Use Your Journal To Practice Writing In A Result-Based Way

In today’s mindset and multiplication training I talk to you about how to use your journal to begin to practice writing like an expert in your field. 

Experts are hired because they produce specific results.  You can begin right where you are to begin to think strategically and access painful situations from a problem solving perspective.

Journal as you go along:

  1. Describe the pain people were in.
  2. Write out how you would help them become more purposed. This should involve some big challenges for them.
  3. What results could they expect if they follow these strategies?
  4. What will happen to them if they don’t solve this problem?
  5.  How long do you think they will have to be consistent before they see results.

Watch the video for context and then do the following this week for practice. Begin to pray that God would begin to orchestrate conversations around you that will enable you to help others receive breakthrough. Questions? Comments? Tell me what you’re thinking!

Saddle up! We have a trail to blaze together!

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