Why God Is Telling You To Write A Book

In today’s video I talk about what writing blogs or a book is really about from a spiritual and practical point of view. So many times people minimize the desire’s in their heart, not stewarding them properly because they can’t see ahead how the small details are going to get worked out. This is called a lack of faith:)

Today I am going to share with you what the enemy does not want you to discover about the influence you will have and the transformation you will bring to others. There are three specific reasons if not more, that when you learn this, will FUEL your faith to get started writing down your strategies and your thoughts.

You’re getting ready to move from a one to many model.

You’re getting ready to see God use your strategies in a way that will help other people go through the same challenges with more faith, more clarity and God get the glory instead of just surviving.

You’re getting ready to have an intergenerational impact. Think about the apostles one letter to the Ephesians. Holy Spirit inspired words that have had a global impact. For thousands of years Christians have been strengthened, and the word of God spread because the apostles took the time in between being stoned and shipwrecked to encourage others.

Lastly, after this book is written, it could be a message that opens doors for speaking or coaches people through powerful transformation. To find out how you can get started today overcoming the spiritual warfare and growing a profitable Christian coaching business, sign up for this free series.

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