! 
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Becky's Leadership Team

Pam Carrano-Cappabianca

Becky is the BEST coach I've ever worked with.  My mindset and belief system was ALWAYS enlarged to a greater capacity after working with her. There was something deep inside me that knew she really believed in me and was out for my good. To this day, the Lord continues to use her voice to remind me of who I am and what I am called to do. I am grateful for the influence Becky has had in my life. You will be too. 


Pastor Paige Squirrel

I love how Becky teaches there is no secular/sacred divide in her teaching and leadership. It is clear and full of wisdom and revelation. I am convinced the power and authority that she carries is because of the importance she puts on prayer and building everything with her Father. She’s an inspiration and you won’t regret any training you attend that she provides. My own leadership skills have definitely been honed and sharpened since being under her mentoriship.


Chelsea Johnson

Becky is one of the most instrumental coaches/mentors in my life. Her life is packed with power and is marked by prayer. She has the ability to foster deep authentic relationships in her coaching and events and it comes through prayer and accountability. I am grateful for her in my life and her ministry. You will be transformed deeply through her training.

29572783_951467515012495_2804258100171601207_n (1)

"Get Ready To Learn How To Be Assertive With Grace.
Through Becky's training, I have learned how to be more confident, probe deeper, let go of fear, learn to craft my message to connect with the audience better, implement healthy boundaries and ready to take on challenges. Her mindset training helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful. I am now fully moving forward into writing, coaching, and speaking and excited about everything that God is doing this year."

Tope Keku


"You're Going To Get Rocked Into More Spiritual Authority.
Becky's training forced me to focus on what God was prompting me to do action-wise and not be worried whether it is man approved. WHOA! I feel so much more equipped to make disciples for Christ, coach and walk in my authority. Another big takeaway you will get is understanding the importance of actually defining and consistently implementing my leadership model. You will become the leader you want to become! "

Laurie Pittman

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.45.03 PM

"Becky Harmon is going to stretch you to get to the next level.
My first results from Becky's mindset training were actually noticed by my family! They said I had started setting clearer boundaries and LOVED that I was learning how to become bolder! The regular goal-setting gurus just weren't resonating with me like Becky did. I was having trouble getting my business team to "gel". I couldn't figure out why & decided I needed to look in the mirror for answers. I'm thrilled with my results and you will be too!"

Debbie Morrison


You can pick the best fit for you. When you save your seat, you will receive our welcome packet with further instructions on making hotel arrangements and what you can expect for your travel. 


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