Supernatural Expansion: Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

Ben Stuart, Passion City Church

Supernatural Expansion…. How to See Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

I was recently listening to Louie Giglio preach a series called POWER-FULL. The series takes you through the book of Acts and how God equips ordinary people and sends them out supernaturally to introduce people to Christ and his power.

Right now I am on the 6th in the series and listening to Ben Stuart teach on Impact through ordinary citizens. He shares his personal experience with being an introvert and yet being hungry to see people reached for Christ. (Hilarious by the way) In this particular segment, he talks about how God loves using “non-professionals”.

So as I am listening to this series, walking my dogs around the neighborhood, I began to pray, give me some opportunities this week like you did for Ben! I want MORE of your power. MORE of your fire on my life. Renew me Lord!

I try to keep my heart on fire for God like I was in my twenties.  I used to have people constantly say to me when I was homeschooling, leading neighborhood bible studies and then in sales…

I want to learn to pray like you do! I want to know God like this, personal and powerful!

So how does this happen?  What I love about what Ben said, and that I have experienced my whole walk with Christ is God loves to answer the prayer of ordinary people to be used supernaturally.

Ten years ago, when I shared my almost 1 million dollar ID theft with the Vice-President of Marketing for a major identity company, he told me my story was the kind that he wanted to get on a major network TV show. He shared he had been trying for months to get a hold of this particular TV producer and they just wouldn’t call him back. I said, “Well I don’t know if you believe in prayer but I do so let’s pray for favor for you right now”.

Now, one of the things I tell people all the time is you don’t sit around waiting for five awkward minutes for people to give you permission. You politely wait 2 seconds and then you begin to pray in the name of Jesus. Well, within seconds I knew the Lord was all over this (and you will too) I prayed for his job, his family and for God to open supernatural doors no man could open. So, you can imagine this man’s surprise when the TV executive he was trying to reach multiple times, that hadn’t taken his calls for three months, called him 5 minutes after we hung up the phone.

What a coincidence!

He was so excited that God would care enough to answer his work problem that he called me right back and asked me if I could fly to New York and be on the TV show with my story. And that opportunity opened up other doors to pray with more people and to grow more successfully in my business.

So, who do you have the chance to pray with?

Let’s say you’re a stay at home mom, and you run into a neighbor who shares with you, her son is struggling in school. Stop right then and ask her if you can pray, Remember, Be BOLD. This perfect opportunity is not about YOU; it’s about displaying God’s power!

What if God doesn’t show up? Well, what happens if HE DOES? Your prayer could change someone’s life and show them God cares about the details in their life! Maybe you’re an executive, and a client is stressed about how they are going to solve their financial problem. PRAY FOR THEM! This, my friends, is how to have FUN and see the supernatural!

Would you like to become a mighty vessel of God and coach others into more success? Then get ready to pray vigorous and bold!

Love, Bec:)

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Expansion: Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers”

  1. Becky, you were fielding comments on your blog regarding signs, wonders and miracles through prayer: In the last 7 days (Aug 27- Sept 3) the following is what I have personally witnessed

    In the last 7 day period I witnessed 6 miracles taking place. One of them was so miraculous that I asked for some documentation because the way it was reported it could have been considered “raising the dead.”
    A man fell off a ladder and hit his head. He was put on life support and then after prayer, life support was taken off.

    Other miracles include:

    Level 10 shoulder pain from a car accident healed and complete range if motion restored to arm and hand strength. Symptoms checked for progress 3 times. Each check showed healing working until full healing was sustained

    COPD ( Chronic Pulmonary Disease) very difficult to breathe. Prayed 2 times. Complete freedom in breathing without struggle. Follow up people are calling it a miracle. 2-3 minutes of prayer with questions asked about her progress.

    Foot Fracture Level 7 pain from a stairs fall and noticeable limping. Prayed direct mending of the bone via a vision. Pain dissipated to level 3, 2nd prayer took it to zero. We had her walk on it. Total range of motion restored. A Holy Spirit visitation followed with a lot of tears, praise and thanksgiving.

    Increasing blindness from diagnosed lead paint poisoning with eventual forecast of complete blindness. Commanded healing into the eyes and called for redemption as if the exposure to lead never happened. A large increase in visual clarity took place after we checked it by asking him to read something otherwise blurry. Results: crystal clear view.

    Something is definitely in the air for the supernatural.

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