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My Name Is Becky Harmon And I Want To Help You Grow A Speaking and Coaching Business Without Hype!


You may be like many of my clients! God has done a WORK in your life and you would love  to be able to have the faith and boldness to share this powerful story!

But there's a couple things holding you back. And that's where I come in....Maybe it's not knowing your niche or not being able to market and close sales successfully. Or, you don't get the social media aspect and it all seems like a waste of time. Been there, done that! Learning to grow your own brand and market in a way that is authentic can be challenging in a culture that drives people with fear-based marketing.

I also understand what it feels like to begin moving forward and then getting hit over and over again with set backs. (In my book, I will tell you what this is really about and how you can press through this with grace!)

Lastly, I get deeply being committed to seeing people changed and the work of the ministry. I was part of two church planting teams and still am actively engaged in making disciples. It's important to me to help you grow a business where you see people set free and Christ glorified!

Receive The Training You Need From A Faith-Based Perspective!

Would You Like Two FREE Resources That Will Clarify PRACTICALLY How To Become More Of A Kingdom Influencer?

The first is my book 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare. I wrote this book from the challenges and experiences I had to overcome and then had the privilege of coaching hundreds of my clients through.

The truth is, when you want to impact for the kingdom, you have to learn how to speak, act and become a spiritual force through your identity in Christ that pushes back darkness.

You can buy this book on Amazon or sign up for it FREE for a limited time and I will send you the PDF version so you can get started right now expanding your vision and faith.

I send you the book the moment you sign up!

The next resource is a call I created to give all my Leadership and Business Track clients and is an overview of the actions they will have to take within one year if they want to begin to become a paid coach, speaker or writer. This is especially for you if you are actively engaged in ministry and are wanting to stop asking for contributions or donations and move to a more predictable model. This audio will give you clarity on the steps you may take to build a profitable brand with your own message. This is especially important if someone isn't channeling leads to you or you want to grow through your own testimony and message rather than an established brand from another coach.

An Extra Opportunity For You!

If you value the power of prayer and have had God confirm to you that you are to speak, coach and write, put your phone number in along with your email and I will call and pray with personally! For Reals:)

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