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How would you like to win a couple battles instead of constantly feeling like you are the short end of the stick? Are you ready to discover what is behind the constant feelings of rejection, denial and limitation? Maybe it's your spiritual gifts that just seem capped despite all your prayers. Maybe it's something simple like you have just one pattern you can't break out of, and you end up over and over again, sabotaging yourself and your goals. Or perhaps like myself and many of my clients you keep experiencing one financial set back after another (Until I found out what was behind it and broke it off my life)... Well, guess what? Today's the day you find out how to become the person you know God is calling you to be. Someone who is courageous, walks in faith through the heat of battle and even becomes the person who flies in during heavy artillery fire to pluck others out of the flames with their bold actions!


You may be like many of my clients...You have a heart for God to use your sabotages for his success. You need a plan on building your leadership through your identity in Christ so you can influence in a greater way for the kingdom of God. 

But there's a couple things holding you back. And that's where I come in....I have had to work from the ground up to build a bold identity and use it to transform others through my own faith based business. I am no ordinary Christian coach and I can help you become a fighting force for your family, friends and co-workers.

My aim is not to just equip you to take back what you feel has been stolen from you but to walk with you long enough to see you begin to impact globally with the breakthrough God has given you.

4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare

Disclaimer: This book will absolutely show you where you have been limiting yourself and for that you need to be prepared. You may get so fired up you're going to feel like going out and beating a tree. Please don't. We can show you how to harness all that fury in the right direction when you're ready:)

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