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If you’re like Suzie…. you have a passion to see people transformed for the kingdom of God. This is a picture of Suzie in Uganda. She now owns a gym and does missions in the summer through her coaching business.  You may be like her… one of your main joys in life is using your expertise to encourage and teach others whenever you have the opportunity.

Because of this, you have found yourself in various situations where you are asked your opinion and you find yourself inadvertently coaching. You can see yourself speaking, teaching  more and more. You’re thinking at some point you would love to do this for a living and get paid.


You would like to learn the following:

  • How to develop the mindsets that will cause you to be confident and clear when you speak. (Leadership Track)
  • How to use social media effectively and in a way that serves others. (Leadership Track)
  • What will prevent you from becoming prideful and self-sabotaging as you grow more influential. (Leadership Track)
  • Create the discipline and daily actions for a profitable business. EXECUTION keys to success! (Leadership and Business Track)
  • Get accountability to write content about how you serve and create result-based videos consistently. (Leadership and Business Track)
  • Niche down specifically to who you really serve best instead of being a jack of all trades or worse feeling fuzzy about who you are called to serve. (Business Track)
  • Learn how to generate new client leads without hype. (In our Business Track)
  • Grow your email list in a simple way. (Business Track)
  • Create systems and services that are over the top! Business Track)
  • Get paid to do what you love for a living which sees people transformed! (Business Track)

And how you get started matters to you because you want someone guiding you through the process who knows how to grow organically without hype, exaggeration or “abundance” thinking. Someone who you don’t have to worry about creating conflict with tactics that make you feel narcissistic!

4 phases

So here’s what you’re running into almost weekly…

Now that you’re getting closer to walking in an actual “calling”, you’re dealing with more fear.

How do I overcome the CONSTANT tension and chaos that comes as soon as I decide to step out?

What are the phases of tension everyone goes through who wants to be an influencer?

What do I work on first? What is happening at a core level to me? Is it spiritual warfare or am I self-sabotaging myself?

The fuzziness, the stuff breaking down or the relationships melting down, you’re not crazy. The tension is for real but here’s the thing. You can overcome this and actually build a vision that impacts people globally. How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there, too!

I know what it feels like to leave a lucrative sales job, resign my ministry positions and basically step out in faith to build a business with just the support of a couple of close friends and my husband. After an identity theft for almost a million dollars. During the worst recession since the great depression. With no marketing budget. While still being a mom to four kids and basically you get the picture. I know what it feels like to get down on your knees in prayer every morning and slowly start to see my dream actualize in front of me. The feeling that I was doing what I was created to do.

Becky Harmon

Teach, train and release. I will never forget the first live event I did where I taught other coaches how to write their own signature program. When I was driving home all I could do is weep because I felt like I was finally doing what I had sensed from the Lord for decades in prayer. It stunned me because I felt the kiss of God’s presence on a business training the way I did in my prayer time. That was a significant shift for me. Since then I’ve focused more and more of my time on helping other Christians transform more lives through their own coaching. I have been able quietly out in the country on a little farm with my husband Jay of 32 years. I feel very blessed and grateful to fund the organizations I believe impact for the kingdom through my business.

Can I help you do the same?

Together with my team, I help faith-based men and women build the discipline into their leadership that later enables them to get paid for what they love. Transforming people!  My mission is to help you prepare to serve powerfully and take the actions that will put you in front of the right people who need what you are offering.

To facilitate this, I have two resources that are a gift from me. Go here to receive them!

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