Your Website Header: The Identity Zone Definer

Making money begins with people being able to tell immediately what you do and how you serve. Typically you have only 5 seconds when people land on your page for them to go into your site further or leave. This is why your header is so important. Buying a template can be intimidating for some people, and they make the mistake of thinking they are not technologically savvy enough to learn.

You need to buy one that you can work on yourself, and I have been using Michael’s Hyatt’s theme, Get Noticed, for years as it’s the one I have suggested for my business clients. Lance Wallnau has recently moved to it, so I am going to use Lance’s header for example for you.

Here are some of the things that are going to be on your header.

What your IDENTITY IS. (What do you activate in your clients?) Need help with this? Join my leadership team I will be doing training on how to discover this! 

HOW it will happen for them. (By living their passion, succeed in their assignment. He uses two short branding statements.

What they can have for FREE that you have written so they can “get” how you coach. This is called an opt-in offer.  I keep mine on the right side bar and rotate them. Some people keep their’s at the very top like Lance. This theme makes sliding the opt-in under the header, really simple.  Lance did a great job with this header by having someone get a professional shot of him SMILING and looking expectant! Then, he had someone black out the background. You can produce this look for around $10.00 on Fiverr. No kidding. You do not need a web designer who will charge you $5,000 to do this. This theme is around $300.00 and has all the bells and whistles you need to start growing your platform!

The bottom line is, create your website first. This will force you to think of tangible results that you provide for your clients and what they need from you. You don’t want to be a generic “life coach.”  You want to use the specific giftings and places in your life where you have overcome and helped other people build success to elevate your message. Experts get paid a lot more money than generalists.

Many times clients will come to me and tell me they want to coach, write a book, or be a speaker but they haven’t spent enough time building their leadership and becoming an overcomer.  Understand if you want to grow a platform and brand out of your IDENTITY as a Christian, then you’re going to have to be willing to take the places in your life where you have been broken and talk about it in a way that is compelling. You will have to brand that on your website and write about your core identity consistently. Be content to start where you are, built some clients testimonials and then grow out of that success.

Take ownership of your site and build your brand, you can do it, and you will learn how to create a great brand as you work on your site!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

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