Pioneering your calling looks like this

Has God Told You Were Going To Speak Or Write To Huge Numbers Of People?

I have a special gift for you today. I have given you access to a private training in my Leadership Track. (Week 18) This is 4 months into my 10 month program. At this point, most people are asking the question, will I have a business or will I have a ministry?

If you have asked this question to yourself and God has spoken to you about LARGE amounts of influence, then today is a faith defining day for you. I talk about what makes people like colanders that leak out their potential rather than being like Niagara Falls that is harnessed to power and fuel a city. Find out today how you can begin to live a significant life that influences for the kingdom of God!

I don’t put people into my programs without interviewing them first which is why you won’t find my programs listed on my website. I don’t want numbers. I have a spiritual calling to release and equip messengers and I pray and watch over everyone who comes in. It’s a stewardship to me and you are invited to speak with me live in order to help you gain experience and video footage for your website after you go through either program so please sign up for the START NOW package if you want to set up a time for us to speak and talk about your calling to ministry or business. I will call and email you in a couple days of receiving your information and send you my tracks for you to pray over.

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