How To Move Into Your Life Purpose

Before I moved into my life purpose, I felt thankful for the opportunities and experiences I had but I had this “Is this is all there is void”. I was leading prayer for our church planting team, was a top producer in sales, had homeschooled 3 out of 4 of our children and yet, I just felt discontent.

And then the year that defined the next phase of my life came upon me and I decided to move into my boldest identity zone. It was a calculated risk. I had to resign from all my old work and be fully focused on building something I had no experience in. But here’s the truth, you will never step into your purpose and make an intergenerational impact in the world unless you are willing to burn your bridges and take the plunge by faith.

It’s the most epic adventure you will ever have. It will bring spiritual warfare but it will fulfill you with deep significance. Here’s the truth though. God may have already been speaking to you about what your deepest purpose is and yet fear is holding you back from committing to it.

So many times people sabotage their own success by waiting for too many signs from God before they step out in faith and take action. In the beginning your purpose is a fire. An excitement. A SPECULATION about what would bring you JOY to bring to the WORLD. You will begin in the outer circles of a bullseye and you will work your way in the more you cultivate your vision, the harder you work and when you learn how to not get distracted from serving people from spiritual warfare.

Come with me today and I will let you in on a conversation I had with a man this weekend who is READY to step into his greatest purpose. Perhaps this is where you are at!  Are you ready to begin to cultivate your own calling and DESTINY?

Then join me for this short BOLD PURPOSE training!

Love, Bec:)

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