One of the things I love to do the most is provide opportunities for people to receive challenging information in a faith-filled setting. It gives your members a specific time and place to process heart probing questions and then hear what God has to say to them personally.  
This is why I love facilitating workshops and retreats even more so over speaking. What I have experienced as a coach is the privilege of seeing people deeply touched in a way that motivational speeches or teaching can never produce. Why? Because when the Holy Spirit speaks to them personally, people take action on what they hear. It is no longer intellectual information. It’s revelation that causes a joy and activation in their life.  
 Retreats provide this kind of atmosphere.

Hiring me for your workshop, retreat or conference—is providing your members, leaders and teams with an experience to discover more of who they are and who God is calling them to become. I have a little spoiler for you. It will always be becoming bolder and taking action.  


  1. The Four Phases of Spiritual Warfare (Amazon: 60-90 minutes) This is an overview training of the common spiritual attacks that Christians who want to be kingdom influencers will most likely experience. This can be geared towards helping new believer’s receive breakthrough and stay faith-filled or focus on the spiritual tension those in leadership receive. This is especially powerful for women who desire to grow in spiritual authority correctly. 
  2. Three Steps To Birthing Your Vision. (60-90 minutes) This is a very strong message. I would suggest including a time of repentance and prayer following this training. This breaks limitation and victimization thinking and releases people into a higher level of ownership, calling and purpose.
  3. Your Leadership Identity vs. Your Identity In Christ. (60-90 minutes) This breaks down WHEN to pray because you are under spiritual warfare and when to build your own personal leadership. Many times, men and women who just want to live purposely in the will of God, do not understand as they seek to grow in confidence in a Godly way, how much of the spiritual breakthrough they receive and are able to give others, is directly related to them recognizing how to deal SPIRITUALLY and PRACTICALLY with the tension they are receiving. You have to do both at the same time.  It prevents people from sliding back into old patterns of self-sabotage when they are stressed or in emotional pain. 
  4. Discovering the Value Within You. (One Day Workshop Only) You will discover how know if you have an individual purpose from God or you are to get started growing what God gave you talent-wise. (This one thing could transform your whole life) Why you are the only person who can serve the client you want to coach, mentor or minister to. How to identify what is REALLY holding you back from living out loud and shining your light.How to identify quickly if you are not valuing yourself in a way that will bring  overflow into your leadership and business. How to upgrade your influence and results by just putting this one thing into place. The one question to ask yourself when you are feel lack that leads to provision.  How to share with people what makes you different. How to begin to transition from giving away your mentoring, speaking or coaching to charging solid fees. (Without guilt)

What Others have said about Becky’s Speaking:

Becky is a fantastic transformational speaker and servant to her clients. As a board member of an organization which has hired her, I recommend her to any group of professionals for a good plateau buster. My perception of her is that she is anointed by God, authentic, and bold. She challenges others to settle for nothing less than that as well. Cathy Fleenor, LAPC

Why am I here on earth? Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? These are three questions that every person asks, but rarely finds the answer. Becky is excellent at helping people discover and fulfill their purpose in life. As an identity coach and speaker, she is uniquely qualified to equip people with better knowledge of their skills, and the confidence they need to maximize their potential. If you feel like you are aimlessly drifting through life, or if you desire to be more effective in your work, I highly recommend Becky Harmon. She will empower you to become a BOLD INFLUENCER. Ron Miller, Lead Pastor At Go To Church,

We invited Becky to do leadership training for our church that specializes in working with addicted individuals. The response was tremendous and one of things my husband said was that literally every challenge we were having Becky addressed within the two days. There was no way this could’ve happened without the anointing of God being present. She spoke, she prophesied and prayed with our members which was an added blessing. We are looking forward to having her back as well as setting up speaking for her husband Jay who is a tremendous partner to her calling. Pastor Samantha Bell, New Life Christian Center

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