The Transformation Offer

In step two you have caught the attention of your potential client (read that here), and they have either signed up for a free offer you have extended to them or purchased inexpensive training. (under $25.00). You’re now at the transformation offer where you are going to share an opportunity for them to experience your core BOLD IDENTITY zones.

Your bold identity zone is the ONE or TWO things you do best that create the best results for people. It’s the unique gift that separates you from other people in your field. For example, I have two main places where people can receive profound transformation from me. That is either in a personal coaching program where I can listen and help them put a system in place for the next phase of influence, or it’s on my Leadership Team where I take them step by step how to practically break of limiting mindsets and build their first $25,000 from scratch.

Typically, the transformation stage is the one that people get to experience what God has anointed you to do (in the way he’s sent you). People can read your blogs, they can join you for free teleconferences, watch you speak or follow you on social media but I don’t see people receive lasting transformation until they either commit to personal coaching or they get accountability in a team environment.

So essentially, this is where you give your customer an opportunity to be personally mentored by you which is a deeper relationship. This is also where I begin to get prayer burdens for people. This is because I am completely focused on their business needs, their marriage, their family and how to help them overcome what they have hired me to equip them in.

So let’s call the transformation offer, “business-discipleship”. A great funnel for a ministry for a faith-based business should begin with catching people’s attention that can help them solve a practical problem. This means you have to learn how to talk about things people are struggling to address without mammon like hype, religious jargon or making them feel like they are not measuring up.

Jay and I are currently attending Woodstock Church which is an extension of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint church. Every sermon I turn to my husband and say if God ever graces me to communicate as well as this man I will die a happy woman. Here is how Andy breaks down each sermon into one-point messages.

  • Me (How do I struggle with this?)
  • We (How do we all struggle with this?)
  • God (What does the Bible say about this?)
  • You (What should you do about this?)
  • We (How can we all live this out together?)

I have always tried to follow this system because I have seen it work without me having to say=> Buy, buy, buy… you’re going to miss out FOREVER, buy now…you’re going to turn into an embarrassment for your family if you don’t buy my product, you won’t make a million dollars…don’t you want to be a millionaire?). Holy cow. Watch people do this, it’s standard practice with marketers, and it grows businesses but manipulating people’s emotions like that is not consistent with how the Holy Spirit works.

I do share one pain point per video or blog that I have struggled to overcome. I take a bit of time describing this emotionally because people often think they are the only person in the world who has that problem. I show people this is a common challenge for most. When I am writing a blog or doing training, I will say something like, if you have this challenge, here is what I can help you solve it. If it’s a leadership issue, I give them the scriptural context behind it. If it’s business, I just show them how this can help them serve people better. I typically direct people towards my team because:

A. It helps people see if coaching is right for them without plunking down 5,000.00 to see if they know how to execute!  I have grown through stewardship and taking daily small actions.

B. My team is an entirely built in a step-by-step training to take them through identifying sabotaging patterns and then exactly how to overcome them.

C. They have the opportunity to get prayer accountability and feedback in a super safe environment overseen by me.

On my blogs, I provide a link people can follow to sign up for the team or personal coaching. On the first page of the sign-up, I have a system in place to capture their email without asking for payment. If they don’t go to the next step, I have a system in place that asks them if I can answer any questions for them. I often will have numbers of people just take that point to personally email me what they have going on, make sure I think the program will solve their problem and then the next day they usually sign up. When they do, they are now in the transformation stage being aligned for the best connection for their success.

Here’s what I love about systems. They are scaleable. And because I have homeschooled, church planted with a team, worked a job in the middle of that and parented four children who are two years apart…I understand at a significant level how to grow without having a nervous breakdown. I can put 30 people into my teams, or I can put 300. I could put 3,000 people in with just adding moderators. I would do no more extra work on the front end. I still would pray the same and still serve the same. That my friend is why you want to do the work to build a grace-filled sales funnel.

So many times people don’t realize they are holding themselves back because they are afraid of getting too big. If you feel stressed today with what you have, I guarantee you are holding yourself back unconsciously! Join my free community or read the next step in my series on how to take your clients to the next level of investment easily!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

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