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Ready To Leave Behind One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Every day, millions of Christians enter into an unseen battle with no strategy on how to overcome past traumas or new obstacles. For example, you're on survival mode, going from crisis to crisis, or worse, you seem to be having what feels like orchestrated attacks on your health, finances, or closest relationships. It creates this one step forward, two steps back lifestyle, and you can't seem to figure out what to do spiritually or practically to solve it. This book will give you the revelation to on why this is happening and actually enable you to move through it so God can use your testimony in a greater way. If you have it in your heart to actually launch a faith-based business or ministry, this will also help give you an overall strategic plan for how to pray over your vision.

You may be like many of my clients...You have a heart for God to use your sabotages for his success. You need a plan on building your leadership through your identity in Christ so you can influence in a greater way for the kingdom of God. 

But there's a couple things holding you back. And that's where I come in....Maybe it's the fear of man you struggle with. Or you have been through a really bad season of your life and it's left you feeling insecure. Maybe it's just not trusting that you are hearing God so you don't apply with full force the steps you know you need to take to growing your vision.

I also understand what it feels like to begin moving forward and then getting hit over and over again with set backs. (In my book I am going to send you for FREE, I will share with you story after story that will activate your faith and help you trust God in a great way.

Lastly, I'm going to help you enlarge your vision for influencing for the kingdom. I will give you prayers, help you see you're not crazy after all and show you a proven method for multiplying your leadership without new age strategies or fake it till you make it stuff. Whether you want to pioneer a prayer group or grow a faith-based brand, this book will equip you with the keys you need for success. One's that I have used to grow my leadership and business coaching from local to international.

If You're Tired Of Talking About What God Told You And You're Ready To Do It~ This is where it all changes for you.

When you receive your manual for overcoming, I am adding you to my general list where I send out weekly strategies on how to grow your vision without hype. I want to help you grow your ministry or faith-based business with grace. I have never shared my email list and you can unsubscribe at anytime with no comments if it just isn't what you need.

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