The Difference Between Your Leadership Identity & Identity In Christ

In today’s training I help you understand a simple but many times confusing identity focus.

. Many times even leaders get the two of these confused and work much harder on perfecting one over the other. The truth is you have to grow these BOTH at the same time in a balanced way in order to handle growth in business or ministry with grace.

Here’s what this will solve for you:

1. You don’t know whether your present challenges are spiritual warfare or simply a lack of boundaries.
2. You have a vision but keep feeling like it’s delayed from not having the next steps from God on how to grow it.
3. You are giving away all your coaching and speaking for free and not being able to be profitable in your vision.

These are all legitimate concerns and today I will show you why understanding how to function out of either of these identities is integral to your success.

Would you like more revelation on how to be a spiritual overcomer and put into place the tools for growing a Christian coaching or speaking business with grace? Begin with my START HERE package! 

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