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Every day millions of Christians enter into an unseen battle. Without a strategy on how to win, you will never fulfill your calling.

You've been attacked, (maybe it's your finances, marriage or kids) and you just can't seem to navigate through the emotional turmoil. You pray every day, ask God to strengthen you, go to church, and yet you still stay stuck. You struggle with over the feelings of rejection, depression, numbing yourself with food or alcohol and can't seem to muster the courage to stay consistent with anything you put your hands to accomplish.  
There is a reason why. The enemy is militant about taking you out before you grow to the place you are influencing people with how God enabled you to overcome your obstacles. There is a game plan God has for you to be successful and I want to bless you with the first chapter of 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare, absolutely free so you can begin to understand what you are up against. 

If the first chapter makes sense to you and you can relate to my story as you are dealing with some of the same things.... I will share with you some next steps on how I can help you become bold and begin to influence others through mentoring, coaching, speaking or writing your own books.

If you want to speak to me personally and ask some questions, include your phone number and I will text you a time we can talk to expediate your process.

4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare First Chapter

The first chapter will reveal to you where the attack begins for everyone. Quote: Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack, attack and attack some more. General George S. Patton.

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